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May 8, 2013

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Well, we finally get to put the kids’ easel to good use!  We’d shipped it over from Malaysia, but since it had been incredibly cold over the last few months, the easel has been kept in storage.

Spring is finally here and the days are getting longer, not to mention warmer.  The afternoons and evenings now often see us having warm sunlight on our patio, so we took the easel out for the kids last week.

…and boy, were they delighted!

They even brought their chairs out, to make it more comfortable while painting!

They certainly had FUN! :)

Last Saturday, after his second soccer practice session, Ethan proudly showed me the Sportsmanship Medal he had earned.

The teams play either a  4 vs 4 or 5 vs 5 game at the end of each practice session, and at the end of each game, a “Sportsmanship Medal” will be awarded to a participating team member.  Sense of teamwork, playing to the best of his/her abilities and hustling to make a play will be some of the considerations when awarding the medal.

So proud of Ethan, and he is improving every week too.  Pssst…his Daddy takes him to a nearby park on a couple of evenings during the week days for “extended” training too, now that it’s warmer outdoors. :)