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May 20, 2014

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Yes, yes…I do know I am more than a week late in doing this, but trust me, it has been one hectic day after another.  But that’s another story now, ain’t it?

Here’s a handmade picture frame Hannah made in school:

My 2 older kids surprised me with handmade cards in the a.m. on Mother’s Day.  I was so touched..and still am.  All entirely their own ideas.

The card Ethan made during Catechism class:

Hannah gave me a card she had been working on for a week.  Here’s the front of the card:

 The inside of the card (She even included a lovely blue glitter fan and a word search activity!):

And the back of the card:

The following day, Hannah made me another card, “just because” 🙂

I am blessed beyond words, aren’t I? ♥