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May 2012

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Ethan and his schoolmates recently had a field trip to visit the Saanen Dairy Goat Farm in Balik Pulau here in Penang.  Since I could make it, I decided to tag along, along with a handful of other moms.

The trip to Balik Pulau took about an hour, and when we finally parked, we had to walk for about 15-20 minutes through kampung-style roads leading to the farm.


Once we’d arrived, the kids had their snacks and then we proceeded to the stable/barn where the goats are kept.  These were Saanen goats, and according to the caretaker of the farm, they originate from Switzerland, and they are what we know as the mountain goats.  How they survive in our hot Malaysian weather is totally beyond me!



We were provided with shoots of Napier grass to feed the goats with.  Some goats tugged and pulled at the grass while others chewed and chomped gently.



Ethan had a blast and kept asking for more grass when he ran out of the ones he fed the goats with.


Here’s a picture I took of a majestic looking Saanen goat.  Looks like the leader of the herd!


The kids also had the opportunity to watch the goats being milked.  The milking process is performed using a mechanical/electrical pump, while the goats are busy *snacking*


The kids even got to sample some fresh goats’ milk too!  Here’s Ethan cooling down in front of a huge fan at the farm.


The trip was really fun and I’m sure everyone learnt many things.  We even got to see a gigantic spider perched on its spider web while walking back.  Not your typical city scene, I’m sure.



Oh yes, she is.  It seemed like just yesterday that I held a tiny little pink bundle of joy in my arms, and now a little more than 3 years later, she’s all grown up.

At the beginning of this year, Hannah was still wearing diapers day in and out, but after the first term of her school, she decided that she wanted to wear panties to school and during the day time.  She did not have any accidents…not major ones anyway.

About a month or two back, I started her on training pants at night, since I’d noticed her diapers dry almost every morning.  Then just last week, Hannah decidedly insisted that she wanted out of the training pants and wanted panties for night time.

…which is just what I put her in.

In her own words, she said, “Mommy, I want to wear panties now.  I’m a big girl, I can keep it dry.  I can!!!”

She’s done a great job thus far.  Only one isolated accident and sometimes she does wake me up to tell me she wants to go peepee.

She never fails to amaze me … she grows up so fast, and being independent is just something that comes naturally to her.  Bravo Hannah!

Last installment of our Singapore Getaway posts… :)

Our 5th day was spent entirely in Universal Studios Singapore.  We already had our electronic tickets ready with us, so it was just a matter of waking up early, having breakfast at the hotel and then gearing up for our exciting day.

We were all overwhelmed by all the different things to do once we got in.  In many ways, Universal Studios Singapore was similar to Universal Studios Hollywood, but the jarring difference was the heat!  The kids didn’t seem to mind though…

They had fun on the Madagascar Carousel…



We watched the cast of Madagascar do the “Move it Move it” in the Madagascar Boogie, and of course, the obligatory photo session…




At the roller coaster ride: this ain’t the look of fear…au contraire, excitement was more like it!


Hannah didn’t want to go on Shrek’s miniature ferris wheel (Magic Potion Spin), so it was just Ethan and Mommy…can you spot us?


Hannah preferred to pose for the camera while waiting for us…


Happy kids ready for what’s coming up next!!


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Hannah woke up with a big smile, and with big brown eyes, she asked me, “Mommy, is today the day for our Family Day?”

I said yes, and she smiled even more. :)

This year, instead of the usual Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day celebration in school, we had a Family Day celebration in Golden Sands Hotel outdoors instead.  So 2 Sundays ago saw us all making a trip to Batu Feringghi.

The kids were, of course, excited about the whole thing, because part of the program was a play session in AdventureZone!

The event was themed Batik Beach Day, so I got them all to dress up in batik attire:


Weather that day was slightly threatening, and we were treated to intermittent showers during the event.


