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April 8, 2012

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Alrighty then…I’m continuing the recap of our Singapore trip last December.  Sorry, been a long while and it has been in the back burner.  But I haven’t totally forgotten about it…



On Day 4 of our trip, we were scheduled to travel from Traders Hotel near Orchard Rd to Sentosa Island.  We managed to squeeze in a wee bit of time in the morning to have brunch at Food Opera at ION Orchard, which is a food court.



Hannah’s favorite food while in Singapore: fish balls!!


We took the hotel shuttle to Orchard Rd, but since the timing was not convenient for the “going back”, we decided to take a walk back to the hotel.

The stroll turned out to be a really really vigorous brisk walk all the way back, because we had to make it back by 1:00p.m. for checkout.  Coupled with the fact that I virtually carried Hannah all the way back, you can imagine how tired my legs were at that point (all ready for a massage if I had the opportunity to).

In view of convenience, we decided to take a cab to Sentosa direct from the hotel, which turned out to be a really good idea, because we made it there in no time at all, and the cab fare was very reasonable too!

Because we were still a little early for checking in, we decided to leave our bags at the concierge till check-in time.  Here are some pictures of the kids, while waiting for me as I was talking to the hotel reception folks.




We then decided to walked around a bit.  Actually, we kinda wanted to tire the kids out so they would take a nap afterward.

That plan backfired big time of course.




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