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March 22, 2011

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The one week school holidays is over, and we’re back to our usual routine.  We didn’t travel anywhere for the holidays this time round, but the kids (Ethan especially) did get a good rest at home.  For one, he was allowed to sleep in and watch a few kiddie shows on the telly in the mornings.

But the kids can’t be sleeping, eating and watching TV the whole day long, right?

I knew I had to think of things for the kids to do to occupy their time..something that would (hopefully) keep them active and alert, tire them out so that they would be able to retire earlier at night… hehe.  An idle mind is the devil’s workshop, no?






My plan backfired, of course…the kids didn’t get tired, on the contrary, it made them hungrier for more activities.  In the end, it was Mommy who got tired cleaning up after them. 


Every morning I am greeted with two happy smiles
With hugs and kisses that never go out of style
Looking sweet and adorable is only their morning call
But they’ll be up to their pranks and mischief in no time at all!