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January 2010

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Why did Ethan say, “Oh no, our house is falling down!”

Because in spite of the fact that we told him not to spin round and round, he did exactly that, and when he stopped his spinning act, he lost his balance a little and made that exclamation.

SIGH.  Kids…you just GOTTA love ’em!

I knew the moment would come soon.

Any day now, I told myself.

And I was right… :)

Here’s Hannah, with her newfound confidence at 10 months old! Ta-daaaa…!!!!!!



Ethan: Daddy, can I watch Playhouse Disney, please? 
Daddy: Just a minute.  Daddy wants to watch TV first.
Ethan: Why you wanna watch TV Daddy?
Daddy: Because Daddy wants to watch sports.
Ethan: Which channel Daddy?  Channel 812?
Daddy: Yes Ethan.  Channel 812.  I’ll let you watch 613 in a minute, okay?
Ethan: Why Daddy?  Why you want to watch sports on channel 812, Daddy?
Daddy: Because Daddy likes to watch sports.
Ethan: And WHY Daddy?  Why you like to watch sports Daddy?
Daddy: Errr….because I was born that way.
Ethan: And WHY are you born that way Daddy?
Daddy: Errrr….go and ask your Ah Ma…
Ethan: Which Ah Ma, Daddy?  The Ipoh Ah Ma or the Taiping Ah Ma, Daddy?
Daddy: The Taiping Ah Ma.
Ethan: Okay….now can I watch 613 Daddy?


I stumbled upon this custom-made fleece skirtie which I had gotten for Hannah when we were in the States.  It was too big for her then, but look at her now!

Good thing I still managed to squeeze her into it…she’ll outgrow it soon, I’m sure!

She looks like a little lady in it, doesn’t she?

Oh, by the way, Hannah has been shortlisted as one of the finalists for the Cutest Baby of the Planet 2009 contest!  More details to follow next week as I find out what we need to do. :)

Scrap Credits
A New Beginning kit from Digital-Crea

Harvest Spice alphas  from Shabby Princess Designs


Did not measure but should be close to 10 kilos now.


Getting taller and taller!


4 incisors (2 top and 2 bottom)

Motor Skills

  • Stands unsupported for longer periods of time, sometimes smiling and raising hands in jubilation, a la “Look Ma, no hands!” pose
  • Able to take one step and then sits down on butt 😛
  • Can pull herself up from seated position to standing and then can very slowly, unsupported, lower herself down again.
  • Able to squat.
  • Unlike her brother, Hannah has the ticklish massage feeling; when I give her her body massage after her night bath, she will giggle uncontrollably.
  • Loves to roll around the bed with her brother.
  • Loves to roll around on the bed, suddenly sit up and then very quickly make herself fall backwards with a big PLOP!
  • Able to climb up stairs (shudder!).
  • Is always trying to *escape* from diaper changes.  I’m running out of toys for her to hold when she gets changed!
  • Can shape her fingers into numbers 1 (pointing position), 2, 4 and 5!

Communication and Social Skills

  • Can sometimes point to her nose when I ask her, “Where is your nose, Hannah?” 
  • Can respond to “Hands up” instructions when I am undressing her.
  • Stops whatever she is doing when we say, “No Hannah!”.  She will look at us, and then sometimes she will stop completely or continue doing it (as if to test us) 😛
  • Voluntarily claps her hands when she hears some nice music.  Can respond to verbal instructions to clap her hands, in English and Mandarin.
  • Blabbering and raspberry-blowing continues.
  • Is able to imitate movements. e.g. when we point at something, she will also point at the same thing.
  • Hannah is very attached to us, especially to me.  She will cry out when I leave the room, and stop crying when I reassure her.
  • Is fascinated when anyone (Ethan, especially) recites numbers.

Food and Feeding

She’s on Mommy’s milk 100% and is having her solids for 2 meals a day now (if I can help it).  Thanks to the fabulous invention of the slow cooker, I am now able to cook her porridge before I head for bed, and have the porridge ready for her by lunch time the next day.  Hannah normally eats more during lunch time.

New foods she has been introduced to include:

  • Banana
  • Bayam (Heng chye) , of which she didn’t really like
  • Millet 
  • Brocolli
  • …and just a few days ago, CHICKEN!

She appears to love her chicken porridge a LOT!  And of course, she loves papaya too!

