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November 2007

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Ethan’s swollen right eye is getting better now. Yesterday evening, I was relieved to note that when he smiles, we can now see his eye, i.e. his eye does not close. We still gave him a final dose of Piriton though, just to safeguard against allergy. He was also super-active last night. See, this was what he was doing before I gave him his shower:

Good morning!


This evening when I went to pick Ethan up from Mrs Tan’s after work, I was aghast to discover that the swell under his eye as a result of *something* that bit him had become so much worse.  Ethan didn’t look like he was bothered with his swollen right eye though (as you can see from the pictures), and every time he smiled, his right eye would close up.  It was quite pitiful to see him with the swollen eye, although it was apparent that he wasn’t in any form of pain.  Nevertheless I decided to err on the side of caution and take him to see Dr Jessica, who coincidentally was on night duty tonight.

I had to take Ethan to the hospital on my own tonight because Pete had a dinner function with his company.  I grabbed a quick dinner at home and rushed to the hospital (okay, I drove carefully… :P) .  We were fourth in line … not too bad.  Guess where our boy insisted on going up and down on?  Yep… the escalators!  Since I was the only one there with him, I had no choice but to bring him up and down and at the same time, keep a lookout for when it was our turn.

Finally we were called in but the doc had so much trouble checking him.  He simply wouldn’t open his eyes for her to check them.  Dr Jessica prescribed Piriton syrup, which was an immediate relief for the allergic reaction, and told me to continue applying the fucicort thrice daily. We were also to keep monitoring his temperature in case it shot up.  I requested the nurse to help me feed the Piriton to Ethan since I was sure I would not be able to do it on my own at home.  Surprisingly all of the syrup went in, although Ethan put up a struggle.

I then took him back home, gave him a warm shower and got him ready for bed.  I waited till he fell asleep before I applied the fucicort.  I pray that he will be all better tomorrow morning after a good night’s sleep tonight.

On Monday night, while playing and running around in the living room, Ethan tripped and fell down on the floor.  As usual, he stretched out his hands to support himself as he fell, but I realized something was amiss when he cried a little after the fall.  Normally our boy will just pick himself up and continue running around, with no tears being shed.  This time however, he was holding his left leg and whined for a bit.  I consoled him by giving him a hug and a kiss till he stopped crying.

But after the fall, I noticed he was walking with a limp.  He would try to run (like he always does) but then he would stop short as if in pain and start walking gingerly instead.  He wasn’t crying out in pain or anything, and I checked that there were no bruises or swelling.  He was still his usual cheerful self, except for the fact that he was a little “pai-kha“.  I prayed that he would be all better the next day but he was still walking terjengket-jengket, especially when he wanted to move fast.  I called Dr Jessica and she said that it could very well be a muscle pull, and that if there wasn’t any improvement by the next day, we should bring him to the orthopedist.  That got me worrying big time.  I hated to have to bring Ethan to see any kind of doctor or specialist.

Thankfully though, this morning, I noticed that his walk has improved!  My prayers have been answered! 😀

However, he got bitten by some insect below his right eye yesterday evening.   :(  So that area is slightly red and swollen now…we are applying a topical steroid cream (Fucicort) to bring down the swelling.

Ethan is quite adept at playing with his shape sorter now. He has a few different kinds really. The one that he has mastered is the toy that was given by his Ah Koo and Ah Kim some time back. It consists of 4 shapes (square, circle, triangle and hexagon) in a rectangular-shaped box. He can now put each shape in the correct slot correctly without anyone’s help. The problem is sometimes he doesn’t fit it in properly and the shape cannot enter the slot because of the positioning, although he got the shape and the slot correctly. Our boy is a very impatient fella, and once he finds that he cannot get the shape in, he would throw a temper and scream! Sometimes in a fit of frustration, he would just throw the shape down on the floor in anger. He hasn’t quite got the patience to try again now… any suggestions how to cultivate this?

But when he successfully puts in all the shapes, he delights in the fact that we adults will clap and say “Clever boy!” He is turning into a little perfectionist, isn’t he?

Scrap Credits
Commotion on the Ocean Add-On from Danielle Engebretson Designs
Kit Special star from Sueli Colbert
Stone Castle alphas by Beth Long for Kim Broedelet

Ethan has no problem sitting all by himself in his car seat in the back seat of our car. He enjoys the window view and sometimes he likes to cock his head to the side trying to see what’s going on in front. You see, we secured the car seat at the back on the co-driver seat, so that if there is only one of us driving the car, Ethan would be able to see us. Besides, this way, there is still space for two adults to sit behind with Ethan if need be. Of course, the child lock on his side is on at all times! Sometimes Ethan will try to imitate my Dad when he holds the overhead grip, but Ethan still cannot reach the grip. Not yet anyway.

