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April 2009

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When most toddlers would request to watch Barney and other cartoon DVDs, Ethan is currently displaying a rather *mature* and musical taste in DVD selection.  What does he asks to watch almost every day?

The Riverdance DVD!

Riverdance is a concert performance comprising mostly of Irish tapdancing, with some great song performances as well as musical instruments.  Ethan would ask to watch Riverdance and even better, he would imitate the dancers in the show.  His favorite is Thunderstorm, a flawless tapdance performance that is performed without music.  This is Ethan’s version:


Sometimes Ethan would invite us to dance along with him and at other times, he would also *sing* along to the songs in Riverdance.  He also loves to dance to the music in the performance he refers to as the “instruments” track, a musical repertoire by all the musicians.  Ethan would identify all the instruments, such as the flute, accordion, violin, drums, bagpipe and so on.

Ethan has definitely improved on his dancing skills to date, and he has learned to move his arms to the rhythm too.  But the other day, when I was showing him his old videos, he still manages to dance in his back and forth manner!

Pretty in Pink


My Ah Mah from Ipoh recently bought me these lovely little night gowns.  Mommy tells me they are from a place called Carter’s and the gowns are called sleeplikely gowns.  They are supposed to make me sleep better at night and also make diaper changes easier for Mommy.

Well, I wouldn’t know about changing diapers but I certainly think I look adorable and pretty in ’em gowns! :)


I also get to go to bed in this cute little dino sleeping sack:


My big brother Ethan took really good care of it when he used it last time, because it is still in wonderful condition!

I’m not sure if the use of these gowns and sleeping sack will help eliminate the loud throaty sounds I make at night though, but Mommy and Daddy definitely hope so!

Scrap Credits
Poppy paper from Happy Go Lucky kit from Shabby Princess Designs
Photomask #10 from Kylie M Designs
Photo Mask Sampler from DigiLover’s Addiction
Elegant word art (unbelievable) & Worn Alpha from Bethany

Ethan has shown a remarkable improvement in his language skills since we relocated to the States.  His prowess in phonics has been especially exceptional, and even Aunty Van, his daycare provider, has reported that Ethan is getting very good at phonics.

In fact, I have no doubt in my mind that he can already read.  And here are some scenarios to prove my point:

  • As Ethan was playing with his Leapfrog Word Whammer on the fridge one day, Pete guided him to spell the word “bus”, by asking him to put in the letters “b”, “u” and “s”.  Ethan immediately said “bus!” when he was done.  And that’s not all.  One day as I was cleaning up in the kitchen, he pointed out a word to me by saying, “Mommy, cold!”  I turned around and looked.  He had spelt “koh” and he proudly announced that it was “koh!”
  • His Aunty Van told me that Ethan read off the word “pink” on her sweater, even though there wasn’t a hint of the color pink on her.
  • Ethan was *accompanying* me in the kitchen and he wanted to spell the words on the dishwasher.  He went, “O-F-F”, and I would ask him, “What does that spell?”, and Ethan would say, “Off!”
    Then he went, “O-P-T-I-O-N-S”, and when I asked, “What does that spell?”, he happily exclaimed, “Octopus!”
    Why, of course!  He recognized that the word OCTOPUS has similar letters to the word OPTIONS!
  • Lastly, he surprised us one day when he was about to play on his computer.  We’d created user profiles on our PC, and we had to click on the profile to enter.  Ethan knows he has to click on the “Ethan” profile, but that day, he suddenly said, “Jors!” and pointed to my name!  Nobody taught him to say that but for some reason he knew that was how it was pronounced!
    Now, he would say “I wanna click on ‘JOYCE”!”  :)
    Yep, he has already got the pronunciation down pat!


We celebrated Hannah’s full moon sans the traditional full moon set of the red chicken eggs, angkoo and turmeric rice.  We figured we would have those done during her first birthday instead, since we would be back in Penang then and we would also be able to distribute the full moon sets to relatives and friends.  So for her full moon celebration, we just had a simple lunch in our favorite Layang Layang restaurant.


The adults all enjoyed the food while little Hannah also enjoyed her meal when she decided it was feeding time during our lunch!


After lunch, we drove up to Pier 39 in San Francisco, where it was really springtime in full bloom!


Everyone was eager to take pictures with the pretty flowers and hoarding almost all the photo spots, it was almost impossible to find a good spot.


The weather was sunny but chilly and windy, and at times I had to just hold Hannah close to keep her warm and comfy.