I don’t puree food anymore, not even the chicken.  I just steam it and mince it into tiny pieces and shreds and then freeze it into cubes.  And then I use them in her porridge.  Little Miss Bulat loves it! :)

Oh, and she drinks her water directly from a regular cup (the purple one with her name on it) – of course I have hold the cup for her!

Ethan received a huge letter from Playhouse Disney last Monday, and this is the note that was included inside the letter:


Playhouse Disney also included some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and My Friends Tigger & Pooh stickers for Ethan as a little gift.  And our little boy immediately wanted to stick them all over his books.

In less than 5 minutes, he was already complaining, “It’s not enough Mommy!  10 stickers are not enough!”

Well actually, last weekend Pete had already seen Ethan’s face appear on the Playhouse Disney Birthday Book for the month of January.  It caught him by surprise, because I had told him Ethan’s photo was not selected due to the fact that PHDC did not inform me (they said they would if the photo is selected).  So anyway, Pete was the only one who saw Ethan’s face, and since that day, I had been waiting to capture the clip on video.

And finally…..I did!   It’s very poor quality because of the lines caused by the refresh rate of the TV, but we can definitely clearly see it’s Ethan!


Ethan has been *hinting* that he wants to be on the PHDC Birthday Book ever since we returned from the States.  He loves singing the Birthday Book song and naming all the names of the kids in it.  I am so glad that I made his dream a reality :)

After several weeks of collecting the Guardian Big Headz stamps, some of the times Mommy had to insist on being given extra stamps for purchasing Star Buy items, and being presented with additional stamps from both his grandmas during Christmas, Ethan finally finished collecting all 40 stamps entitling him to a Big Headz soft toy from Guardian.


What started out as an activity I thought up during the school holidays turned into a craze for Ethan.  He obviously LOVES numbers, and of course seeing those 40 squares fill up with stickers, and having to count them every time he stuck those stamps on the card, was also one of the main reasons he was adamant to complete his collection.

Each time we visited Guardian, he would run up to the Big Headz display, hug the ZEBRA and say, “I love you, Zebra!”

No points for guessing which animal he would choose then.

And on New Year’s Day, Ethan happily stuck his 40th stamp on his Big Headz card.

When we walked into the Guardian store to redeem the zebra, Ethan went up to the counter, holding his card, and said loudly, “I want a Zebra, PLEASSSSEEEE???!!”

If I were in charge of redemption, I would have given the toy to him, whether or not he had a full card! :)


Yesterday marked the first day of school for many kids.  Ethan too officially started his first day at Nursery school yesterday.  He has been looking forward to going back to school to see all his friends and having fun.

“School’s opened today?”, “I can see all my friends?” were some of the questions he has been asking our way.

He’s in an all-new classroom this year, with many of the same friends still around and a few new ones.  I had also found out his teacher’s names so he already knew them before he reached school.  One of his teachers is the same one who was with him during Playgroup last year, so that would make him acclimatize himself much better.

When I accompanied him into his classroom yesterday, there were lots of parents standing around the classroom.  Some kids were having separation anxiety and were sobbing away, or looking very sad.  I don’t think Ethan was having separation anxiety, because he didn’t look sad at all.  Instead he was walking around the classroom, pointing out his name, and the numbers and even gave his teacher a hug. 

But still he wouldn’t let me leave.

After the kids had had a small tour round the school, and had washed their hands for their snack time, I asked Ethan if I could leave and pick him up later.

He said, “Yeah.”

So I left.

Today, I took him to class again, said buh-bye and told him I would come and get him later.

We’re getting there, inch by inch and step by step, my boy is learning a little bit of independence all on his own, and growing up right before my eyes.


Hannah loves to play with toys, especially those that belong to Ethan’s.  Unfortunately most of the time when she attempts to play with his toys or read his books, all she gets is Ethan saying, “NO!  These are MINE!” or “MY Toys!” or “Hannah, play with the Alphabet Zoo!” (she has a spinning Alphabet Zoo toy that is catered for kids 6 months and over, and Ethan has learnt to *assign* that toy to her)

Obviously playing with just one toy is never enough and Hannah gets bored after a while.  But too bad she is not *allowed* to touch other toys most of the time.

So what’s a girl to do?

She’ll sometimes stay up late, and wait for her big brother to sleep and THEN she’ll have full reign over all the toy cars, trains and books she has been barred from touching. :)