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September 2014

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My little baby Emma became a toddler not too long ago.  Whilst we were expecting her to walk around 12-13 months, she had her own plans and preferred to take her own time and was so far only cruising and not walking unsupported.

Because she tended to scratch her skin due to eczema, I have had to dress her up on sleep-n-play onesies that cover her feet most of the time.  That could have caused her apprehension to walk sooner because it was quite slippery compared to stepping out on bare feet.  A few weeks ago, I decided to put her in regular onesies and allowed her to explore.

By and by, she gained some confidence and started reaching out from point to point and taking baby steps to reach places.  Over the next few weeks, she started walking more and more.  From two steps to three, then four, then all the way to the foot of the staircase!!  Oooops!!!

Awww…I’m feeling emotional just watching her attain this milestone of hers, officially elevating her status from baby to toddler.

Emma-18monthsScrap Credits
Just The Way You Are quickpage from Blagovesta Gosheva
Boxed words Volume 4-Love & Wedding empty tag from Chantal Taake


7.5 – 7.6 kilos.


Not measured.


9 teeth: 5 bottom teeth (3 incisors and 2 canines) and 4 upper teeth (4 incisors).  Might have more now, but she won’t open up her mouth long enough for me to count them.

Oh, and I need to start brushing her teeth soon!!

Motor Skills

  • Big milestone of the month is that Emma started to WALK!  She was a little unsure at first, but she is now quite adept at squatting, then standing and then walking (or rather toddling) her way to places she has not explored before. (video to follow soon, I promise!)
  • Loves to shake her booty to music, especially cartoon shows on television.

Communication and Social Skills

  • Shakes her head “no” if she doesn’t want something.
  • Pushes something away when she doesn’t want it, e.g. when she has had enough of food.
  • Clearly points and says “There, there!” when she wants to indicate where to go.
  • Beginning to enjoy “The Wheels of the Bus”, complete with actions.
  • Once or twice, I heard her calling me “Mi!” 😀
  • Says “Per” for “diaper” (like when I say “Let’s go change your diaper!”)
  • Moves her lips to my cheeks (or sometimes my lips) to give me a kiss when I ask for it.
  • Favorite shows currently: Elmo’s World and Hi-5.  These are the shows I put on TV when I need to cook or attend to something without Emma.

Food and Feeding

Most of her diet still consists of Mommy’s milk but she is showing an increasingly keen interest in the food and drinks we take.

We didn’t really try any new foods this month, but it was more like reinforcing the food she is familiar with.  She is beginning to take more porridge and drink more water.  I’m trying to remember to give her probiotics when I can.


I am so blessed because…

  • I have three precious wonderful little human beings to dote after; three little ones who think the world of me and love me unconditionally.
  • Ethan, my eldest, is doing good in school.  Despite my initial reservations about having him start regular school when he had been homeschooled for eight months prior, I really enjoy listening to his stories and anecdotes about what happened in school.  Minor issues do occur, like leaving stuff in school and classmates who are rather “naughty”, but I suppose I will have to let go eventually, let him fight his own battles and watch from the sidelines as he gains independence and courage.
  • Hannah, my second one, is slowly but surely becoming more confident in her abilities.  She is very sociable and I can tell she has many friends in school.  She picks up languages really fast, especially Chinese and BM, and she does not hesitate to practise at home.  She is more or less a “mini me”, so to say, determined and stubborn, and she pushes herself to her limits.  She’s also very creative and loves spending time creating works of art: drawing, painting, coloring.
  • Emma, my littlest one, although rather timid, is getting very used to having her siblings around her.  She relies on me totally and she is slowly starting to explore outside of her boundaries.  I can see a combination of Ethan and Hannah in her.  It’s magical.
  • My kids are spending time enjoying music, and not doing academic stuff all the time. Ethan is enjoying his ukulele classes (though he seldom practises!), and Hannah is also loving her weekly piano lessons.  Emma too, loves to shake and move to music when we do play it. :)
  • I hardly have time to blog because my day is filled with the need to ferry the kids everywhere and anywhere.  School, music classes, playdates….
  • Although my kids don’t necessarily LOVE everything I cook, they still eat their meals and are growing up healthily.  I try to keep meals nutritious and healthy but I’m thankful sometimes for takeouts and fast food too.  Don’t judge me, I’m just a mom. 😛
  • I get to tuck them in at night, say our prayers together and give each one of my little miracles a hug and a kiss goodnight.
  • I get to see them grow up to be a responsible, caring individuals and I am there to mould and guide them as best as I can.
  • We all learn new things together every day and we all know that although we each are allowed to make mistakes, it is these mistakes that give us the opportunity to be a better person.
  • God blessed me with these miracles and they are truly my world and my all.  I love them so, so deeply.

Here’s an interesting and fun activity that we can all do with our family (regardless of age).

When September came around, we decided to have this little interesting competition of our own. Since I had just gotten hold of some sunflower seeds from my aunt, I suggested we each plant a sunflower and see whose will bloom first.

The planter I used could fit five sunflower plants just right, so we labelled the spots accordingly and each selected two sunflower seeds. Two for insurance… Just in case one didn’t sprout.

And then we waited.  And waited (and watered daily) …..and waited some more.

One week later… And this is what we have currently:


As you can see, only the kids’ seeds have sprouted.  Ethan’s sprouted first (after 5 days), followed by Emma’s and then Hannah’s.

I just hope mine won’t be the last one to sprout. Okay, I just hope mine will eventually sprout … and bloom.

Watch this space for more updates in time to come! :)