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July 2008

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Ethan most likely has inherited the love and joy of playing in a ball pit from me. Pete claims he never relished the experience, but I definitely remember my little girl years of looking forward eagerly to diving and hiding amongst those colorful balls.  Even better if there was a slide that allowed me to slide down all the way into that pool of balls!

Anyway, enough about me reminiscing.

Last Friday, we were out for dinner at Queensbay Mall, and I spotted a children’s exhibition/fair organized by a milk powder company.  So we decided to take Ethan there for a look-see.  The very nice lady gave him a small cup of Enfagrow milk, which he didn’t want at all.  In any case, when he first started on formula milk, we suspected he was allergic to Enfapro anyway, probably because it contained cow’s milk.

Anyway, the exhibition was very interesting, with stations where kids could play and then earn stamps on a card (for the adults to collect a goodie bag later 😛 ).  And the one station that Ethan was attracted to most was the ball pit station.  He smiled and giggled and giggled even louder when other kids jumped in with him.

For a little while, he diverted his attention by moving to a nearby alphanumeric floor mat, where he eagerly read out the letters and alphabets, those that he knew.  Then it was back to the ball pit.

Just seeing him having so much fun makes me happy too.  But we had to force him to leave because we were already getting hungry and Dragon-i was already calling out to us.

To me, this is how a toddler should spend his/her time, just having fun and playing.  You don’t get to be a toddler forever, and it won’t be long before you’ll get funny stares when you jump into a ball pit.  Know what I mean?

Yes, I love to call Ethan our little *energizer bunny* because it does appear that he never does get tired, although Pete and I are like dragging our feet and all we want to do is plop our heavy heads down on the hotel pillow.  Well, things have certainly changed since the miracle that is Ethan came into our lives. 

Last weekend saw us heading south to Damansara for a family getaway.  No particular reason, just cos we had a three-day weekend in Penang :)

This was the simple bento set I prepared for Ethan the morning we left…well, if you can call it a bento set, that is.  It’s nothing fancy like what the other bento fanatics are making, but it was what I could do with what I had at home.  I made some kiddie sushi style salmon bread rolls, butterfly-shaped sandwiches and apple slices, threw in some cherry tomatoes, and added some fish-shaped cheese crackers and a bottle of Yakult.  Guess which one Ethan went for first?  …. of course the Yakult!  Then the crackers.  He hardly ate the sandwiches and sushi rolls, and let’s not even talk about the tomatoes, which he put into his mouth at first (out of curiosity, I suppose) and promptly gave them to me.  Well, at least the sausage roll from Baker’s Cottage, which my Mom gave to us when we stopped in Ipoh, was a hit with him!

Here he is having fun at the Cycle & Carriage Bintang exhibition at The Curve.  He amused himself by pointing out the letters on the ground.  And soon enough, there were many other kids who joined in the fun too.  Looks like the “BINTANG” word attracted a lot more attention than what the organizers expected, eh?


We had dinner at Italiannies with my bro Allan and his wife Pei Gee, and of course my going-to-be-5-month-old nephew Collin.  Look at Ethan demonstrating how to grab a some Shrimp Aglio Olio with the tongs that were provided, showing that he is certainly an eating force to be reckoned with.

The next day held promises of a very busy and fun-filled day, and I was glad we started the day right with a hearty buffet breakfast, and then managed to squeeze in some quality family time at the hotel swimming pool.  It was the first time we had gone to the pool at Royale Bintang Damansara, and I had planned for it the day before, because I had brought Ethan there for a look-see and the smile of excitement on his face was too adorable to turn down.  It was a good thing all three of us had packed our swimsuits along too.  Check out his excited face when I told him we were going for a dip:

And see how he can’t wait to get into the pool?  Priceless!

The baby pool at Royal Bintang was shallow enough to allow Ethan to stand and wade around the pool, which he had not experienced before.  I had to reassure him that it was okay and he could stand in it.  All this while, the pool in our apartment is too deep for him, so his feet don’t touch the floor.  Even the baby pool in our apartment is about 0.7m deep, so if he were to stand on the floor, the level of water would probably reach his mouth. 

After some standing and wading around, he tried to *swim* by bending forward and moving his arms. Hehe…so cute watching him do that.  And then later when I soaked myself in the mini jacuzzi, he wanted to join me too, but the water there was too deep for him to stand.

It was a good thing we went *sorta* swimming too, cos we had buffet lunch at Shogun in 1-Utama.  Ethan had LOADS of chawan mushi and ice cream too.  And then after that, loaded with all the energy and sugar, he roamed the mall.

I had a mini bloggers’ meet in the afternoon back at The Curve, and so Pete volunteered to babysit Ethan during that time.  Well, Ethan did check out the play area in Marché for a bit before he waved buh-bye and went along his way.

