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October 2010

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Swan Pose

Ethan has totally perfected his swan pose…look how flexible he is:


And if we have any visitors, Ethan would very willingly demonstrate this pose to them.

To refresh your memory, he was actually doing the downdog pose when he was much younger.  He learnt the swan pose from his music and movement class in school.  And guess what?  Hannah is actually doing the downdog pose now! :)

hannah_19months Scrap Credits
Hot Pants for Wenches from Kim B’s Designs

Boys & Girls Corner Alphas from Nathan Design
It’s Only Natural Alphas from Scrappy Bug
Elegant word art (girl magic) from Bethany


More than 11.2 kilos, and when she struggles while we are carrying her, it feels MUCH heavier!


81cm, roughly a head shorter than Ethan.


8 incisors (4 top and 4 bottom), with 2 pramolars appearing on the right side (top and bottom), also 2 canines starting to appear at the top jaw.

Now Hannah wants to hold the toothbrush and brush her teeth herself.  Yeah, she’s in that phase now where she wants to do everything herself.  So I normally will put some toothpaste on my index finger and brush her teeth for her first before she brushes with her toothbrush.  Thankfully, she still allows me to do that :)

Motor Skills

  • Hannah can hold the spoon and fork and eat by herself, albeit not in a very tidy manner.  A good start, though.
  • She can run quite well, so it’s quite a task taking both Hannah and Ethan out now, since we have to chase after them. (Yep, she no longer wants to be in the stroller)
  • She’s beginning to learn how to jump.
  • Hannah loves to empty the contents of boxes and containers all over the floor.  Sometimes she would fill up containers with building blocks and just throw them out on the floor, making a really loud noise!

Communication and Social Skills

  • Hannah speaks mostly in mono-syllabic words now, but we can usually understand what she wants to relay to us.
  • She uses “UP!” when she wants us to carry her up, and when she sees me putting food on the table for dinner, she’ll say, “Rai! Rai!” (for rice)
  • Words she can say now:
    • “Milk”, pronounced correctly as “merlk”
    • “Bag”
    • “Chair”
    • “Park”
    • “Car”
    • “Ball”
    • “Door”
    • “Light”
    • “Two”, “three”, “eight”
    • “Bai!” (for “belly button”)
    • “Hair”
    • “My”, “Me!”
    • …and the start of terrible twos: “NO!”
  • She is able to complete the end syllable of some nursery rhymes, like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Baa Baa Black Sheep.
  • Claps her hands when she is pleased with herself or when someone does something nice for her.
  • If she hurts herself, she will come to us and make a pitiful face and point at the part of her body where it hurts, indicating that we should kiss and make it better. (Yeah, she learnt that from her brother)
  • Hannah can recognize faces in photographs.  When she sees our wedding photos on the wall, she will point and say, “Mommy!” and “De-deh!” :)
  • Hannah loves to help out when she can; when she’s ready to bathe, I let her throw her dirty clothes in the laundry bag
  • She can *answer* some simple questions using “Me!” e.g. when I ask, “Whose turn is it to bathe now?”, Hannah says, “Me!” :)

Food and Feeding

Hannah can eat most of our regular food, and she is very willing to try new things.  She’s still being breastfed, and sometimes she will also drink the boxed chocolate milk, fresh milk and Yakult. She can eat both rice and porridge, and even the pieces of chicken in her food. I’ve also tried giving her the porridge with some peanuts in it (which we thought caused her to break out in a rash last month) but this time round, she was all right.


I have not been writing a whole lot about my breastfeeding journey with Hannah, at least not as much as I did when I was breastfeeding Ethan.  The thing is, breastfeeding does get easier with the second kid onwards.

Hannah was and still is breastfed from birth till now (she’s 19 months now), and she’s showing no signs of stopping yet.  Several people have asked me when I would be weaning Hannah off the breast, but with all the perks and fringe benefits that come with breastfeeding, it’s difficult to make a conscious effort…especially since we recently discovered another PLUS point of breastfeeding.

When Hannah was down with herpangina, the only source of food she would take as she was recovering was breast milk.  I have no doubt in my mind that Mommy’s milk helped her tremendously as she was battling the virus.  Since herpangina was a highly contagious disease, the doc told us to try our best to ensure Ethan does not come near Hannah.