Lately however, Ethan has begun to imitate us in other ways. We call it the “Tarzan” stunt. He would disengage his left arm from being strapped down by the seat belt so that it is free. At times, he would be able to secure it back, but it is almost always the left arm that he *frees*. I reckon it could be because he can see that the driver’s seat belt is just a one-way diagonal strap, and he wants to have his done the same way. Funny hor? You gotta give it up to Ethan for being innovative in that manner. 😛

Scrap Credits
All About Me kit from
Bunny Cates
Kit Special embellishments from
Sueli Colbert
Pretty Blue papers & Milly doodle from
Lindsay Jane Designs
Splendid embellishments from Shabby Princess

I am getting my appetite back slowly but surely.  Yesterday, at Ah-Poh’s house, I walloped a lot of porridge, and just before Mommy and Daddy came to pick me up in the evening, I asked Ah-Poh to make me a feed of milk too.  Hehe…even Mommy and Daddy says that I have begun to bulk up a little already.

Last night, I ran all around our house and played with all my toys.  I missed running around so much last weekend when I was not feeling well. At about 10:30P.M. last night, I decided to call it a night.  I led both Mommy and Daddy to the room, hugged them both and then I drifted off to sleep listening to Mommy singing Silent Night and Away in a Manger.

Today, Mommy said that I could use the computer for a while.  Heh heh… so here I am completing my *homework*…

I was asked by Darrius ko-ko to divulge information about myself in another meme. Hehe…I’ve only met him a few times before in Queensbay Mall and he’s already asking me so many questions. I’m getting popular in the blogosphere, eh?

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Aiyo, I was not even born then la! And neither was Darrius and most of my other friends, I believe…..silly question!

What were you doing 1 year ago?
Crawling and cruising around almost everywhere! Oh, and I remember I had my first haircut too, which resulted in a very botak me!

Five snacks you enjoy

Only five? But I love to eat wor…anyway, here are five off the top of my head…

  1. Anything yogurt-like, such as Yakult & Fernleaf Calci-YUM Yogurt
  2. Cereal, like Rice Krispies (Snap Crackle and Pop!) and Corn Flakes.
  3. Pappadums
  4. Raisins
  5. Bread and buns

Five songs that you know all the lyrics to

Donno how to sing yet, but here are the songs I appreciate very much:

  1. ABC (sung to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star). When I hear this song being sung on Baby Einstein, I will say BBBBB…. :) (learning to sing what)
  2. Doh-Re-Mi – I clap my hands whenever Mommy finishes singing this song
  3. The Wheels of the Bus go round and round…
  4. Theme song from Little Einsteins(I can do the “Aaarrrrrrr….” portion)
  5. Song for the Mouskadance. I love tapping my feet to the rhythm.

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire

  1. Buy a house so that I can buy more toys for myself.
  2. Buy Little Tikes playhouse to put in the garden of the house I bought in No.1.
  3. Buy my own TV and DVD player so I can watch Baby Einstein the whole day long, without Daddy interrupting me to watch SportsCenter.
  4. Build an escalator in my house.
  5. Give money to Mommy and Daddy (if there is any leftover).

Five bad habits

  1. Touching my tongue
  2. Watching too much Baby Einstein
  3. Throwing a tantrum by screaming
  4. Sleeping too late at night and waking up too early in the morning
  5. Waking up in the middle of the night

Five favourite toys

  1. My shape sorter
  2. My doggies
  3. My train ride-on
  4. The boxes I use to store my toys
  5. My Ikea Mula toy

Five things you like doing

  1. Watch Baby Einstein
  2. Ride up and down on the escalators
  3. Eat rice
  4. Pull Mommy and Daddy by the hand together into the room
  5. Sleep on Mommy and Daddy’s bed

Five things you would never eat

Darrius and I think alike on this one …

  1. Medicine
  2. Medicine
  3. Medicine
  4. Medicine
  5. Medicine

Lastly I get to tag my friends:

Ching Ern

Ethan is now on the road to recovery. Breaks our hearts to see him suffer the way he did, but I was so glad to wake up on Sunday morning, being greeted by his adorable and cheeky grin.

On Saturday and Sunday, his stools were still primarily watery, I suppose due to the fact that his diet consisted mainly of breast milk only. But I am hoping that with the additional solids he is slowly taking, his diarrhoea will be gone really soon. His appetite has not returned to normal yet, but he took some siew mais and chicken koay teow on Saturday. Funnily enough though, he didn’t want any siew mai on Sunday.

As it turned out, Pete and I were invited to be witnesses at a friend’s wedding in church on Sunday, so we had to drop Ethan off at Mrs Tan’s place for a couple of hours that afternoon. I expressed my concern that he was not eating much yet, and asked Mrs Tan to cook some mee suah for him. When we picked him up, she told us that he happily devoured the mee suah and bread also! So we tarpowed some of the mee suah back home for his dinner.

Guess what? Our boy didn’t want any of the mee suah, but instead chose to share some of my wan ton mee dinner. Maybe he associates mee suah only with Mrs Tan’s house?

He looks ok now, doesn’t he? These are some photos I took yesterday…. pretty blur because he kept moving up and down on the couch. It’s just that he needs to regain his appetite really soon.

We should have known. Ethan hardly ever overeats. And that first incident of vomiting turned out to be the beginning of a nightmare for all of us.

