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At the pinnacle of Hannah’s preschool journey, we have the school concert.  Unlike any regular preschool concert, her school prides itself in producing spectacular performances which is one-of-a-kind, in a edu-theater style and is a whole play in itself.  From the writing of the script, to choreography and to the beautiful costumes, I am always left in awe when I watch her preschool concerts.

This year was even more special than last year’s, because it was her final year in preschool, and Hannah had been eagerly waiting for the concert day.

Now, unlike the past years where the concert was produced in either tri-lingual or bi-lingual, this year the kids put up 2 separate stories which were loved by all: The Pied Piper of Hamelin (in Chinese) & Treasure Island (in English).  I found the story line more enjoyable when the concert is done in a single language for separate stories, like this year.


From the beginning of the school year, Hannah had been eagerly awaiting the concert.  From the inception of the play to the casting of the parts, to the selection of costumes, and rehearsing, she had been excitedly updating me in bits and pieces…so as not to reveal the entire story altogether.

For a bunch of 6-year-olds, performing this school play was no mean feat, given that there were many costume changes involved and everything had to be done in super-quick time.

Here are a few random shots from her concert performance.  Hannah played several parts in the concert:

  • One of the mice in the Pied Piper of Hamelin
  • One of the citizens in the village of Hamelin
  • Tattoo Charlie in Treasure Island
  • Queen Benjamina Gunn in Treasure Island (The original story casted this as Benjamin Gunn, the marooned crewman on a remote island, but in Hannah’s concert, the script was rewritten to replace Ben Gunn with Queen Benjamina Gunn)










We have every reason possible to be beaming with pride for our little girl.  She performed every single role with such passion and commitment, and she was full of confidence on stage.  I could hardly believe she was just a wee little baby not too long ago.

She told me later that she enjoyed performing so much, she wished there would be another concert soon!

Well done, my little snowflake!






Note: We respect your privacy, so if you see a picture of your child in this post and would prefer for me to blot out his/her face, please email me at joyce.cheah (at) and I will do the needful.  Thank you.



We are Stage Pass Members of the Hard Rock Hotel, and although our primary reason for becoming members was to utilize the pool, we are also given a complimentary night’s stay in the hotel, as one of the benefits of membership.  Our deadline for redemption is in July, so we finally decided to “move” to the hotel for a night last weekend, before the benefit expires.

We only told the kids about it the day before we were to check in, and boy, were they excited!  I was worried they would not be able to sleep that night!

Ethan still had school activities until 4:00p.m., so when we checked in, it was already 5:00p.m.!







Dinner Shots





We spent our morning at the pool after a scrumptious buffet breakfast (which included chocolate milk for the kids!!).






It was a fun and enjoyable holiday away from home, although a short one and not really that far from home… LOL!  Ethan left a little thank you souvenir for the housekeeping staff too!


I still have a back rub to redeem as part of the membership benefits though…need to make an appointment soon!

Hey peeps!!  Have you seen Hannah and Emma on television yet?  They are featured on two different videos as part of the Disney Junior Birthday Book for the month of March.

Last year, they didn’t get featured so this year, I made it a point to submit their pictures really early.  These are videos taken from the feature in the Disney Junior Asia Birthday Book site online.



Last week my littlest one turned 2.  I can’t believe how fast 24 months had passed!  She is still very much my little baby but she’s quickly becoming very vocal and is able to assert her personality, that one.

We decided to just have a little family celebration at home, so I baked her an orange and pumpkin crazy cake with no butter, no milk and no eggs.  As for cake deco, it was a toss up between Elmo and Hi-5, cos she likes both, but I went with Elmo, because I also wanted to try creating Elmo’s fur with the grass tip I had.








♥  Happy Birthday dearest Emma!!  ♥



In addition to her party at Adventurezone, Hannah wanted a small birthday cake cutting session in school too.  I guess at her age, she can never have enough parties, eh? :)

She had been indecisive about the birthday cake she wanted me to bake for her, but when I gave her a Princess Anna dress a few weeks ago, she decided that she wanted a Frozen-themed cake.  I had no idea she was into Frozen to begin with!! :)

Her actual birthdate fell on the day after her Adventurezone party, and since she had had an accident the evening before, she decided that she would only go to school for that half hour, to cut the cake and pass out party packs to her classmates.