When I called Pete after my gathering, I was surprised to hear Ethan still talking very loudly in the background, meaning he had not slept at all the whole afternoon.  Apparently they were in mph and Ethan was demonstrating his *reading* skills.  Took him back to the room to freshen up and get ready for dinner.

We had dinner with Pauline at Absolute Thai, and Ethan enjoyed his bowl of rice all on his own.  In the middle of dinner I suddenly heard a big *clunk* and realized Ethan’s teaspoon had dropped on the floor.  My SIL started giggling and said she noticed Ethan had suddenly dozed off while sitting in his chair!  Unbelievable!  That’s a first for him!  Well, that shows how tired that little fella was!  I took him out of his seat and cradled him in my arms.  He immediately fell into dreamland.  Well, you gotta give the lil guy credit for finishing his dinner before he decided to sleep!

However, just as we got back to the hotel room, he was up again.  And after his shower, he was back to his normal “energizer bunny” self (battery recharging only took less than a hour apparently). 

Ethan recently developed a habit/hobby of bouncing on Pete’s tummy.  Very painful I know, cos he has done it on me before too.  I taught him that he could also bounce on the bolster.  See, how happy he is?  Can pose and smile samo…

The next day, we finished our holiday with our routine dose of Ikea shopping and lunch at Italiannies before we left for Penang.  Ethan fell asleep as we approached Penang, but woke up when we arrived back home.  It was an enjoyable trip for all of us, but you know, all the fun aside, it was just splendid to be home.

Yesterday, we took Ethan for his long-overdue haircut.  Daddy also needed a haircut so we thought we’d kill two birds with one stone.

Ethan had to wait for a while before his turn came, and he busied himself checking out what Daddy was getting done to his hair.  He was very intrigued watching Daddy get a haircut and when his turn came, Ethan yet again surprised me by how he has grown.  

Our boy asked to be helped into the salon’s chair and there, he sat down patiently waiting for the hairdresser to give his head a shave.  The hairdresser put on the little kiddy cape for Ethan and he sat still, allowing her to work her magic.  Of course, throughout the entire process, we heaped loads of praises and commented what a handsome boy he is.

When she was 80% done, however, Ethan got restless, so I took him down from the chair and allowed him to roam around.  Then we finished off the front part of his hair with Ethan on my lap.

Such a vast improvement from a year ago, I would say.  My boy is growing into a young man now. Awww…

Here he is requesting us to “ah-purn” the door when he was ready and all set to go home.

Scrap Credits
Kit Freebie June 2008 & “Funny Bubble Alpha” from Loloden designs
Doodle Me Big doodles from Mikkel Paige Original


During his recent Hepatitis A jab and checkup, his weight was around 11 kilos. SIGH…and I thought he would be heavier.


Didn’t get to measure.


I’m very sure he has 8 teeth at the bottom (4 incisors, 2 pramolars and 2 molars); that’s cuz I managed to look this morning. He’s missing the 2 canines at the bottom though, like Daddy. At the top, probably 8 or 10 teeth (still cannot see clearly, especially the back). I’m guessing 4 incisors, 2 canines, 2 pramolars and 2 molars. So 18 in total.

Motor Skills

  • Attempted to hop on the trampoline. I was so tickled at the sight, I forgot to videotape it.
  • Can pull open the fridge on his own. Note to self: need to get one more child-proof lock for the fridge.
  • Can buckle himself up while in the high chair. Discovered this when we were dining in Friday’s. He can’t unbuckle though, which is a good thing.

Communication and Social Skills

  • Still quite shy at times, but I’d say it’s selective. He wasn’t shy at all when the parish priest came a-visiting just 2 nights ago. In general, Ethan does not like it when adults give him TOO much attention, like if people stare at him and talk to him in a childish singsong manner. If he is left alone, he will approach you. After all, we too do not like people staring at us, right?
  • More new words now, though not stringing into sentences yet. I am very pleased to be able to categorize Ethan’s new words into sections now. The way he says these new words is just so adorable, all of them with an intonation that goes higher in the end.
    Body Parts
    Ethan is able to name some of his body parts now, the rest he recognizes by pointing. He will respond when we ask him, “Where is your <insert body part here>?”

