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November 18, 2006

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Botak Head

Ethan had his first hair cut today. We took him to the Brothers Hair Saloon at Sungai Dua in the morning (when he’s less fidgety and in more of a good mood) to do the honors.

First we brought him into the saloon to familiarize him with the surroundings. Since Pete was also due for a haircut, I carried Ethan while he watched the skillful barber cut Daddy’s hair. Ethan was extremely excited with the new place and looked very inquisitive. He was smiling from ear to ear and flapping his arms in his usual cheerful self, so this was a good sign… hopefully he would be curious enough to try what Daddy is doing. Heh heh…

Once Daddy had finished his hair cut, we put Ethan in his Bumbo on the saloon chair and the barber proceeded to do the deed. Our Ethan boy has really fine and little hair (inherited from Mommy, nonetheless!), but it was growing too long and unruly, so we decided to shave his head.

He was (surprisingly) VERY cooperative during the entire experience. I held his arms down, just in case he started to cry and protest, but I was very proud of my little boy, who sat through the entire procedure calmly, with only a few instances of him turning his head left and right abruptly (biasala….)…. Nothing Mr Barber could not handle.

The shave only took about 5 minutes, but as it was finishing, Ethan got restless and started wailing… Thank goodness we had only a few more touch-up shaves to go!

We initially wanted a crew cut hairstyle for him (short stubbly hair on the scalp), but in the end, it was virtually BOTAK. Surprisingly enough, at night, Pete and I noticed that his hair had already begun growing! Talk about fast growing hair! Now his scalp feels like Astro Turf…

Here are some memorable shots to capture the moment: