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March 2011

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A couple of weeks back, Hannah suddenly awoke in the night, coughing really badly.  She was completely all right when she went to bed, and we were very surprised that she had suddenly developed a cough.

Her cough was very forceful and in between coughs, it sounded as though she was drawing in a lot of air, and trying very hard to breathe.  It wasn’t asthmatic wheezing, that I know for sure, having suffered that for a few years of my childhood, but rather, it felt like she was trying to clear something in her throat.  The sound of her cough was similar to that of a barking seal.

I suspected she had croup, because the “barking seal” cough was a dead characteristic giveaway.  Croup is a respiratory condition caused by acute viral infection of the upper airway.  Upon checking my favorite childcare book by Dr Miriam Stoppard, I confirmed my suspicions.  The forcefulness of her cough made her throw up a few times that night too, and in the end, I carried her over my shoulder instead and patted her back to sleep.

The following morning, she seemed all right, with just a slight cough, but no “barking seal” syndrome.  I called up the pediatrician, who advised us to monitor her condition that day, since it sounded like a mild case of croup.  We weren’t really fans of going to the hospital, so we monitored and prayed that it would all be okay.  And we were glad that she recovered soon after.  As always, I have to say it must have been some of the breast milk that helped the recovery :)

Anyway, it was our first experience handling a child with croup (pronounced “kroop”), and we learnt a few things from it:

  • Croup will come suddenly without any warning.  A child who seems okay might suddenly wake up at night with croup.
  • Croup attacks usually occur at night, but are thankfully shortlived.
  • Air-conditioning should be turned off to reduce the dryness in the air that may cause a dry throat that could bring on the croup attack.  To make the air around Hannah moist and damp, I placed a bowl of water under the bed.  Dr Miriam Stoppard also suggests bringing the child into the bathroom and turning on the tap.
  • A child suffering from croup that causes vomitting due to forceful cough should not be fed anything.  I learnt this the hard way :(
  • If it is mild, the condition can be monitored at home.  After all, croup is a viral infection and antibiotics is not needed to cure it.
  • In any case, call the doctor to check for what needs to be done.


She’s okay now, and I really do hope the attacks won’t come again. *prays hard*

We’re starting him young… :)


We got a fantastic deal on this set of Liverpool jammies for Ethan and he has been asking to wear it every night. 

“Mommy, I want to wear my Liverpool jammies 5 rows in a day because it’s SOOOoooooo comfortable!”

He means “5 days in a row“…hehe…he sometimes mixes up his words when he gets incredibly excited.  Well, garbed in that slammin’ set of jammies, Ethan will certainly never walk alone :)


The one week school holidays is over, and we’re back to our usual routine.  We didn’t travel anywhere for the holidays this time round, but the kids (Ethan especially) did get a good rest at home.  For one, he was allowed to sleep in and watch a few kiddie shows on the telly in the mornings.

But the kids can’t be sleeping, eating and watching TV the whole day long, right?

I knew I had to think of things for the kids to do to occupy their time..something that would (hopefully) keep them active and alert, tire them out so that they would be able to retire earlier at night… hehe.  An idle mind is the devil’s workshop, no?






My plan backfired, of course…the kids didn’t get tired, on the contrary, it made them hungrier for more activities.  In the end, it was Mommy who got tired cleaning up after them. 


Every morning I am greeted with two happy smiles
With hugs and kisses that never go out of style
Looking sweet and adorable is only their morning call
But they’ll be up to their pranks and mischief in no time at all!


Scrap Credits

February Part 4 collaboration kit from Sweet Digi Creations & Laurence Designs 

Summer Picnic Alphas from retrodiva {designs}™  

Boxed words from Chantal

HoldEmUps from Tara Dunstan



Around 12 kilos or slightly more.


Slightly more than 82 cm, but she certainly appears to be growing taller each day.


She still wouldn’t open up her mouth long enough for me to count accurately, but from what I could see/estimate, Hannah now has 16 teeth: 8 incisors (4 top and 4 bottom), with 4 pramolars appearing on the right side (top and bottom) and left side (top and bottom); bottom left pramolar is taking its time to grow!; also 2 canines starting to appear at the top jaw, and 2 canines on the bottom jaw.

Motor Skills

  • Hannah can imitate actions (especially those in songs) really well, and can pick them up almost immediately.
  • Loves to climb up and slide down a slide, not showing any fear at all.

Communication and Social Skills

  • Hannah can communicate really well with us now, and can carry on simple conversations, like when we ask her where she wants to go for dinner, she’ll reply “Pappa Rich!” or “McDonald’s!”
  • She adamantly insists that she is not a baby anymore.  When we ask her, “Is Hannah a baby?”, she’ll say, “NO! Toddler..”
  • She uses a few phrases rather often: “Don’t want”, “Don’t want anymore”, “Don’t do that!”, “Mommy COME!”, “See?”, “Here?”, “There?”, “Go away!” etc
  • Hannah is starting to choose the clothes she wants to wear.  Sometimes when I lay out her jammies, she’ll say, “No Mommy!  Not this one!”  and then she’ll lead me to the chest of drawers where her clothes are kept and wait while I open it for her to choose which one she wants.  She’s also very choosy on the diaper she wants to wear…
  • Tantrums are upon us, as she sometimes demands to get her own way.  We’ve had to put our foot (and feet) down on several occasions, with Hannah stubbornly refusing to sit on the naughty stool, kicking and screaming all the way.  Eventually she did calm down and sat on the stool, and said her “sorries”, but we’re anticipating *tough* days ahead.  SIGH.

