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February 2007

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After some fiddling and twiddling, ….. we are proud to unveil a brand new site for Ethan, entirely owned by us! :)¬† Nice or not? ūüėÄ

Yes, yes…that’s why I have not been posting anything in the past couple of weeks.¬† Busy playing around with my new toy, … ahem …site!

By the way, all the old posts are still available in this new site (I managed to migrate them over from the old blogger site) so please update your bookmarks and links accordingly.¬† I’ve also enabled COMMENTS on this site, since I have received feedback that my faithful readers (Ethan’s aunties and uncles, grandpas and grandmas) all are itching to say stuff but could find no way of saying it.¬† So there… commenting is available now… (postdated commenting also available, so if you want to comment on previous posts, feel free to do so!)

Ethan came down with a fever this morning.¬† 38.2 degrees.¬† Not sure if it’s accurate, cos I didn’t have the time to get an ear thermometer yet, so I had to use the underarm mercury thermometer method.¬† We took him to see Dr Jessica, and she confirmed that the bacteria from my cough had spread to him before his flu got better.¬† His fever had shot up to 38.4 degreen then.¬† So unfortunately, she had to put him on antibiotics.¬† She prescribed Axithromycine, which is from the same family as Erithromycine (the antibiotics that I took), and Ethan was to take it for 3 days.¬† She also prescribed Rhinathiol (for cough) and Polaramine (for flu).¬† Paracetamol also, but we were also provided with the suppository option, since Ethan rejects medicine taking orally. Sigh…

Tried giving him the medicine… he blew the medicine out.¬† Then when we shot it straight down his throat, he gargled the medicine and refused to swallow it.¬† We also tried alternating the medicine while feeding him¬†soup, but our boy was not willing to be outsmarted.¬† He would check the spoon to see if it’s clear (i.e. soup) or red (i.e. medicine) before taking it.¬† So… it was certainly a chore to give him the medicine, and heart-wrenching too, I might add.

I hope he gets better soon.


We made a trip to Taiping for the Chinese New Year reunion dinner and of course, Ethan was the center of attention.¬† Everybody was eager to see him walk, albeit wobbily…

Food was aplenty, but too bad it was still too early for Ethan to take any of it; he could only take Mommy’s “moi” :)¬† Every year, I will contribute one dish for the reunion dinner, prepared in my humble kitchen. Ahem!¬† This year, it’s “tau-eu-bak”, recipe courtesy of my Mom.

We spent the 1st day of CNY in Taiping.¬† After exchanging angpows, we¬†visited a close family friend, and had a scrumptious lunch there.¬† Ethan was busy monkeying around (pun intended) and playing with the oranges.¬† Highlight of the visit:¬†he decided to present his “gift” there … yup, you got it… he POO-ed!!!¬† Ethan’s Grandma and Grandpa, Ah Koo and Ah Kim stopped by in Taiping on the way home from Alor Star in the afternoon.



2nd day of CNY, we paid a visit to 2 other relatives and then we traveled to Ipoh (my hometown), where Mom cooked a delicious dinner and invited some relatives over.¬† Jiu-hoo-char, Assam fish, bak-kien…. I am salivating just thinking about it.¬† Ethan had his first encounter with Aunty Jen Na, Aunty Ree Na and Uncle Jen Son (aged 10, 8 and 6 respectively).

Unfortunately though, Ethan came down with a slight fever in the night, and kept us all up.  Thankfully, I brought along his paracetamol and gave him some in the morning.  We had a family lunch at YMCA Ipoh and then left for Penang.

As soon as we reached home in Penang, Ethan was crawling all over the house, amusing himself with all his toys.¬† There…. a summary of Ethan’s first New Year :)

Finally we fixed Ethan’s new car seat today (new car seat for the New Year mah…).¬†

All this while since¬†birth¬†he had been using an infant car seat from the Graco Travel System, and had been sitting rear-facing.¬†¬†Since this new¬†convertible car seat is to be used for babies 9 kilos and over only, it had been sitting in our house for the past several months (yes, I am very proactive and bought the car seat soooo many moons before).¬† Pete commented that Ethan’s new car seat is even more luxurious than our own seats, as it had leather trimmings too!¬†

So anyway, we fixed the car seat for him today РFront-facing.  Babies can face front only if they are a minimum of 9kg and one-year of age.

We were about to load him into the car and set off for Taiping, but our boy decided it was time to fall asleep just before we left.  I was a bit worried that he would wake up in shock because of the different front facing view if we loaded him while he was asleep.  Thankfully, he woke up right before we were ready to go.

As soon as we loaded him, he looked really confused.  Then he began to ease into the surroundings and very soon was pretty much enjoying himself.

Ethan took his first steps today!

You know it was funny… as we were approaching the baby sitter’s place to pick up Ethan after work, Pete said that he couldn’t wait to play with Ethan today, cos he had a feeling he would learn how to walk today.¬† And whaddya know… he really did!¬† He began by standing up unsupported (smiling all the while) and then began inching his way forward.¬† Pete and I were ecstatic!