But we all know that is close to impossible.

Ethan visited Hannah once in the hospital, and a few hours after he went home with Daddy, my heart sank when Pete told me that Ethan was registering a high fever.  The next morning, his fever was still prevalent, and when I told the doctor, she advised me that I should give Ethan my freshly expressed breast milk, since I would possibly have developed the antibodies for the disease.

So when we got home from hospital, I expressed a little bit of breast milk for Ethan.  It wasn’t even an ounce, I think, for I had just fed Hannah.  When I told Ethan I was going to give him breast milk, he said, “I don’t want it, Mommy.  Breast milk is for babies!”

I told him I knew that, but since he was not feeling well, the doctor asked me to give him some of Mommy’s milk to help him recover.  I mixed the breast milk with his chocolate milk in a cup and he drank it all up. I did this about 3 times that day, and once the following day.  By the end of the first day, his fever had totally gone, and he was back to his normal self.  And when I was preparing the drink for him the following day, he said, “I don’t need breast milk anymore Mommy, I’m all better now!”

Well, I don’t know if it was coincidence or not, but I do think Mommy’s milk had something to do with healing him. Now wouldn’t you agree that Mommy’s milk the most wonderful thing in the world?



Strangely enough, Ethan has developed a huge liking for Sushi King.  It must have started from the time his school was discussing “Restaurants” as the theme and the name Sushi King must have come up.  Suffice to say, Ethan will request to have lunch or dinner at Sushi King sometimes, and he enjoys himself on every occasion.  Although we don’t really like the food there, the look of joy on Ethan’s face is enough to make us feel satisfied. :)

Today, I decided to let Ethan skip lunch in school and opted to take him to Sushi King for lunch (it’s Japanese fast food, but it’s healthier than the *other* kind of fast food).  Whenever I take him for lunch, he would tell all his teachers and friends where he would be going, and today was no exception.

Sushi King was having a “RM2 per plate of rice-based sushi” promotion and today was the last day.  Thankfully we managed to get a good spot by the kaiten belt, and Ethan had fun helping me get the plates of sushi from the kaiten belt.  Our boy finished his entire bowl of rice in his kiddie’s meal and also a bowl of chawan mushi. 

Well…what can I say?  It was definitely a great lunch and an equally awesome mother-and-son bonding experience :)  We’ll be back!

Last Sunday morning, we made it to Youth Park for some fun impromptu “soccer training”.   It was also the first time we used the 1 on 1 soccer set we bought for Ethan.  The kids had a lot of fun, as did the adults… I’ll let the photos speak for themselves :)


Ethan doing some warm-up exercises before *training*.


Hannah doing some light stretching too…


Run Ethan, run!!!


Ethan doing a mental calculation of the angle he should curve the ball before taking a free kick…


Hannah, preparing to shoot for the goal!


 …and Ethan scores…from an EXTREMELY close range! (he could even do the celebratory hugs and whatnot!)


Ethan and Daddy, perfecting a *pass and score* sequence.


“It’s mine!!!”


…and…err…honing his goalkeeping skills.


Last Wednesday, we celebrated Daddy’s birthday.  Pete took a day off from work, and we both went out for a nice lunch, just the two of us :)

Then we fetched Ethan from school and caught a movie in Queensbay Mall.  We saw Alpha & Omega, simply because it was the only *kid* show at that moment.  Ethan was so hyped up and excited about the whole thing.  He was bouncing around and couldn’t wait to get into the cinema.  We got some popcorn too, of course!

We picked up a nice football cake for Daddy before we left the mall, and I had a birthday voucher which entitled me to a discount on the cake PLUS a free ice cream.  So Ethan got to eat some yummy chocolate ice cream too.  Actually some time back, Ethan had wanted to get the football cake for Daddy and had told me that.  In addition, he had also spilled the beans and told his Daddy what cake we were getting…so no surprise there.  Bah.


But he did have fun eating his ice cream …

Sure sounds a lot like Ethan’s birthday instead of Daddy’s huh?

We picked Hannah up and headed for home where we had a simple dinner and the cake-cutting (before the ice cream cake melted!)



