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February 3, 2010

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Sometimes he’s the really loving brother, just like that….


But sometimes all we hear around the house is, “No, Hannah NO!!!”  It’s like an anthem for him.

Mommy: Ethan, can Hannah go to school with you?
Ethan: No, too small…Next time when she’s bigger, she can go to school.

When Hannah holds his toys or plays with them, he’s rush over and say, “No Hannah!  It’s for 3 years old and above!”


A few months before his birthday, I had already discussed with Ethan that he was gonna have a small celebration in school with his friends and another one at home.  And when asked what birthday cake he would like for his birthday celebration in school, he had replied that he wanted a Thomas the Train birthday cake.  And because his favorite number is 2, he also wanted the train with the number 2 to be on the cake, i.e. Rheneas.

I could not find a picture of Thomas with Rheneas, so I managed to coax him into agreeing to have a cake with Thomas, James and Percy on it.  And that’s how I ended up ordering this cake:


I thought the bakery did a great job and the cake looked fantastic…well, as long as Ethan likes it :)

The celebration in school began around 10:10a.m. (because I was a little bit late arriving with the cake), and Ethan was given the honor of placing the FOUR birthday candles on his cake.

Then we all sang the birthday song, in English and Mandarin, and Ethan promptly did a great job in blowing out all the four candles.

He also cut the cake three times! LOL

I had also prepared party packs for Ethan to give out to his friends.  In line with the Thomas and Friends theme, I had wanted to get Thomas party bags, but alas, I had been unsuccessful.  I also enlisted the help of friends and relatives (you know who you are, thank you very much!) to help me look for them in KL and Ipoh, but they were all sold out.

In the end, I decided to make simple party packs myself in the form of Thomas paper bags.

In addition to being in *theme* with the event, paper bags were also environmentally friendly as opposed to plastic. :)

I also *converted* some Winnie the Pooh yoyos into Thomas yoyos, as one of the party favors.

It caused me several late nights, but it was well worth it.  Ethan had fun and so did I! :)