Chronology of Events

8:30p.m. vomited, with slight diarrhoea. Vomitus contained the rice he had taken for dinner.
Breastfed him and gave him a little bit of water. He fell asleep soon after.

2:30a.m. Woke up and vomited on our bed and on me. There were a few grains of rice, more milk and water in the vomitus.
Cleaned ourselves and our bed up, fed him breastmilk and he slept.

7:00a.m. Woke up, coughed a little and then vomited again. On the bed and on the floor.
Cleaned him up and discovered he had diarrhoea too.
Fed him water, breastmilk and a few grains of Rice Krispies.

8:30a.m. Diarrhoea again.
He drank some Yakult.

9:00a.m. Vomitted all the Yakult out. We all rushed to the hospital after that.

Thankfully we didn’t have to wait too long for the doctor that day, and Ethan was quite happy playing with the toys in Dr Jessica’s office. Doctor diagnosed Ethan as suffering from acute gastroenteritis, caused by a virus, possibly the Rotavirus. She said it was not food poisoning, because he did not have a fever. His persistent vomiting and diarrhoea had also resulted in a weight loss of about 1kg!!! He was only 9.9 kilos when he was weighed in. I was very worried about Ethan’s inability to keep food in though, and he was given a dramamine shot to help prevent that. After the shot was administered, we waited in the pediatric ward area for 30 minutes before giving him the oral rehydration salts (ORS) mixture (Dramamine takes 30 minutes to take effect). Well, of course he didn’t want the ORS mixture, and would only take breast milk. Doctor told me to give him only the fore milk for now, so I took him to the nursing room and breastfed him there. After that, we waited for a while for the rice water to be ready. We had ordered some from the hospital and it was one of the fluids that was recommended for Ethan. He didn’t really like it though, took a few sips of it and pushed it away.

Pete and I decided to tarpow Mc-D’s for lunch on the way back, and our boy fell asleep in the car too. But he suddenly woke up when we reached the Mc-D’s in Greenlane, fussed and cried and then threw up again! Luckily I had asked the nurse at the hospital for a plastic bag just in case he vomited. I called Dr Jessica when we reached home, and she said that we would need to bring Ethan in for an intravenous drip if his vomiting still persisted. We certainly didn’t want that! I told the doc we think he vomited because he was lying down instead of standing vertically up, so she said to give it a few hours first.

Poor boy… we took him back and let him rest for a bit. He didn’t really want to drink anything (we were to try offering him fluids like rice water, ORS, 100-Plus or fore breastmilk, but he would only take water and breastmilk), and we could tell that it was the phobia of throwing up whatever he took in. Then he suddenly decided that he wanted Yakult, so I gave him some, and then later on, he suckled himself to sleep again.

Unfortunately as he was sleeping in my arms, he woke up crying and threw up again. This time, I already had a container ready just in case. I tried to rinse Ethan’s mouth with water to get rid of the vomit smell, but he would not let me. I was very worried about Ethan’s condition then, I didn’t want to see him suffer like that, but still I really could not stand the thought of him on the IV drip. It was already 3:30p.m. at that time, and Pete said we ought to give Ethan another chance. And I am thankful we did.

He began to get better and better after that. He fell asleep in my arms at about 5p.m. and I was careful to prop his body up at an angle so that he felt better. I was literally counting the minutes to the 4-hour time frame that he did not vomit. At about 7:30p.m. it marked the 4-hour vomit-free duration, so I tried giving him some Rice Krispies which he gingerly ate. We were still wary about the fact that he could throw up any time but we were glad that he was improving.

He was still having diarrhoea though but we pray that he will recover from that soon.

We had to do a major clean-up of Ethan’s car seat today.  You know why?  Well, Pete and I left work rather late today, so we decided to fetch Ethan and take him out to dinner with us.  We headed for Queensbay Mall and into Nando’s for dinner.  As usual, Ethan shared my rice with me and then after our meal, we walked around for a bit.  I wanted to check out if Borders carried a book I wanted to buy.  And that was the only place we went to after dinner.  Ethan was very happy and excited and because it was a weekday, he practically had the entire children’s section in Borders to himself.

After that we left Queensbay Mall for home.  As soon as Pete stopped the car in our apartment porch area, Ethan started throwing up!  Pete and I got such a shock because it was really the first time Ethan had ever vomitted so much!  In fact, he only vomitted once before, and that was when he was sick and wouldn’t eat anything, so the quantity of the vomit at that time was very little.  Well, tonight he vomitted so much that his clothes were all soaked.  Of course, he was still strapped into his car seat when it happened, so his entire car seat was dirty too.

I immediately carried him out of his car seat and up to our apartment. And it goes without saying that in the process of doing so, some of his vomit went to my clothes too.  Anyway, I quickly gave him a shower and dressed him up in his pjs.  Ethan looked okay, he was not feverish or anything but he appeared to be in shock, and would not say anything after the incident.  We put on his Baby Einstein DVD for him and I breastfed him for a bit.  And then it wasn’t long before he drifted off to dreamland.  Poor boy…. we told him not to overeat the next time.  No wonder my rice seemed to be less today.

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