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April 2010

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I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Ethan is EXTREMELY musically inclined, and loves music just as much as I do!  In addition to singing the regular nursery rhymes, he has also recently broadened his scope to encompass popular hits.  Check them out…

Rock That Body – The Black Eyed Peas


I Gotta Feeling – The Black Eyed Peas


Baby – Justin Bieber


Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus


I’m A Be – The Black Eyed Peas


Isn’t it obvious his favorite band of the moment is The Black Eyed Peas? :)

Ethan has been picking up Chinese in school (like a sponge, I might add!), because his school employs a dual-language approach.  We’re happy he is learning a new language, though we aren’t forcing it on him.  And I am quite certain he will soon be speaking WAY more Chinese (Mandarin) than me!

Lately he has been picking up the Chinese words for some basic shapes.  I don’t know if his pronunciation is accurate, but he certainly sounds adorable saying it!

First he learnt how to say three shapes:


And now, he can say SIX shapes!  Way to go, Ethan! :)



Hannah is beginning to role-play a lot these days.  She started picking up the comb and *combing* her hair a few months ago, and just lately, she began holding my cellphone to her ear, as if she was talking to someone.

I wonder if this is a sign of things to come…..hmmm….



You can tell them “NO, do NOT play with the curtains!”, “Be careful guys, please do NOT pull the curtains!” and a whole list of concoctions involving the words NO and DO NOT, but they will still go back.

You can put them on the naughty stool over and over again, but they would still be giggling away and playing with each other in and out of the curtains.  Their laughter and squeals have even led me to believe that they are genuinely enjoying themselves!

You think it’s a kid thing?



Two days ago, Pete discovered a splinter in Ethan’s big toe, and there was no other way but to remove it.  We explained to him that it was gonna hurt a little bit but his toe would be better afterward, but the moment he felt the *tinge* he cried out that he didn’t want the *sharp thing*.

I had to hold Ethan down as best I could while Pete tried to remove the splinter by applying some antiseptic cream and then pulling out the tiny splinter with a tweezer.  Definitely not an easy feat when Ethan was kicking, squirming and screaming.

I realize then that removing a splinter in the toe is just as painful for the remover as well as the removee.  We knew it was painful but we just HAD to do it.

And after all the agony, Ethan (brave boy he is) got to choose his band-aid.

Last Wednesday, Ethan’s school organized a field trip to Taiping Zoo.  An invitation was also extended to have one parent accompany the child on the trip.  Because I am still breastfeeding Hannah, Ethan went with his Daddy.  It was a good thing Pete managed to take the day off :)

A week before the field trip, Ethan had already begun counting down the days to the trip.  Each day, he would ask me what day it was, and then he would count how many days to go before he would reach Wednesday.

So he was very excited when the day finally arrived!  I dropped both boys at school in the morning, where they were to board a bus to Taiping.

Arrival at Taiping Zoo, everyone eager and raring to go

After running around in the hot sun, Ethan sporting a *cool* mohawk, courtesy of Daddy


Some of the zoo animals that they saw, while riding in the tram


Having a McDonald’s Happy Meal for lunch…doesn’t somebody look happy? 😛


…finishing up his iced Milo


Goodbye Taiping Zoo!  I had a great day today with Daddy!


Ethan sat with his Daddy on the bus on the way to the zoo, but he wanted to sit with his friends on the way back.

The field trip must have tired him out big time!  Ethan fell asleep on the way back home, after I picked them up from his school, and continued his LONG nap at home till about 5:00p.m.!  Definitely a record for Ethan because he hardly takes an afternoon nap.


There’s no doubt how much Hannah adores her big brother Ethan.  She loves to play with him all the time, and looks on in awe as he goes about his funny antics, and laughs hysterically when he does funny things.

But she doesn’t quite behave as he did when Ethan was her age.

*Gung-ho* is a word that is quite aptly used to describe Hannah.  For she may seem sweet and adorable, but I think deep down inside she’s a real toughie.  We’ve started using “No” to indicate to Hannah she is not supposed to do something, but all she does is turn around, look at us with a look that says, “Huh? Why am I not supposed to do this?” and then calmly she will walk away.  No tears, no whining.  Ethan, on the other hand, used to bawl the very moment we firmly said, “No”.

One of the *weird* things that attract Hannah is the TV panel at the bottom of our TV.  It’s an enclosed panel that flips open when pushed.  And our girl figured it out.  So she would walk to the TV, push the panel open, and then swiftly walk away.  Even though we have told her countless times NOT to do it, she still does it.

And what’s even funnier is how Ethan would promptly shut the panel and tell Hannah, “No Hannah…stop doing that!”

And Hannah will repeat it over and over again.

Upon the insistence of Ethan, I put Hannah on the naughty stool a few times, but it doesn’t appear to work YET because Hannah seems to enjoy being on the stool.

Although Ethan and Hannah look almost the same, with those killer long eyelashes and BIG eyes, they have totally different behaviours.  And that’s what makes them unique and special, no?


hannah_13_monthsScrap Credits
An Enchanted World collab kit from Designs by Anita
Every Day Alpha from
Jen Yurko


10.2 kilos


About 76-77 cm.


6 incisors (4 top and 2 bottom), 2 more teeth appearing at the bottom (not sure if they are incisors or canines), and I can also see 2 pramolars appearing at the bottom too.  No wonder Hannah has been having sleepless nights for a few weeks now! 

