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March 15, 2011

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Extremely wise beyond his age, and extremely talkative too, Ethan has been asking a gadzillion questions.  In fact, there have been so many questions that I could hardly keep up with them all…some have really stumped us too!

“Mommy, how did God create the earth?”

“How did God know how to create the earth?”

“On what day of the week did God create the earth?”

“Why did God put us on the earth?  How did he know the earth is the best place for us?  Why didn’t he put us on another planet?”

“What year was it when God created the earth?”

“If Adam and Eve are the first man and woman in this world, who got pregnant with them?”

“Why is it only girls can get pregnant?”

“Mommy, when I become a teenager I will have LOTS of hair, right?  Will Daddy and Mommy lose their hair then?”

“Mommy, why is it that when I use these letters to form words, they don’t turn into things like WordWorld?”

“Why is it only boys wear underpants and girls wear panties?”

And when we ask him why he has SO MANY questions for us, his reply is very simple, “Because Mommy, I’m VERY interested in everything that God makes!” :)

On March 2nd 2011, my little princess Hannah turned TWO.  As usual, I was again left in wonderment at where the time had flown.  It seemed like just yesterday that I held her as a wee babe in my arms, and now she has blossomed into a little toddler, all geared up for the terrible twos.


We went out for a family dinner at Friday’s for the simple reason that the kids love the food and service, also because they provide “birthday song singing” plus a slice of complimentary birthday cake/dessert.


And how old are you today, Hannah? :)


Oh yeah, she couldn’t stop doing that…it was like she “knew” we were celebrating her 2nd birthday that day…


The staff at Friday’s asked Ethan if he’d wanted to sing Hannah a birthday song, using the salt shaker as a pretend mic, but in the end he had a bit of a stage fright.


Hannah…looking on in awe at the birthday dessert that was presented to her.


She blew out the candle perfectly!  She’s a professional now, I’d say! :)


…and she couldn’t wait to dig in!


Haha…she also insisted on *cutting* the cake!


And when we got back home, after the kids were bathed and dressed in their jammies, it was time for presents!  Here’s Ethan giving Hannah an extra loving big brother hug, while presenting her with a present from him.


Hannah screamed in delight when she saw what it was, and she exclaimed, “Baby Bop!!!”


After that, she peeled open the present Daddy and Mommy gave her excitedly.


And discovered a *new friend*: a baby doll!  I finally found a doll which is age-appropriate for her and which she absolutely adores!


Happy Birthday Hannah!