Ethan had fun looking at the sealions and after that, he asked to go to the merry-go-round!  Wow…he remembered!

This time though, he could ride on his own…and daddy, who was accompanying him, even got to ride on a horse by himself! LOL


Ethan rode on the merry-go-round twice, and if we hadn’t stopped him, I bet he could be riding the whole day long too!

And while all this excitement was happening, Hannah was oblivious to her surroundings, being kept cozy in a snuggly warm baby sling.  I’m still quite the novice at baby-wearing though, having only worn the sling with Ethan when he was a wee babe, but Hannah seems to be enjoying it, no?  Look at how peacefully she’s sleeping! :)


Oh, and of course we didn’t forget to do our usual routine of Boudin clam chowder before we bade farewell to Pier 39 that day. :)

Ethan’s favorite song right now has got to be the ABC song.  When he first started daycare, he would sit quietly and listen.  Then by and by, he picked up the song himself, and would be very happy when we sang it to him at home.  He would smile happily and clap when we were done.

And then one day, when they had the singing session at daycare, he suddenly stood up and sang the song all by himself.  His Aunty Van was the one who told me this, and I was so proud of him then :)

Sometimes when we start to sing the ABC song at home, Ethan would say, “No!  I’ll do it!” and he would start singing it on his own.  It started with a slightly off-key version, but now the song is beginning to take shape…well, he does it in a most adorable manner now.

Here’s his slow version, video taken right before bedtime:

… and a faster version of the song, sung after dinner:

Ain’t he a darling?

Last week he surprised me with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, full version.  I need to get a video of him singing that soon :)

Scrap Credits
Spring Blossoms: April’s Mega Blog Train freebie from Carjazi Designs
Small stamp frame from Lindsay Jane Designs
Unscripted No. 3 – Simply Put [handwritten word art] from TaylorMade Designs by Amanda Taylor
Paper Alphas  from Oksana
Just Because Alphas  from Shel Belle Scraps
Leaf Swirl  from Lynette’s Photo Art
HoldEmUps from Tara Dunstan


3.35 kilos (weighed in at 2 weeks’ old during her 2-week pediatrician visit).  She sure feels a lot heavier now!


50.8cm (measured at 2 weeks’ old during her 2-week pediatrician visit)

Motor Skills

  • Hannah is able to lift head for a short period of time when placed on her tummy.  I try to give her some tummy time every day just to allow her a different view and also to provide some exercise! … and she LOVES it!
  • She can also move her head from side to side, especially when a rattling toy is moved in front of her face.  She will follow the sound intently.
  • She has started batting the little toys on her mobile in the infant-to-toddler rocker.
  • She makes jerky arm movements, especially when asleep. When there is a loud disturbance when she is asleep, Hannah jerks her hand upwards, and they sometimes remain that way.
Communication and Social Skills
  • Hannah makes loud throaty sounds all the time, and even more so during the night when everyone is asleep (or trying to sleep).  It could be due to her GER, and I hope it will go away soon.
  • She gives the occassional social smile, sometimes when we talk and sing to her, and sometimes she even smiles in her sleep!  In fact, the first time Hannah smiled at me was the first night we spent together in the hospital!
  • There are times when Hannah is awake and alert and just observing the world around her, but she will sometimes cry when she feels lonely or thinks no one is around.   She will, however, quieten down and look at people nearby with those huge brown eyes when we start talking or singing to her.
  • She sometimes will cry, not out of hunger, but just to be carried and cuddled.
  • Hannah can soothe herself to sleep most of the time when placed in the cot. We try to place her in the cot when she is drowsy but not asleep, although sometimes I allow her to fall asleep in my arms and carry her in a sling in a snuggle hold position, which is currently her favorite.  I am not complaining because in the snuggle hold position, I have two free hands! :)
  • She enjoys being clean, and when she cries to be changed because her diaper is wet, she will calm down immediately when I put her on the changing table.  She also loves her bathtime nowadays, and will patiently stay as still as possible while I bathe her.


  • Hannah is pooping less frequently now, but some of the poops are MAJOR BIG ones.   In fact, we just had a catastrophic explosive poop on the morning of the day she turned one-month-old.  My whole right forearm acted as a shield for the poop and as a result, I had to clean the carpet, the side table, bottles of lotion, changing table and mat early in the morning.
  • Hannah has some pimple-looking rashes on her face and head. I have already removed chocolate and ice cream from my diet, and hopefully it will help the rashes subside. Ethan had rashes too, so perhaps it runs in the family.

Food and Feeding
She is 100% on Mommy’s milk.

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