Ethan, proving that he has inherited the ART of rolling the tongue from Daddy and Mommy :)

One of the hardest things to do in the mornings, when we are ready to leave the house for school, is to get both kids ready, wearing their sandals/shoes and out the door pronto.  I had been battling with this for a few weeks, with one kid or the other dilly-dallying, and short of tearing out my hair, I honestly didn’t know what to do.

Until I stumbled on the perfect solution!

I decided to make wearing sandals a competition.  Knowing my kids and their competitive streaks, I would ask, “Hmmm…let’s see who’s gonna win and finish wearing their sandals first today!”

Ethan will jump up and head straight for the door, and Hannah will scream, “Me!” and run out too, getting her sandals ready.

Ethan will then say, “Ready?….. Set?….” and Hannah will say, “GO!!!”

Ethan will wear his sandals and I will put on Hannah’s sandals.  Ethan wins most of the time, and will proclaim loudly, “I’m the winner!”

This *system* was foolproof…or so I thought.

Lately, Hannah has other ideas… When she says, “Go!”, she refuses to let me wear her sandals for her.  She would kick and scream and just sit there holding her sandals.  Took me a while to figure it out, but I soon found out that she wanted her BROTHER to wear them for her instead!



I have no doubt in my mind that Hannah will grow up to be a very brave and determined young lady.  From the way she carries herself, to the way she puts her foot down (stubborn nonetheless) when she wants something, she’s certainly turning out to be one courageous girl.

A couple of months back, when she had completed her 3-month-long iron therapy, her doctor requested that Hannah had her blood test done again so that we could ensure her Serum Ferritin count was in the acceptable range.  I was worried when I was told that the blood to be tested would be drawn from the inner crook of Hannah’s elbow.  The could be traumatizing for a child as young as Hannah.

But we had to do it anyway.

I took her to the lab in the hospital, and sat her on my lap.  I told Hannah that it would only take a while and then it would all be over.  The lab person came over and strapped Hannah’s arm, and then tried to locate her vein.  After a few seconds, she asked me to switch to the other arm.  And she tried to find the vein again.  Again…nothing.

I was beginning to get irritated, because the delay would cause anxiety in a young child.  But I held my own and patiently waited while the first lab person asked a senior lab person (I think) to look for the vein in the first arm.

Thankfully, they found it!  The senior lab person applied some alcohol on the inner crook of Hannah’s elbow, then inserted a needle to draw the blood.  Hannah winced a little while the needle was inserted, but she didn’t cry AT ALL.  I kissed her head and comforted her.  It certainly helped that I didn’t get weak in the knees or anything, because I am a blood donor and I was used to seeing needles inserted into arms.

Anyway, the whole process was over in about a minute or so, and Hannah did not shed a single tear!  We were all so proud of her!  She was such a brave little girl, and she definitely won the hearts of everyone in the lab that day.


Fast forward to a week later, Hannah fell sick and had to have another blood test done again.  This time she laid down on the bed and they took the blood from the other hand.  She only cried a little when the needle was inserted, and that was it.

Courage: nothing can beat that that is inherent in my little girl.  She might be little, but she’s a mighty brave girl with a heart of a lion :)

Many many moons ago, our visits to the malls were only for shopping, movie-watching and (sometimes) eating.  Now, with kids, our trips to malls are for (mostly) window-shopping, eating and, more often than not, include visits to certain *sections* in the malls where the kids can have a go at the rides.

Here are some shots this blogger-mommy managed to snap whilst my kids were having fun.

Hannah *driving* a red car next to Mr Bear:


My kids LOVE the little merry-go-round.  Ethan loves to high-five us as he goes around and around…look how cheeky my boy looks!


And Hannah’s favorite is the purple horsy.  I think it’s so adorable the way she hold’s the horsy’s ears, instead of the handles provided!


There are also some rides where both Ethan and Hannah get to ride together, like in this red convertible.  Here’s a short video I managed to take:


Ethan and Hannah have also enjoyed driving their own kiddy cars…see how cool they look?



Ethan had a go with the go-kart car, and Hannah got into a car that could be controlled remotely, by, who else but, Daddy! (by the way, the band-aid on Hannah’s forehead was because she had a small ouchie when she fell and hit her head on the cabinet earlier that day).