Motor Skills

  • Can walk VERY fast all around now, and I can see she will start running very very soon.
  • She’s able to bend over and pick up objects very steadily and then return to standing position.
  • Can remove both her sandals, by first unfastening the velcro straps and then removing the sandals.  We have to now remove her sandals when she is riding in the car, just so she doesn’t remove them and put them in her mouth or somethin’.
  • Can unfasten the velcro tabs on her diaper on her own.  She hasn’t quite mastered the snaps on the snap-style diapers yet, so we are safe for now.  But when I put her on the velcro diapers, I need to remember to put on a pair of shorts or skirt for her, otherwise she’ll remove the diapers on her own!
  • Loves to hug my legs, and will cling on for dear life, even though I start to walk around.
  • Hannah takes *showers* now and not *baths* – yep, she doesn’t want to be in the bath tub and prefers to stand while being showered.  I still need to support her in case she slips though.
  • She’s also learning how to play with the shape sorter, sometimes under the tutelage of big brother Ethan.
  • Hannah loves music and loves to dance to music, and will tap her leg while standing and sometimes shakes her booty too! :)

Communication and Social Skills

  • Asks for food by saying “Mamak” (no relation to the mamak stall, by the way).  We think she is saying “Mum mum” though.
  • Can very very surely recognize her own name when being called.
  • Can understand simple instructions and respond to verbal requests, like:
    • “Come here, Hannah” (she’ll turn and come over to me)
    • “No” (she’ll turn around and check to see if she should really NOT be doing what she is about to do)
    • “Stop” (she’ll stop whatever she is doing…unless she is totally engrossed)
    • “Look Up!” (she’ll look up – I ask her to look up when I am giving her her shower and I want to clean her neck!)
    • “Buh bye!” (waves goodbye)
    • “Flying kiss” (she’ll put her hand to her mouth to give a flying kiss) 
  • I thought I heard her saying “baby” and also something like “eh-fer” (for elephant).

Food and Feeding

She’s on Mommy’s milk 100% and is still loving every bit of her porridge!  She can finish quite a lot now, and eats at an amazing pace!

New foods she has been introduced to include:

  • Homemade wholemeal bread
  • Kiwi fruit
  • White bread (which she loves!)
  • Tofu
  • Foo Kui chye
  • Dried scallops, cooked with her porridge
  • Regular rice mixed into her porridge

We try to avoid bringing the kids to see the doctor, instead we prefer to let them get well on their own.  Hospitals tend to make one feel gloomy and the thought of germs all around can be quite disconcerting.  PLUS we really don’t like the long wait.


But when Hannah’s on-off fever was still lingering after 3 days, we decided to bring her in.  That was two days ago and it was a Thursday, so that meant I would have to take Hannah to see the doc myself, since Pete had to work.  After dropping Ethan off in school, Hannah and I went straight to the hospital.  She had coughed too forcefully in the car, and had thrown up, so I had to change her top first.  (Yes, that’s my very BRAVE girl up there..she can still smile so sweetly even though she wasn’t feeling well)

Thankfully, there was NO one waiting in the clinic, and we were ushered in after about 15 minutes.  Her fever had gone up to 38.2°C and upon checking, doc said that one of her ears was slightly infected, and her throat looked red too.  She had some wheezing in the lungs as well, which the doc diagnosed as bronchitis

This meant that Hannah had to undergo the nebulizer treatment, whereby she had to inhale medicine through a mouthpiece.  I believe the medicine is ventolin with some oxygen, and it is a muscle relaxant, that will open up the airways, so that the mucuous and phlegm in the lungs would be released.

That’s not all.  She had to have the nebulizer treatment every 4-6 hours, for a total of SEVEN times!  Doc said we could either bring her into the hospital every 4-6 hours or admit her.  Well, admission was certainly out of the question, so I told the doc we would bring her in.

I was worried the nebulizer treatment would be traumatic for Hannah, because I had heard stories of children screaming and crying whenever they had this treatment.  But Hannah’s first experience was thankfully okay.  She protested a little bit at first, but when the nurse held the mouthpiece over her mouth and nose, Hannah calmed down and stayed still the entire FIVE minutes of the treatment.  Great job Hannah!  Look at my little fighter…she even wanted to hold the mouthpiece on her own!


The morning treatments were manageable, because I only had Hannah with me, but for the other sessions, I definitely needed someone to help take care of Ethan while the nebulizer treatment was administered on Hannah.   So these next few treatments involved Pete having to take some time off to help take Hannah in, and the next day, I was grateful my Mom happened to be around, so she could accompany me in the afternoon in the hospital too. 

The first afternoon she had her treatment, Hannah had to *borrow* her brother’s front-facing car seat too, because I had washed her car seat after she had thrown up on it in the morning, so it was Hannah’s first time ever in a front-facing seat!


Today, Hannah successfully completed all SEVEN nebulizer treatments :)

She’s feeling so much better now, and we pray that she will be recovered completely soon.  We still have to continue the inhalation treatment at home for a few days more, although it is not quite the same.  At home, the doc prescribed an aerochamber equipment to be used in tandem with the Ventolin inhaler.  I tried it on Hannah just now, and she was VERY cooperative, allowing me to administer two puffs of the Ventolin medicine, without a single protest.

Good girl Hannah…and please get well soon! :)