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1. The Simian Line
Ethan has a Simian Line on his left palm. What this simply means is that his heart line and head line are merged into one.  According to some research that I have did on the net,

This line is thought to endow a person with an intensity of purpose or single-mindedness, the nature of which is decided upon by exact position of this line on the hand and the direction of any branches shooting from it, which is normally the case.  In hands where such lines exist without any branches as a singular mark, it indicate an extremely intense nature and special care is needed for such persons.

Intense nature?  Hmmm….let’s see now…. banging of fists on the table, demanding attention, screaming loudly… do these count?

2. Heartbreaker Lashes
If you take a close look at Ethan’s eyelashes, I bet you that you would say they are the most beautiful ones you have ever seen.  Taking after Mommy (ahem!  I have some really long lashes meself), his lashes are long and frame his big eyes beautifully.  All the more to “electrocute” girls with… hahaha…

3. Map of some country?
Ethan has a birthmark on this right knee, in the shape of a country which I can’t figure out yet.  Looks a little like South America to me.


After some fiddling and twiddling, ….. we are proud to unveil a brand new site for Ethan, entirely owned by us! :)  Nice or not? 😀

Yes, yes…that’s why I have not been posting anything in the past couple of weeks.  Busy playing around with my new toy, … ahem …site!

By the way, all the old posts are still available in this new site (I managed to migrate them over from the old blogger site) so please update your bookmarks and links accordingly.  I’ve also enabled COMMENTS on this site, since I have received feedback that my faithful readers (Ethan’s aunties and uncles, grandpas and grandmas) all are itching to say stuff but could find no way of saying it.  So there… commenting is available now… (postdated commenting also available, so if you want to comment on previous posts, feel free to do so!)

Ethan came down with a fever this morning.  38.2 degrees.  Not sure if it’s accurate, cos I didn’t have the time to get an ear thermometer yet, so I had to use the underarm mercury thermometer method.  We took him to see Dr Jessica, and she confirmed that the bacteria from my cough had spread to him before his flu got better.  His fever had shot up to 38.4 degreen then.  So unfortunately, she had to put him on antibiotics.  She prescribed Axithromycine, which is from the same family as Erithromycine (the antibiotics that I took), and Ethan was to take it for 3 days.  She also prescribed Rhinathiol (for cough) and Polaramine (for flu).  Paracetamol also, but we were also provided with the suppository option, since Ethan rejects medicine taking orally. Sigh…

Tried giving him the medicine… he blew the medicine out.  Then when we shot it straight down his throat, he gargled the medicine and refused to swallow it.  We also tried alternating the medicine while feeding him soup, but our boy was not willing to be outsmarted.  He would check the spoon to see if it’s clear (i.e. soup) or red (i.e. medicine) before taking it.  So… it was certainly a chore to give him the medicine, and heart-wrenching too, I might add.

I hope he gets better soon.


We made a trip to Taiping for the Chinese New Year reunion dinner and of course, Ethan was the center of attention.  Everybody was eager to see him walk, albeit wobbily…

Food was aplenty, but too bad it was still too early for Ethan to take any of it; he could only take Mommy’s “moi” :)  Every year, I will contribute one dish for the reunion dinner, prepared in my humble kitchen. Ahem!  This year, it’s “tau-eu-bak”, recipe courtesy of my Mom.

We spent the 1st day of CNY in Taiping.  After exchanging angpows, we visited a close family friend, and had a scrumptious lunch there.  Ethan was busy monkeying around (pun intended) and playing with the oranges.  Highlight of the visit: he decided to present his “gift” there … yup, you got it… he POO-ed!!!  Ethan’s Grandma and Grandpa, Ah Koo and Ah Kim stopped by in Taiping on the way home from Alor Star in the afternoon.



2nd day of CNY, we paid a visit to 2 other relatives and then we traveled to Ipoh (my hometown), where Mom cooked a delicious dinner and invited some relatives over.  Jiu-hoo-char, Assam fish, bak-kien…. I am salivating just thinking about it.  Ethan had his first encounter with Aunty Jen Na, Aunty Ree Na and Uncle Jen Son (aged 10, 8 and 6 respectively).

Unfortunately though, Ethan came down with a slight fever in the night, and kept us all up.  Thankfully, I brought along his paracetamol and gave him some in the morning.  We had a family lunch at YMCA Ipoh and then left for Penang.

