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May 2010

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See how easy it is for Ethan to *pass his knowledge on* to his little sister?




Certainly helps that Hannah adores him to bits! :)
Ethan is also becoming extremely possesive of his sister. He sometimes refers to Hannah as “my baby” and will get upset when strangers threaten to *take her away*.
Seriously though, why do some people insist on threatening older siblings with “taking their little brother/sister away”? Isn’t that plain mean?


Wow, it has been ages since I was involved in any form of Teachers’ Day celebration.  I remember bringing little gifts of flowers or cards for my class teachers when I was in school.  Of course, this time around, I would be helping Ethan show appreciation for his teachers instead.

A week before his school celebrated Teachers’ Day, I did a dry run of bun baking with Ethan.  He wanted to experiment with the kneading and forming the buns into shapes. 


Things did get a little messy and it wasn’t long before Ethan said he was ready to wash his hands! LOL


We did not use any preservatives for the buns, only organic flour, yeast, some sugar and salt.  They turned out quite tasty, though the dough should have been kneaded more.  Still, the buns tasted good! 


Of course, we could not keep them for a whole week, so I had to make a new batch the day before the Teachers’ Day celebration.  This time, Ethan was *busy*, so he only helped me carry the tray to load into the oven. 😛

Ethan decorated the biodegradable paper bowls with some marker pens, and *signed* his name on little Happy Teachers’ Day cards.  Then we put the homemade buns into each bowl and tied it up with some ribbon.


And he was SO proud to bring them for his teachers.  There were FOUR bowls because he has an English teacher, a Chinese teacher, a Malay teacher and an assistant teacher. 

Don’t you wish you were one of Ethan’s teachers? 😛

hannah_14_monthsScrap Credits
Spending My Time QP from Mystique Designs
Harvest Spice alphas  from Shabby Princess Designs
Elegant word art (angel eyes) from Bethany


10.3 kilos (she appears to be a little bit thinner now, but taller)


About 76-77 cm.


6 incisors (4 top and 2 bottom), 2 more teeth appearing at the bottom (probably incisors), and 2 pramolars appearing at the bottom too. 

Motor Skills

  • Hannah is very steady in her walking now and sometimes, I do realize she is picking up enough speed to start running.
  • She can climb up the couch by using her upper body strength to hoist her butt up, first putting one leg up and then pulling the other leg up.
  • She is very inquisitive and wants to touch everything and open every drawer or anything that has a handle.  Did I mention she can open the fridge door all on her own now?!!
  • She can perform the “fingers crossed” manoeuvre, on both hands.

Communication and Social Skills

  • Hannah is a very sociable baby, and does not mind being around anybody.
  • Words she uses on an every day basis are “Mamak” (when she wants food), “Baby” (when she points at pictures – don’t ask me why), and my personal favorite: “Mommy!!!”  It’s only fair that she calls Mommy first before Daddy, given that Ethan called Daddy first.  Anyway, Daddy to her now is still either “Dedek” or “Baba” :)
  • Hannah can say “A” and “E”, which sometimes frustrates her brother, who wants her to say the entire alphabet! 😛
  • She knows how to lift my shirt/top when she wants milk.
  • Hannah is able to imitate/parrot the people around her.  We recently noticed she has been clicking her tongue, and were curious as to how she might have picked that up.  Then she said something like, “Baby, Baby! *click click click*” ; Ah, so she picked that up from strangers who talk to her that way! LOL
  • Hannah can shake her head and nod her head.  Of course when she nods, her whole body moves too!  I don’t think she fully comprehends the meaning of shaking and nodding yet, but it’s a whole lot of fun when I ask her, “Hannah, do you want more porridge?” and she either shakes or nods. :)

Food and Feeding

She’s on Mommy’s milk 100% and is still loving every bit of her porridge!  She can finish quite a lot now, and eats at an amazing pace!  I’ve started giving her a little bit of our every day foods, just so she can soon join us at the dining table too :)

New foods she has been introduced to include:

  • Organic Brown Rice Crunch snack
  • French beans (chopped finely and added to porridge)
  • The white part of Char Siew Pau
  • Siew Mai dumplings, containing chicken and shrimp (she loves this!)
  • Pasta (spaghetti and spiral pasta(fusilli))
  • Beef
  • Prawn Fritters (from Mama’s restaurant)
  • Chicken liver

Last Friday, 2 days before Mother’s Day, Ethan’s school had a celebration for Parents’ Day.  The school decided to combine the celebration for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, hence Parents’ Day.  Pete could not leave work that morning, so I decided to attend the celebration together with Hannah.


