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Not the shopping.  Not the discounts.  Not the crowd…but….


Ethan has an afinity for escalators.  He loves it when we go on the escalators, up and down, up and down…he can do it all day long.  Sometimes, after we get off an escalator and walk away, he would complain and indicate that he wants to go on it again.

The other day, when he was posing for the Jusco Photogenic Baby contest photo shoot, the photographer could not get a really good shot, because our boy was busy staring in awe at the escalator that was just beside the photo shoot station.

I remember I myself was pretty awestruck by escalators when I was a little girl too… could this be an inherited trait?

We visited Queensbay Mall today to complete our Chinese New Year shopping, and stopped by T.G.I.Friday’s for dinner. At Friday’s, for one adult meal we ordered, we were given a free kid’s meal (provided the kid was there as well).

Pete ordered the BBQ burger and I ordered the pan-fried fish fillet. The free kid’s meal we ordered was the spaghetti.

The food was excellent (yes we walloped the spaghetti too). The company was spectacular. And Ethan had so much fun…….. Psssst! He even took home a red balloon as a souvenir!

Our last outing to Queensbay Mall was on December the 30th, and coincidentally, New Zealand Natural Ice Cream was having its 30% off promotion (it’s similar to Baskin Robbins’ 31% off every 31st of the month, except for New Zealand’s, it will occur every month, except February. Sure doesn’t take a genius to figure out why… duh)Anyway, since we had been deprived of ice cream for such a long time, we decided to get a pint (we couldn’t get too many pints cos our freezer space is mostly used up to store my frozen EBM). Guess what flavor we got? Irresistably RUM N RAISIN. Yummy…

The entire tub was finished by Pete and I in 2 seatings. We’re going back for more next month.

On the first of 4 days we were to spend with Ethan,
It was past noon and our tummies were really barren,
So off our mini family scooted to Queensbay Mall
Where else but Kenny Rogers’ to answer hunger’s call?
The food was superb, the service simply great
Ethan boy really enjoyed the rusks he ate
As usual he flashed a charming smile or two
At aunties at the next table, and some pretty girls too!

Shopping at Jusco is always fun
We just didn’t know when we would be done!
The baby room is an ultimate addiction
For Ethan had his meal of milk to his utmost satisfaction!

After a whole afternoon of shopping and more shopping
We headed to Laksa Shack for some lighthearted eating
Then it was home sweet home all the way
A fulfilling end to an awesome day!

We took Ethan to Queensbay Mall today to complete our Christmas shopping. Every year we tell ourselves that we won’t do last minute shopping, but year in and year out, we end up going to the malls at the last minute.

Well, this year we have Ethan tagging along. Pete was just commenting that he loves taking Ethan to the mall because our boy gets really excited with all the sights and sounds there. And let’s face it, when Ethan is happy, Pete and I are happy too…

Ethan looking on with amazement…

Lunch at Kenny Rogers (Ethan had carrot sticks and rusks)

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,

I wanna be with Mommeee…!!!! “

A shopping mall is never complete without the inclusion of a breastfeeding/nursing room. Going shopping with Ethan tagging along is a breeze because for a breastfeeding mommy, we didn’t need to tote along milk bottles, milk powder, bottle warmers and whatnot. So when the all-new Queensbay Mall opened in Penang just about a week ago, checking out the breastfeeding room was top on my list of priorities.I was pleasantly amazed at the thought that was put in into creating a very conducive environment for nursing mothers. There were 3 rooms available, all privately enclosed by draw-curtains (having a door would be better, but this would do anyway), 3 diaper-changing stations, a sink and a hot and cold water dispenser. There were also 2 sofas provided in the lounge area, presumably for daddies to rest their weary legs or just to read the newspapers. I also thought it was a nice touch that they also hung posters promoting breastfeeding on the walls.

Alas, my excitement was short-lived as during my 3rd visit to the mall, we encountered someone who was quite unclear on the concept of the breastfeeding room. One of the 3 breastfeeding rooms was occupied by a guy and his kid, who was taking a snooze! Talk about insensitivity!

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