This was the cake I baked for her: a Frozen-themed watercolor cake, with three layers of butter cake in three different colors, topped with buttercream frosting and blue glittery sugar.


Obviously I reduced the sugar content in the cake, because the frosting itself would have provided loads of sweetness.

Stuff we packed the party packs with: Customized Frozen-themed water bottles, homemade glitter playdough and custom-packed marshmallows.






Yes, my little girl borrowed my shell necklace … 






Her birthday continued at home as she opened up our presents for her… she got the watch from Daddy that she had been asking for 😛


…and a musical jewellery box from me (which was a pleasant surprise!)


It was a special day for a very special birthday girl!  Happy Birthday Hannah!


Hannah had a birthday celebration with her friends at AdventureZone yesterday, which is a day before her birthday proper.  AdventureZone always makes the kids eager, excited and brings out the energy and adrenalin in everyone.







SOoooooo much easier to take pictures of the wee babes because the older ones were zipping past me so fast!!

Hannah conquered her fear of going down the blue slide and now confidently slides down it like a pro.

Next time, she says she’s gonna go down the “scary” red slide!





The kids all enjoyed themselves and even continued playing at the slide area after they were done with their food and cake.

However, an unfortunate accident happened when we got home. :(

Hannah tripped and fell and knocked her head on the open grille door in our house.  She had an open wound on her forehead and after I cleaned her up and gave her a quick shower, we took her to the doctor.  Thankfully, the doctor said the wound was a shallow one, and she only used 3 steristrips to hold it close.  Then she covered the wound with a sheet of waterproof plaster.  We will be going back to the medical center to have it removed 4-5 days later.

Despite the unfortunate incident, our little big girl Hannah, ever so courageous, remained cheerful and happy.  She came back home and asked to open her presents!


Happy Birthday dearest Hannah!

May your days be filled with happiness and rainbows now and forevermore!



For Ethan’s 9th birthday this year, we decided to have a cozy celebration at home. Hannah suggested having an Amazing Race birthday party, and what is a race without sharing it with friends, eh?  So we said he could invite his best friend.  So I planned the “amazing race” for two teams: Ethan & Hannah in one team and Josha & Elisha in another.


Unfortunately, Elisha was not well on that day, so we bended the rules a little and the two teams were then Ethan, Hannah and Josha in one team, and Peter and Emma in another. LOL!
The food our contestants ate to fuel up before the race was flagged off – homemade lum mee with all the yummy condiments:



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We had a good excuse reason to indulge in yummy, creamy, delicious ice cream last Sunday when Ah Kong and Ah Ma came for a visit.  Now, who could say no to that? :)



What do we do when both Ethan and Hannah receive two separate party invites on the same afternoon of the same day?

Why, one parent to a kid, of course….in my case, it’s one parent to a kid and a toddler!  Oh, did I mention that the parties were both pool parties?

Ambitious, much? 😛

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.







Hannah’s school’s Family Fun Day is an annual affair celebrating Mother’s, Father’s and Teacher’s Day, and this year was no different.  So last Sunday we got up bright and early and made our way to Occupy at Beach Street, an area which is cordoned off from motor vehicles every Sunday morning as part of Penang’s Smoke-free campaign.  Believe it or not, it was our first time there, and it was also the venue for the Family Fun Day.

We all had on identical t-shirts, with the exception of Emma of course.  We parked a little ways off the site of the event, so we had to walk together with a bicycle and a scooter too…not to mention a baby in a stroller!  We then quickly registered, grabbed our Subway breakfasts, and dove right into the hustle and bustle of all the activities.

We did trishaw rides…

We had fun on bicycles built for two:


While Ethan’s legs were long enough to pedal on the bikes, Hannah had to leave her legs up, and let Daddy do the pedalling:

There were traditional games, like this one..I think it’s called Flying Feather…

… and vainpot activities like Face Painting:

Fun with sidewalk chalk!  This was the boys’ creative contribution:

…and this was the selfie we took for Ethan and Hannah as part of the task list for the Treasure Hunt competition:

Coincidentally we won a prize for that competition! :)

It was a fun-filled day, albeit a scorchingly hot one, but definitely a great day to spend Sunday morning! :)

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