Parents’ Day was also celebrated in conjunction with Book Week, and the kids were asked to come dressed in their favorite storybook characters.  Ethan wanted to dress up as Dr Seuss’s Fox in Socks, but he didn’t want to wear the faux ears and tail; he only wanted to put on socks on his hands and feet.  So he was dressed all in red (just like Fox in Socks) and put on blue socks for his hands and feet.

The school had a little picture-frame-making activity for the parent and child too.  We were given all the material to decorate a picture frame with our kid.  For me, it was quite a challenge because I had to watch Hannah too.  She didn’t want to stay too long in the baby sling, so I took her out and let her play with some of the educational toys in Ethan’s classroom while Ethan and I did the decorating.


Here’s Ethan showing off his little cubbie, with his name on it:


After that, the kids presented their parents with some little presents they had made for us. Ethan gave me a bookmark with *my picture* on it (he had drawn a picture of me!), a handmade red rose and a heartshaped cookie with sprinkles which he had baked in school. Precious!


Here’s a picture of one of the class projects Ethan was working on a few weeks earlier.  His teacher tells me the brown part at the bottom was all *contributed* by Ethan!


After that, there was a garden party with lots of potlucked food.  I couldn’t really eat much because it was quite difficult to eat while slinging Hannah.  I could only manage some jelly and cake and lots of water!  Ethan had pasta, cakes and water.  Little Hannah had fallen asleep in the sling, even though the weather was scorching HOT!

And as we were driving home from school after the celebration, Ethan said, “Mommy, I had so much fun in school today!”  And that totally made my day! :)

The past week has been strenuous, to say the least.  But being a parent means having the ability to be flexible and to always place the needs of your child above all else.  It also means having the ability to somehow forget all feelings of fatigue and tiredness and instead, churn out a miraculous source of energy, just so your child can have anything he or she needs.

We were in KL for 2 days last week to visit my MIL, who had just had a surgery.  Hannah was already slightly coughing when we traveled there, and during those 2 days, her cough had worsened.  In fact, she had thrown up on two occasions due to forceful coughing; and when we returned to Penang on Thursday night, she was running a high fever of 38.5ºC.  Paracetamol only brought the temperature down temporarily, and the following morning, we knew we had to bring her in to the doctor’s.

The doctor diagnosed Hannah has having acute bronchiolitis, which was more severe than the last time when she had bronchitis.  This time, the wheezing was more pronounced and we could tell that our poor little sweetheart was breathless.  Because Hannah would need the nebulizer treatment more regularly and also throughout the night, doctor advised us to admit her in hospital, which meant I would need to stay with her too.


We then took Hannah for a chest x-ray, which the doctor had ordered.  And when the results came in, there was a slight indication of pneumonia in her right lung.  Since we were going to be warded, the doctor prescribed an intravenous antibiotic which would be administered to Hannah via the branula IV tube (i.e. a plastic tube inserted intravenously) 3 times a day.  This was a stronger antibiotic than its oral counterpart and would possibly not cause diarrhoea.  At the same time, the doc said she would be taking a blood sample from Hannah.

I was ushered out of the treatment room while the doctor and nurse administered the branula IV on Hannah, presumably because it would cause the mother of the child some distress.  In any case, I had to settle the hospital admissions procedure at that time too.  (Pete had to leave the hospital then to fetch Ethan from school)

When I came back to get Hannah, the nurse was carrying her and I was told that Hannah did not shed a single tear throughout the entire procedure!  Amazing!

Here’s what it looks like:


…and then later on in the evening, after she threw up and I had to change her:


See what a champion my brave little darling is? :)

The antibiotics was given intravenously using a syringe which is inserted into the tubing intravenously into Hannah’s hand.  This was administered three times a day, and can also be given when she is asleep.

