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Hannah Our Little Artist

We’ve noticed that Hannah seems to have a excellent eye for art.  Even at a young age before, she would enjoy looking at pictures, drawing them and then coloring them.  She loves depicting and envisioning images on paper and it is a joy to see Hannah use colors and make them come to life.

This is a recent picture she did.  It’s a birthday cake she drew for Mickey Mouse’s and Minnie Mouse’s birthday:

This one is a combo picture of a smoothie or milkshake, a rainbow, a whirlpool (brown thing at 10 o’clock location), two trees, a green apple and (maybe) a purple monster:

One of the many pictures she draws for me regularly:

A watermelon slice:

She asked me to print out a picture of Ariel because she wanted to color it.  Then she asked me to teach her how to draw a star…that would explain the many stars she drew all over the picture! 🙂

A vegetable garden: see if you can name all the different vegetables!  Gotta love her butterflies and birds too! 😀

She simply LOVES drawing rainbows!  This one was a “Welcome home, Daddy!” gift to greet Daddy after his business trip home from US.

During the minion craze…

And recently, she brought these home from school:

Hannah explained that in this following picture, she was instructed to use only shapes to create pictures.  I was especially impressed when she said she used hearts for the crab pincers and a trapezoid for the roof of the house. 🙂


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