Food and Feeding

  • Although Hannah is still breastfed, I’m in the process of weaning her off.  There have been days when she did not need to be breastfed the whole day, and only needed the breast at night.  There’s still a lot of work to be done, but we’re getting there.  Sometimes when I tell her there’s no more milk left, she’ll quietly obey, look at me and say, “Cup?”  And then I’ll just pour her some milk in a cup to drink from.  She currently takes fresh milk and chocolate milk and also a little bit of GainPlus formula, sometimes mixed with oatmeal.  Hannah is also taking yogurt in her daily diet, as an addition to her dairy supplement.
  • Loves all other food. :)

Potty Training

  • She is able to tell us when she needs to go poopoo and can poopoo in the adult toilet using a child toilet seat about 95% of the time.
  • Lately she has also started to pull her pants and diaper down by herself when she wants to peepee.  Sometimes she’ll say, “peepee”, and we’ve had success on several occasions.  She’ll smile happily when we hear the peepee trickle into the toilet and she’ll say, “Sticker!” (yes, I’m giving her a sticker for every successful time she peepees or poopoos in the toilet)
  • Of course there are times when she asks to peepee or poopoo but it’s just a false alarm 😛


Extremely wise beyond his age, and extremely talkative too, Ethan has been asking a gadzillion questions.  In fact, there have been so many questions that I could hardly keep up with them all…some have really stumped us too!

“Mommy, how did God create the earth?”

“How did God know how to create the earth?”

“On what day of the week did God create the earth?”

“Why did God put us on the earth?  How did he know the earth is the best place for us?  Why didn’t he put us on another planet?”

“What year was it when God created the earth?”

“If Adam and Eve are the first man and woman in this world, who got pregnant with them?”

“Why is it only girls can get pregnant?”

“Mommy, when I become a teenager I will have LOTS of hair, right?  Will Daddy and Mommy lose their hair then?”

“Mommy, why is it that when I use these letters to form words, they don’t turn into things like WordWorld?”

“Why is it only boys wear underpants and girls wear panties?”

And when we ask him why he has SO MANY questions for us, his reply is very simple, “Because Mommy, I’m VERY interested in everything that God makes!” :)

On March 2nd 2011, my little princess Hannah turned TWO.  As usual, I was again left in wonderment at where the time had flown.  It seemed like just yesterday that I held her as a wee babe in my arms, and now she has blossomed into a little toddler, all geared up for the terrible twos.


We went out for a family dinner at Friday’s for the simple reason that the kids love the food and service, also because they provide “birthday song singing” plus a slice of complimentary birthday cake/dessert.


And how old are you today, Hannah? :)


Oh yeah, she couldn’t stop doing that…it was like she “knew” we were celebrating her 2nd birthday that day…


The staff at Friday’s asked Ethan if he’d wanted to sing Hannah a birthday song, using the salt shaker as a pretend mic, but in the end he had a bit of a stage fright.


Hannah…looking on in awe at the birthday dessert that was presented to her.


She blew out the candle perfectly!  She’s a professional now, I’d say! :)


…and she couldn’t wait to dig in!


Haha…she also insisted on *cutting* the cake!


And when we got back home, after the kids were bathed and dressed in their jammies, it was time for presents!  Here’s Ethan giving Hannah an extra loving big brother hug, while presenting her with a present from him.


Hannah screamed in delight when she saw what it was, and she exclaimed, “Baby Bop!!!”


After that, she peeled open the present Daddy and Mommy gave her excitedly.


And discovered a *new friend*: a baby doll!  I finally found a doll which is age-appropriate for her and which she absolutely adores!


Happy Birthday Hannah!


After seeing Ethan Koko’s face on the Playhouse Disney Birthday Book in January, I wanted SO SO much to be on the birthday book too.  And just a few days ago, my dream came true and I really couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it!  I wasn’t just featured on the birthday book, I appear FIRST in the set too!

Woohooo!!!  I’ve been elevated to celebrity status,…even if it’s just for this month.. :)


Slightly more than a week away from Hannah’s actual 2nd birthday, we had a very simple lunch gathering/celebration in Penang.  We chose to have the lunch at the Chinese Recreational Club.  It was actually my first time having lunch there, with rice and dishes.  I had been there before, but it was for a wedding course dinner.

The kids were very excited (as they usually are) and Ethan (more than Hannah LOL!) was looking forward to celebrating his sister’s birthday. 


Also, another reason for the excitement was that Ah Kong and Ah Ma from Ipoh came all the way to Penang to join in the fun and celebrations.


Took me some time to coax her into this gorgeous dress her Daddy bought her, but she was sweet-talked into it when I told her it was going to make her VERY pretty! :)  She had wanted to wear sandals at first too, but we managed to persuade her into her Mary Janes.  Don’t you think Hannah looks adorable? :)


After our very satisfying and delicious lunch, we had a cake-cutting ceremony (we ordered a cheese cake this time round, and everyone had seconds!).  Hannah again proudly showed off her perfect blowing-out-the-candle skill, and enjoyed the cake and the attention.


…and she was also extra eager to cut the cake:



Ethan also had *other* attractions besides the food.  Anyone and everyone who has an iPhone or iPad is immediately Ethan’s best friend, and on that day he was best buds with Tuah Kim Poh (with her iPad) and Uncle Yao (with his iPhone):


Of course, Hannah was not distracted at all, and preferred to enjoy her yummy birthday cake!