We don’t have a camcorder yet, so I used my trusted Nokia phone to capture about 20 seconds worth of the priceless moment.

Wobbly though he may still be, it was a precious moment for our little family.  What an awesome way to bring on the Chinese New Year cheers!

I am so so bad at writing reports, and I know this is really really late (our boy is already past one year), but anyways, I’ll just write a brief one.

9kg as of last visit at the PD’s


Still 4 in total: 2 central top and bottom incisors.

Motor Skills

  • Has started taking a few baby steps, but is still not brave enough to go further.
  • Crawling skills have improved, and I think Pete and I have lost some weight ourselves just chasing after him when he crawls.
  • Able to consciously turn on the light button on his Graco music/light box which is fixed on his cot.

Communication & Social Skills

  • The words “Daddy” and “Mommy” are beginning to sound clearer now.
  • Can wave bye-bye, but only to the baby-sitter.
  • Is quite possessive of his toys and stuff he holds. When we take it away from him, he will scream loudly in protest.
  • Shows affection to Pete and¬†me by biting us. I have had so many bite marks on me… it starts off looking red and the next day it will be blue-black.

Started introducing egg yolk to Ethan. Also, pasta…but it appears like he doesn’t really dig pasta, preferring porridge instead. Pete reckons Ethan will soon grow to love chicken rice. Just like daddy.

We visited Queensbay Mall today to complete our Chinese New Year shopping, and stopped by T.G.I.Friday’s for dinner. At Friday’s, for one adult meal we ordered, we were given a free kid’s meal (provided the kid was there as well).

Pete ordered the BBQ burger and I ordered the pan-fried fish fillet. The free kid’s meal we ordered was the spaghetti.

The food was excellent (yes we walloped the spaghetti too). The company was spectacular. And Ethan had so much fun…….. Psssst! He even took home a red balloon as a souvenir!

We took Ethan to see Dr Jessica today for his scheduled one-year checkup. We decided to go during the night clinic at GMC; from experience, we need not wait too long at the night clinic.

We were ushered in after about 10 minutes’ wait :) Ethan started playing with the blocks in Dr Jessica’s office and smiled happily. She asked us about his progress: what he could do and say…and then took his height, weight and head circumference.

Ethan had his MMR (mumps, measles and rubella) vaccination today too. I nursed him while Dr Jessica administered the jab (studies have proven that the trauma from the jab will be significantly lessened if given during a breastfeeding session). Well, Ethan boy bawled immediately as the needle went in…poor baby… and yet, less than 30 seconds later, was his cheerful self again.

Doctor told us to monitor for 5-7 days as he could develop fever from the jab.

Pete has not bottle-fed Ethan for quite some time now. He used to do it when Ethan was much younger, but at home I nurse Ethan direct, so we hardly ever give him the bottle.

Yesterday evening, there was some EBM left over from the sitter’s place when we took Ethan back, so Daddy was eager to feed Ethan the rest… and the clever little fella finished every single drop!

I remember when Ethan was a few months’ old, I had to hide myself sometimes when he was bottle-fed. In fact, I didn’t feed him the bottle myself until he was like 5 or 6 months’ old! By and by as he grew older, he willingly took the bottle from me and from Pete too. But you know, we never have to worry that he is overfed, cos he will know how to push the bottle away when he is full.

The use of pacifiers for babies have long been touted as an *easy-way-out* method to calm babies (read: shut them up). I guess that’s why they call it the *dummy*. The usage of pacifiers causes nipple confusion especially in the early stages of breastfeeding, is easily soiled and just yesterday, I was saddened to read the news that it caused a 14-month old baby to choke to death:

Toddler chokes to death on pacifier
JOHOR BARU: A 14-month-old baby boy suffered for almost 90 minutes before dying, after he accidentally swallowed his pacifier at his babysitter’s house.
The victim, whose parents work as factory operators in Singapore, was sent to his babysitter’s house in Taman Johor Jaya here yesterday.
It is learnt that the parents have been sending the baby to the babysitter for more than a year.
Yesterday, the babysitter put the pacifier into the baby’s mouth when she went to prepare his milk at about 10am. When she came back to check on him, she was horrified to see that he had swallowed the pacifier.
She tried to pull it out but it was stuck in the baby’s throat. She rushed him to a nearby clinic but the people there could not extricate it. By the time he was taken to Sultan Ismail Hospital at 11.30am, he was pronounced dead on arrival.

I am glad that we have NEVER once used a pacifier with Ethan. Mom had also never used a pacifier for my brother and I when we were babies. Of course initially it was difficult because when Ethan needed to be calmed down, we had to talk, sing, soothe, rock and nurse by offering “the human pacifier” to him. It has all been worth every bit of the effort as there is no need to break him from the pacifier habit now.

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