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March 7, 2011

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Slightly more than a week away from Hannah’s actual 2nd birthday, we had a very simple lunch gathering/celebration in Penang.  We chose to have the lunch at the Chinese Recreational Club.  It was actually my first time having lunch there, with rice and dishes.  I had been there before, but it was for a wedding course dinner.

The kids were very excited (as they usually are) and Ethan (more than Hannah LOL!) was looking forward to celebrating his sister’s birthday. 


Also, another reason for the excitement was that Ah Kong and Ah Ma from Ipoh came all the way to Penang to join in the fun and celebrations.


Took me some time to coax her into this gorgeous dress her Daddy bought her, but she was sweet-talked into it when I told her it was going to make her VERY pretty! :)  She had wanted to wear sandals at first too, but we managed to persuade her into her Mary Janes.  Don’t you think Hannah looks adorable? :)


After our very satisfying and delicious lunch, we had a cake-cutting ceremony (we ordered a cheese cake this time round, and everyone had seconds!).  Hannah again proudly showed off her perfect blowing-out-the-candle skill, and enjoyed the cake and the attention.


…and she was also extra eager to cut the cake:



Ethan also had *other* attractions besides the food.  Anyone and everyone who has an iPhone or iPad is immediately Ethan’s best friend, and on that day he was best buds with Tuah Kim Poh (with her iPad) and Uncle Yao (with his iPhone):


Of course, Hannah was not distracted at all, and preferred to enjoy her yummy birthday cake!