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April 13, 2009

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When most toddlers would request to watch Barney and other cartoon DVDs, Ethan is currently displaying a rather *mature* and musical taste in DVD selection.  What does he asks to watch almost every day?

The Riverdance DVD!

Riverdance is a concert performance comprising mostly of Irish tapdancing, with some great song performances as well as musical instruments.  Ethan would ask to watch Riverdance and even better, he would imitate the dancers in the show.  His favorite is Thunderstorm, a flawless tapdance performance that is performed without music.  This is Ethan’s version:


Sometimes Ethan would invite us to dance along with him and at other times, he would also *sing* along to the songs in Riverdance.  He also loves to dance to the music in the performance he refers to as the “instruments” track, a musical repertoire by all the musicians.  Ethan would identify all the instruments, such as the flute, accordion, violin, drums, bagpipe and so on.

Ethan has definitely improved on his dancing skills to date, and he has learned to move his arms to the rhythm too.  But the other day, when I was showing him his old videos, he still manages to dance in his back and forth manner!

Pretty in Pink


My Ah Mah from Ipoh recently bought me these lovely little night gowns.  Mommy tells me they are from a place called Carter’s and the gowns are called sleeplikely gowns.  They are supposed to make me sleep better at night and also make diaper changes easier for Mommy.

Well, I wouldn’t know about changing diapers but I certainly think I look adorable and pretty in ’em gowns! :)


I also get to go to bed in this cute little dino sleeping sack:


My big brother Ethan took really good care of it when he used it last time, because it is still in wonderful condition!

I’m not sure if the use of these gowns and sleeping sack will help eliminate the loud throaty sounds I make at night though, but Mommy and Daddy definitely hope so!