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August 2012

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During one of my usual laidback chats with Ethan, I asked him (for the umpteenth time) if he would like to take an afternoon nap.

Ethan: No thank you, Mommy!  I’m still 100% active and I can play ALL DAY LONG!
Me: Gosh, you’re so weird…I would LOVE to take an afternoon nap!
Ethan: No, I’m not weird Mommy!  Girls are weird!  They cry when they’re happy!

*rolls eyes*

That gave Daddy a look of smug satisfaction on his face.

Recently, Hannah’s class put on a concert event called the Playgroup Event.  It involved the kids from the three playgroup classes in her school, which meant the audience was treated to 2-3 year-olds on stage.

Hannah was very excited about the event, and although she woke up that morning announcing she was “too lazy” and didn’t want to wear sunglasses, she certainly did a 180º turn during the event.

Although it was a weekday morning, Hannah was definitely very happy to see her Daddy able to make it, albeit a little late.  Well, nothing beats watching your little gal sing and dance on stage like this, eh? :)

I, for one, definitely enjoyed it!  Great job Hannah!  Doesn’t she look absolutely adorable? :)

I have several pairs of baby legs which I had forgotten all about, until one night when Hannah was dressed in her shorts jammies and said she felt a little cold.  So I suggested wearing baby legs.

Her curiosity was aroused and she wanted to know what those were.  After she had donned a pair of baby legs, I told her that she could also wear them on her hands.

She was game, so there she was in 2 pairs of baby legs, one on her legs and one on her hands.  She also didn’t seem to reject the baby legs, like her brother did when I put them on him last time.

On the contrary, she proudly proclaimed, “Look Mommy, I’m wearing Baby Legs, AND Baby Hands!” :)

A couple of weeks ago, the kids had their annual Sports Day in school.  Both of them were equally excited about the event, as they had practised very hard for their events.  For Hannah, it was her first ever Sports Day and the first time she donned her yellow school t-shirt.  For Ethan, it was his last Sports Day in pre-school/kindergarten and he and his other K2 classmates were also involved in a fund-raising bake sale.

Each K2 child would be in charge of selling a single food item (30 packs each), and this was what I made for Ethan to sell:

Of course, a chunk of fun from this project came from the help the kids gave me in packing the cupcakes in their boxes, and errr….(not) threatening to eat them before the sale date.

The combo sign Ethan made for the Red Velvet Cupcakes.  They didn’t have space for one item per sign, so the kids had to share it.

…and here’s our first customer!  Such great support from you, Tess!  Thank you!

The event proper started off with the lighting of the torch a la Olympics style and then they had the march past of all the classes.

Say hi to my handsome boy here:

We had a pleasant surprise when it was Hannah’s class’s turn for the march past.  Our little girl was holding the class sign leading her class to the field!

She looked so determined and yet so cute at the same time!

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