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June 26, 2014

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About 7.2-7.3 kilos.


Not measured.


7 teeth: 3 bottom teeth (either 3 incisors or 2 incisors and 1 canine) and 4 upper incisors.  I suspect she is teething again because she has been waking up more often at night nowadays.

Motor Skills

  • Emma can squat and stand repeatedly unsupported now.  She is also very pleased with this accomplishment of hers and loves to bask in all the appreciative applause she gets.
  • She loves throwing and dropping things on the floor (i.e. casting), and will giggle when we pick it up and let her repeat the same process.
  • Emma loves to crawl under chairs, through holes and squeeze into confined places.

Communication and Social Skills

  • She waves “buh-bye” quite readily and on cue now, and sometimes says “Babber” or “Baba” when she does that.
  • She gives flying kisses by putting her palm to her mouth and then removing her palm.  Took her like less than a week to get this.
  • Flashes her cheeky grin whenever she gets the chance to.
  • I blogged that she will attempt the actions to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” but I noticed that she actually recognizes the words too.  When I say the words “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” without actually singing it, she will start doing the actions.
  • Likes to say “There!” while pointing.  She uses this method to indicate where she wants to be carried to.
  • She likes to give/hand us her toys or any item she is holding, most times accompanied by “There!”
  • “Deh-deh” for Daddy and “Momma” for Mommy is quite consistently used now.


  • Emma has been able to fall asleep in Daddy’s arms for several nights now.  I find it heartwarming that she is comfortable enough with Daddy that way.  And of course, Daddy’s not one to complain 🙂

Food and Feeding

Emma is still drinking mostly Mommy’s milk with a smattering of new foods introduced here and there.

Some of the foods she has tried this month:

  • Soy Bean Curd, which she absolutely loves
  • Dragon Fruit
  • She’s also become more accepting of salmon now, especially salmon in porridge. 🙂