Throughout that first night, Hannah’s fever fluctuated, and she could barely keep her milk down.  I only breastfed her a little bit at a time, and I was very wary whenever she started coughing.  Still, nothing could be done to stop her from throwing up then and again, and we had to go through several changes of clothing.  I remember once I had to call the nurses to take her temperature again because even after a dose of paracetamol, I could feel her body still warm.  My instincts were right.  Her fever had shot up to 38.8°C and they had to give her a dose of Nurofen (a different type of fever medication) to bring the fever down.  Good thing the Nurofen had a sweet orangey taste.

The next morning, doc said her throat looked slightly red, and that could possibly have caused her throwing up.  Her lungs were still congested with phlegm; so in conclusion, we’d still have to stay in the hospital one more night.

Some *activities* we indulged in in the hospital:



…and sometimes when Hannah was bored *playing* on the bed, I had to take her for walks along the corridor.

By and by, I learnt the routines employed by the hospital.  Medicine was administered to the patients at 8:00a.m., 3:00p.m. and 10:00p.m. every day.  Breakfast was served at about 8:00a.m., with a cup of soy milk given at around 10:00a.m.  Lunch was between 12:00 – 12:30p.m. and tea time at 3:30p.m.  Dinner was served at about 6:00p.m. and we were given a cup of warm Milo at about 8:30p.m.  Doctor visits were twice a day, at about 9:00a.m. in the morning, but the evening visit times were not fixed.  I learnt which were the *nice* nurses and which were the *not-so-nice* ones.

And while Hannah was recuperating and getting well in the hospital, Ethan was in good hands under the care of his Daddy.  Of course his Daddy would have to content with his unending questions like, “Why do the girls have to sleep in the hospital?”, “Why do we go to the hospital?”

On Saturday afternoon, the second day we were in the hospital, I noticed the bandages on Hannah’s bandaged hand was slightly loose, so I asked the nurse to readjust it.  But just as I was waiting for the nurse to come to the treatment room, Hannah yanked the whole bandage, and everything with it, off!

I tell you, I very nearly had a heart attack when I saw that happen!

This meant that she would need to have the branula IV reinserted.

And that evening, after the doctor had finished seeing all his patients, the nurse carried Hannah to the treatment room yet AGAIN.  I took the opportunity to wash up while I waited.  And within a few minutes, the nurse returned, telling me that Hannah did not cry one bit.

Here she is, with her newly-bandaged hand.  This time, the branula was inserted into her right hand, as opposed to the left hand the first time around:


I prayed and prayed that Hannah would recover really quickly and the next morning, my girl woke up feeling much better.  She had a smile on her face, and giggled when I sang to her.


It was clear that she missed home a lot, and that she missed her big brother too.  Ethan loves to fiddle with the remote in the hospital, and would busy himself with it every time he came to visit.  He was the perfect big brother, bringing Hannah little gifts from home, like a McDonald Happy Meal toy, one of her cot toys from home, and an ABC book.



Hannah and I stayed in the hospital for THREE nights (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).  Every minute was a minute closer to recovery for our little Hannah.  She was really the *darling* of the pediatric ward.  Nurses called her the “breastfeeding baby”, her pediatrician called her a “model patient”, and she won the hearts of many with her adorable smiles, and her courage to remain calm and composed through the branula IV procedure, and her sporadic words like, “Mommy!”, “Baybeee!” and “Mamak!”. :)

On Monday morning, when the doctor came to check Hannah, I requested for permission to be discharged.  Since her fever had diminished, and her lungs had cleared up a whole lot, the doctor agreed to let us go home.   Ordinarily, we would need to stay for 2 more nights to ensure the antibiotic course via IV was completed, but since we were going home earlier, Hannah would need to come in to the hospital at the appointed times for her remaining 5 shots.

That meant we needed to take extra precaution with her bandaged arm whilst at home…because in the event the branula IV was removed, we would need to bring Hannah to the hospital to have it reinserted.

Thankfully, after going home and revisiting the hospital 5 times after that to get the antobiotic jab (and also nebulizer treatment), the nurse removed the branula IV tube and bandages.  Hannah is currently on a 5-day oral antibiotic course according to doc’s orders and is recovering really really well.