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February 24, 2010

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Guess who’s been getting into the American Idol craze recently?  Do you think Ethan can pass the scrutiny of the judges, especially with his unique rendition of the ABC song, which he learnt from Choo Choo Soul?


Well…Ethan himself certainly thinks so!


…and then lately, he has been saying this…


Surely, he will give Ellen Degeneres a run for her money, huh? :)

Hannah has an excellent training regime to aid her in her walking.  Superb trainer and the sessions are fun for both the trainer AND the trainee.  Watch:


Sometimes they fight and grab stuff from one another, sometimes they cry and scream…but it’s always a joy to see them play together so adorably.

I’m glad this is happening more and more often now.


And sometimes, there are even moments of great brotherly love being displayed…. (awwww….)


And sometimes things get out of hand….