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July 31, 2007

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Finally, after an uncountable number of weekends of planned swimming sessions gone awry, last Saturday saw my plan to bring Ethan swimming in our apartment pool blossom into fruition. My parents came over to stay with us for the weekend so I had extra hands to help me with the over-eager Ethan.

The slight drizzle had just stopped and it was not scorching hot, the water was just cool and not freezing, so it was just the right temperature, perfect for swimming. I had huffed and puffed my way to produce a floatable float, worthy of use. This one, unlike the arm floats we used some time back, would ensure our boy was kept heads up in the water and at the same time, enable him to freely kick his way around the pool. It was the first time he was using this round float but it took him no time at all to grow accustomed to it. Thank goodness he could still fit into his *mega-cool* scuba-diving-like suit! 😀

You be the judge as to whether he had a good time or not…

Ethan has salmon for his meals almost every week.  If I can help it, that is.  Apart from the DHA goodness, fish is certainly good stuff for growing kids, what more salmon!  Of course, he will still get some pork and/or chicken with his meals at the baby sitter’s, so the salmon is just the icing on top of the cake, figuratively speaking.  He gets his salmon steamed…. psst… I have yet to train him to take it raw a la sashimi style, but that will come later. Kekeke….

So during weekends, we would usually go to Jaya Jusco in Queensbay Mall to do our grocery shopping, getting the salmon and the vegetables for Ethan at the same time.  I hadn’t realized how obvious it was that we were getting salmon week in and week out, until last Sunday when I arrived at the fish section in Jusco and the fish guy said, “Hah…Salmon.  Ini tiap-tiap hari beli salmon.”  I corrected him and said it was “tiap-tiap minggu” 😛