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September 2012

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Two weeks ago, Daddy was away for a short business trip to the States, and so I decided to make a trip with the kids and their grandparents (who was in Penang for a couple of days) back to Ipoh.  It has been a while since the kids visited Ipoh so they were naturally excited.

The drive was pleasant as the traffic was very light and the weather was cool and slightly cloudy.

Here are some iPhone shots I randomly took of our 2-day trip in Ipoh:

Ethan enjoying a good read with one of my favorite story books when I was a little girl:

Hannah’s “Don’t I look pretty?” pose:

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Ethan was telling me about his playground sessions in school.

Ethan: Mommy, today we went to the playground again.
Me: You did? What did you play today?
Ethan: Oh the same thing…Dragons!
Me: Did you play only with the boys or both boys and girls?
Ethan: Only with the boys, Mommy.
Me: Oh why?
Ethan: Oh because the girls don’t like playing Dragons.  The girls wanna play *PRINCESS*. (He did the high pitch kinda tone when he said the word *PRINCESS*)
Me: (laughing) Oh really?  But don’t some of the boys act as Princes to save the Princess from the Dragon?
Ethan: Nooooooo….all the boys are DRAGONS.  And we chase all the princesses away!

Last Friday, Mommy told me there was a surprise waiting for me at home.  I asked her to tell me what it was, but she wouldn’t, so I had to wait till I got home.

I saw a large rectangular parcel wrapped up by my table and eagerly tore open the wrapper.  I gasped as I saw what was wrapped inside.  It was that Barbie Dress-Up Set that Mommy told me she had recently won in a contest!

Hehe…it was finally HERE!  I had been bugging Mommy for it every day since she told me, and now I can’t believe I am seeing it in real life!

Look at the dresses, shoes, handbags and hairband this set came with!  Wheeee!!  I immediately asked Mommy to help me remove each and every item in that set.  Mommy said it’s for me to play dressing up Barbie with.  I brought out my other Barbie doll (which had only one dress then), and then I started dressing both my Barbies up!

Yes, you can definitely tell that I was over the moon!  I kept telling Mommy, “Wow…I’m SOOOOOOO happy, Mommy!”

Mommy says she’s gonna get me a box to put all my Barbie stuff in, so they don’t get lost.  Look how pretty they are! 😀

You know how we always say that people take things for granted just because some things are considered easily accessible to them?  For example, Ipoh people don’t really fancy pomelos that much and Klang Valley residents don’t dig Ikea and all that jazz?

Well, we’re just as guilty.. 😛 and I will tell you why.

Despite living in Penang for so many years now, we have NEVER taken the kids on a ferry ride.  The bridge has always been the easier and more convenient option for us.  However, during the past school holidays, since we had not planned on travelling anywhere, we decided to take the kids for an adventure on the ferry.

They were excited to say the least, and kept asking us when we were gonna reach the ferry terminal.  We had a few errands to run before that, you see…

The queue to board the ferry wasn’t long so we were relieved, but you know kids, they get really impatient…

“When are we getting on the ferry, Daddy?”

“Hey Daddy, why are those motorbikes cutting queue?”

“Why is the ferry not here yet?”

“I wonder how many vehicles can go on the ferry?!”

Finally, after about 10-15 minutes of waiting, we boarded the ferry.  The kids were super excited!

Here are a few shots I managed to take while ensuring the kids stayed safe while catching a glimpse of the sea.  Pete had to stay in his car, because for some reason, his car alarm would sound as the ferry rocked to and fro.

It was a fun trip for us all.  We drove to Sunway Carnival Mall and had our dinner there before heading for home…this time, we used the bridge 😛

A couple of weeks back, Hannah went on another field trip with her class, and this time they made a trip to the Butterfly Farm.  Hannah was naturally excited, although she had already been there before, and although it was a scorching hot day, it was evident that she and her friends had loads of fun!

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