    • Noe (Nose) – He goes “Noe” while pointing to his nose. The other day he did something, and I reprimanded him by saying “No, Ethan!”. He paused for a moment, looked at me, then pointed to his nose and went, “No?” You just gotta laugh.
    • Ah! (Eyes) – He doesn’t point at his eyes (scared of poking them I guess), but he sometimes blinks.
    • Tee (teeth) – points and shows his pearly whites
    • Tub (tummy)
    • Feet – he’ll wriggle his feet
    • Toe/Toes – When we say “touch your toes”, he’ll do so :)

    And he can point to the following upon request:

    • Cheeks
    • Ear
    • Mouth
    • Tongue
    • Fingers
    • Hand


    • Peeg (pig)
    • Cow
    • Go (goat)
    • Hor (horse)
    • Dog/daw-dawg (dog)
    • Bird
    • Baa (sheep)
    • kwuck-kwuck (chicken) – this one cos I tell him the chicken goes cluck-cluck
    • quack-quack (duck) – no prizes for guessing how he learnt this
    • Eh-papa (elephant)
    • Bear
    • But-tah (butterfly)


    • Bah (bus)
    • Car – very good pronunciation, this
    • Doll
    • Cup
    • Bottoo (button)
    • Air-purl/ah-purl (apple)
    • Wee (tree)
    • Book
    • Tahb-ta (truck)
    • Poon (spoon)
    • Key
    • Bowl
    • Wa (clock)
    • Tahb-tahb (drum)
    • Boat
    • Puh-ta (pizza)
    • Hau (house)
    • Botter (bottle)
    • Bank – said while signing “bank”


    • Ah-purn (Open) – he’ll run to the door and go “Ah-purn?”
    • Cook – When he sees me at the stove preparing some food, he’ll go “Cook?” and point that he wants to be carried up so he can see what’s for lunch/dinner.
    • Blow – this one complete with blowing action. He will imitate the blowing action when Barney tells the story of the Three Little Pigs too.
    • Eat
    • Thump (jump)
    • Smile – done with the sweetest smile ever!
    • Kah (cut)
    • Bay (bathe)
    • Ra (run)
    • Tack (stack)
    • Ride
    • Walk
    • Read
    • Play

Pssst….is it obvious that I have been jotting down each and every word as he says it? 😆

    Alphabets and Numbers
    Still doing a lot of “two” and “two-ah?” but sometimes he will say “twee?”
    Alphabet-wise, he is picking up here and there. I think he can pretty much recognize “O”, “T”, “M”, “B”, “P” ; sometimes “V”.
    Shapes and Colors
    He can recognize and vocalize the “star” and the “square” (single syllable) shapes.  The rest like “circle”, “triangle”, “heart” etc, he can point out upon request.  He says “gwee” (green) when we are stopping at the traffic lights and waiting for it to turn green.

Food and Feeding

  • I’m still in the process of finding out ways and means to get him to eat more. Being the active toddler he is, Ethan needs to substantiate this with more nutritious food.

During Ethan’s recent checkup at the PD’s, I mentioned to Dr Jessica that I was rather worried about Ethan’s eating habits; that he did not want to eat pieces of meat and vege, but instead only liked the carbs.  I told her I was concerned if he had worms in his tummy.  And that was when Dr Jessica said she was glad I brought it up, because she normally dewormed her patients when they turned 2.

She prescribed Vermox for Ethan, and it was probably a good thing too, because lately he has a bad habit of playing with his mouth and tongue.  And goodness knows what he has touched before that.  The booklet of instructions contained in the Vermox box specifically warned that it should be administered on kids 2 years and over only.  The dosage was 10ml (the entire bottle) and according to Dr Jessica, it had a sticky constituency.

Pete and I were scratching our heads, trying to think of an effective way to feed 10ml of foreign liquid to Ethan, when even 2.5ml of medicine would be met with protests, kicking and screaming.  I know the Vermox is a chocolate flavored one, which is usually okay with kids, but Ethan doesn’t really like chocolate too.

I kept the box of Vermox in the fridge for a few days, and of and on, Ethan would pick up the box out of curiosity and ask me to open it.  We did consider pouring the Vermox mixture into the small plastic cup provided and coaxing Ethan to drink from it, but the whatif was if Ethan pushed away the cup, the whole mixture would be wasted.

Then Pete suggested mixing it into Ethan’s “nenno”.  I was a bit apprehensive at first because the risk was that if he rejected it, then he might reject future feeds of “nenno” too.  But then last night, I took a look at how much 10ml was compared to Ethan’s nightly 6oz feed, and it was rather negligible.

So I bit the bullet, made Ethan’s milk last night with 6oz of warm water, 3.5 scoops of Pediasure and poured the 10ml of Vermox into the mixture.  The 0.5 scoop of Pediasure was a little assurance to offset the smell and taste of Vermox, if any.  I took a whiff of the mixture I had concocted and it smelled vaguely like chocolate milk, though visually it still looked like “nenno”.

After Ethan’s shower, I took him to the room to dress him up in his peejays.  Gave him his milk when he asked for it, and sang him a few songs.  While singing “The wheels on the bus”, I mentally kept track of the decreasing amount of milk in the bottle.  Halfway through “Thumbkin”, and he was almost done.  I sang a few more nursery rhymes, complete with actions, and voila!  He polished the entire bottle of milk 😛

….together with the Vermox 😆