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Hannah is Three Years Old!

hannah_3yearsScrap Credits
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Should be about 14.3 kilos, at least.


About 92 cm


19 teeth, or almost there… Right now, she has 4 incisors on the upper jaw, 3 incisors bottom jaw;  2 canines upper jaw, 2 canines bottom jaw;  4 pramolars and 4 more back pramolars are making their appearance slowly but surely.

She can more or less brush her own teeth now, including squeezing the toothpaste onto her toothbrush, gargling and spitting, however, I still brush for her after that.  Because of the good example shown by her brother, Hannah brushes her teeth twice daily: morning and night 🙂

Developmental Milestones

  • Can walk up regular stairs using alternate feet.
  • Likes to show us how she can “balance on one foot”
  • Hannah is showing an improved pencil grip, and can draw somewhat clear alphabets now, all these without us prodding or teaching her how to hold a pencil or write!  She still loves to color and will make beautiful pictures for me.
  • She’s learning how to fasten and unfasten her buttons.  She loves to undress and dress herself up, and will insist on doing so, unless if she really can’t do it, then I will step in to help.
  • Language-wise, she is showing that she knows how to use the plural form of words when necessary, although sometimes the word itself might not be right.  For example, “Wow…look Mommy!  So many car-ses!”  She meant to say “cars” of course, but it is a very good sign that she used the plural form of “car” instead of the singular.
  • She’s also picking up some Mandarin from school, and can count very simply 1 – 10 in Mandarin (though not clear), and she can also sing easy Mandarin songs.
  • Loves to narrate what happened in school and can carry on an intelligent conversation with an adult with ease.

Toilet Training

During the recent one-week school holidays, Hannah asked to put on her panties in the daytime instead of her pull-ups.  I agreed, and to my absolute amazement, she was able to keep dry the whole day long, letting me know when she had the peepee feeling and going to the toilet on time.

So when school reopened, I discussed with her teachers and told them that she was ok out of pullups during the day.

And she has been really really good thus far 🙂  Her diaper rash has also subsided since she started wearing only pullups through the night 🙂  Good progress indeed!

Food and Feeding

Appetite is good, but the only thing she needs to work on is to eat more greens!

  1. Chloe'sMummy’s avatar

    Happy birthday, Hannah! 🙂

    Joyce says: Thank you!


  2. Joey’s avatar

    Hannah’s a March baby too! Happy 3rd birthday, Hannah!

    Joyce says: Thanks!



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