Nevertheless, we all had a lot of fun, as can be seen in the pictures I managed to capture below:

Getting ready for…


Every Limbo boy and girl
All around the Limbo world
Gonna do the Limbo rock
All around the Limbo clock


Jack be Limbo, Jack be quick
Jack go under Limbo stick
All around the Limbo clock
Hey, let’s do the Limbo rock!

Initially, our little princess was feeling restless and rather sleepy…


…but soon warmed up and participated in the fun activities (although some were quite haphazard LOL)…


Daddy also participated in the tug-o-war on the beach…look at Daddy go! 😀


The tug-o-war event was divided into 3 categories: Daddies, Mommies and kids… let me just say that it’s not very flattering to be pulling hard on a rope when you’re dressed in a sarong pareo.  Good thing Daddy forgot to use the zoom on my camera 😛


We then adjourned to AdventureZone for a little while (no pictures, sorry!) and then moved on to another fun activity which we all enjoyed: The Sand Castle building competition.

It took some practice to get the ratio of sand to water right in order to erect structures on the beach.  The kids had a blast helping to collect water, pat the sand into buckets and then create our sandcastle.



We had no plan in mind whatsoever what to build, but ended up creating a fish-shaped castle.  Can you see the fish? 😛


It was a truly fun-filled Family Day and the kids especially had a whale of a time!  We were all exhausted but everyone enjoyed themselves :)


While I was busy sewing the tooth pouch, Ethan decided to write his first book.  Yeah, no kidding.  All his own ideas and words, with no help at all from us.

He finished the book on that day itself, and I’d asked him if he would like to color his illustrations too.  He agreed.


So after a few days of coloring, he finally completed his first masterpiece: Fire Trucks. :)

Here’s Ethan reading the book he wrote:

I love how detailed he was, for instance his book is from the Baby Kids series, and he even wrote the recommended age group for this book on the cover (2-4); according to Ethan, kids older than 4 might find this book a little bit boring (LOL!).  On the back, he wrote a personal message to the readers: “I hope you love my first book!”

Yesterday, he started on Baby Kids Cars, his second book; and he told me he would be working on a  Bumper Issue next!  He’s wondering if anyone would buy his first book now…Anyone?  Anyone? :)

It was Hannah’s first time being personally invited to a birthday party and it was the birthday of her good pal in school, Max.  The party was aptly themed Jake and the Neverland Pirates.   Just look at how creative the invites were made…”message in a bottle” :)


I got the kids involved by getting Ethan to write the birthday message on the presents.


Pete was supposed to touch down in Penang that very day, so I single-handedly brought both Ethan and Hannah to the party.  They were absolutely excited and kept asking me when it would be time to change into the pirate “costumes”.  I even added a little shell necklace for Hannah (after I took the photo below) – she claims it contained pixie dust! :) – You’ll catch glimpses of the pixie dust necklace in some of the photos below.


All in all, the kids had a splendid time, as the pictures below prove.  I didn’t bring my camera along, so most of my own pictures were taken with my iPhone.  The others were *borrowed* from someone else… :)

One of Hannah’s favorite snacks of the day: sliced orange pirate ships on blue jelly water!


Kids being briefed on their first game, by a very gracious party host, Tess, Max’s Mom.  Notice Hannah is multi-tasking by listening AND snacking on yummy popcorn too!


Ethan trying his VERY best to burst the balloon, to get the promised “treasure” captured in the balloon.



…and VICTORY, finally!!


Hannah and Ethan taking their turns at “Pin the Sword on Jake” (a la “Pin the tail on the donkey”)!




Walking the Plank… :)



Getting ready for the next game: Passing the Parcel…incidentally, Ethan won this game and he was ever so proud of it :)


Birthday cake time, and it’s a beautiful pirate ship with candle canons at the side.  Awesome!


Can you tell she’s totally enjoying her cake? :)


She finally got her turn on the swing!  Patience definitely pays :)


Non-watermarked photos credited to Picsy Studio