As soon as we reached home in Penang, Ethan was crawling all over the house, amusing himself with all his toys.  There…. a summary of Ethan’s first New Year :)

Yesterday Ethan’s sitter presented him with a suit of t-shirt and pants. She said it will make him look like a big boy and that he can wear it for a LOOOOOOooooong time. She also commented that he should SOON stop wearing rompers because he outgrows them really fast.

Hehe… we actually like to dress Ethan in rompers, because being the active baby he is, rompers are truly convenient as his tummy doesn’t show no matter how much he crawls and moves around. We do let him wear regular t-shirt and shorts too (of course, sitter doesn’t know that), but we are trying to put in more mileage for his rompers before he gets too big for them.

Ah well… looks like our sitter is dropping HUGE hints that Ethan should *upgrade* to 2-piece-wear soon.

About a month ago, we started incorporating a new step into Ethan’s nightly warm bath routine. I would first shampoo his hair and wash his face with a special baby shower gel. This involves gentle massaging of the scalp, face and neck area (much like what is being done during a facial).

Our boy is really wriggly during his baths, but amazingly enough, this hair and face washing step calms him down. He would just lie back and totally RELAX while I work my magic on him. Pete has to occasionally remind him not to fall asleep, because the way he closes his eyes feels like he would soon be in dreamland.

I don’t know what the reason is – maybe it is the essential oils in the shower gel which possesses calming effects. Or most likely it is just Mommy’s gentle loving touch :)

We decided to change our Astro subscription to include the Fun mini package, comprising Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network and the ever popular Playhouse Disney Channel (PHDC).

With programs such as Barney, Little Einsteins and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, we think it would be great for Ethan in his growing up years. Right now, he would listen and watch intently as if he understands every word. But his attention span is still very short, and he will only watch for about 5 minutes tops.

For Mommy and Daddy, we added in the Movies package. Hehehe…. after all, we hardly can go to the cineplex nowadays, so it makes sense to have the Movies come to us at home.

Of course, to have these new packages, we sacrificed our Dynasty package and News, which we hardly ever watch anyway.

Here’s to Home Entertainment!

There’s this Toyota Vios ad that comes on ESPN quite often. It starts with these 2 castaways on a deserted island. They find a lamp, rub it and Poof! … A genie appears.

Genie: For freeing me, I’ll grant each of you one wish.

First castaway whispers his wish in the genie’s ear.


First castaway jumps for joy as the genie has granted his wish of a brand new silver Toyota Vios.

Second castaway (hits his head in an appalled and shocked manner): What?!!!

Second castaway then whispers his wish in the genie’s ear. TV viewers think he is wishing for something better or more sensible than his friend’s wish.


Second castaway: Ah yes! Yes!!!

Second castaway jumps up and down in excitement as he embraces his granted wish of a brand new *black* Toyota Vios.

All three (2 castaways and genie) are seen jubilating as the ad ends.

Ethan is fascinated with this ad. Every time it comes on, he will stare at the TV transfixed. It could be because we keep on saying this phrase over and over again, especially when we *free* him from his sleeping sack:
“For freeing me, I’ll grant each of you one wish.”

We took Ethan to Queensbay Mall today to complete our Christmas shopping. Every year we tell ourselves that we won’t do last minute shopping, but year in and year out, we end up going to the malls at the last minute.

Well, this year we have Ethan tagging along. Pete was just commenting that he loves taking Ethan to the mall because our boy gets really excited with all the sights and sounds there. And let’s face it, when Ethan is happy, Pete and I are happy too…

Ethan looking on with amazement…

Lunch at Kenny Rogers (Ethan had carrot sticks and rusks)

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,

I wanna be with Mommeee…!!!! “


Yesterday Ethan again proved that baby strength is no joke. How? He broke my cup handle.

You see, I have a cup which I place by my bedside so that if I am thirsty in the middle of the night, I don’t have to get up and go into the kitchen for a glass of water (lazy ma…). Now, Ethan’s cot is right next to my bed, and hence the cup is reachable through the cot railings.

He must have been a little bored with his soft toys in the cot last evening, because he reached through the railings and tried to grab hold of my cup. He finally managed to grasp the handle, and silly silly me… I expected him to hold on to it, and move it all the way up to get the cup, but our boy just held on to the cup handle and pulled the cup towards him – well obviously the cup was way too big to go through the cot railings and the handle broke! Aiyo…. there goes my cup…

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