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April 2007

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Last Thursday, after work, we took Ethan for a dip in our apartment’s swimming pool.  The weather was warm with just a hint of sunlight.  Perfect swimming weather…I checked from our balcony that there was no one in the pool, so off we went.

We dressed Ethan up in his new swimsuit, which made him look like a mini scuba diver.  We bought this suit a couple of weeks back because Ethan looked so cute in it, we could not resist it.  For the first time also, we fixed the arm floats on him to allow him to float in the water.  These floats are the kind that had just a band at the bottom and was not “floaty” all the way round.  This was to enable more movement whilst in the water.

I took him to the edge of the pool and began playing with the water.  I splashed – he giggled… so I took him into the water.  Gingerly I let go…and to my amazement he began paddling doggie-style!  Unfortunately he paddled away and I was behind him, so he suddenly realized I wasn’t in sight and began struggling and crying.  When I hugged him again, he clung on to me for dear life, and he even wrapped his legs around my waist.  SIGH….next time, I’ll make sure I am within his view.  We hope to go again sometime this week 🙂

We took Ethan to get his passport done today.  We are planning a trip to Singapore (maybe) soon, so we’re just getting everything ready first.  My own passport had also expired last year, so I did mine at the same time.  This is Ethan’s passport photo, taken a few days earlier.  I placed him on my lap and he was facing at a right angle to where I was facing.  Leng-chai or not? 😉

After that we hopped over to Standard Chartered and opened an in-trust savings account (Young Savers Account) for Ethan with the moolah he received from Chinese New Year angpows.

We had lunch at New World Park and then it was haircut time for our whole family! 🙂 We drove to Prangin Mall to the hair salon we frequented mainly because of the head massage thrown in :P.  Pete had his hair cut while I breastfed Ethan in the baby room in Parkson.  Ethan fell asleep soon after and I placed him in his stroller and pushed him to the hair salon.  While he slept, I had my hair cut and washed.  He woke up just in time as Pete had just finished his hair cut about 5 minutes before that.  So after I finished my hair cut, we asked the hairdresser to use the shaver blade #2 to shave Ethan’s head.  As expected, our boy struggled and screamed, because as you know, he hates anything on his head.  Thankfully, it was all over within a space of 5 minutes or so.  Results?  Handsome leh…..! 🙂


On Monday when we were walking towards Mrs Tan’s house and Pete was carrying Ethan, Ethan cried in a manja manner and wanted me to carry him.  When we reached Mrs Tan’s doorstep, Ethan cried slightly louder and protested to being left with Mrs Tan and wanted to stick to me like glue.

Luckily Mrs Tan quickly interjected by saying, “Where’s the bird?  Where’s the bird?” (She’d hang a birdie toy in the doorway of one of the rooms and it sang a song when touched).  Well well… Ethan immediately looked toward the direction of the birdie toy, seemingly distracted.  Pete and I said our goodbyes and made a quick escape.

I was kinda sad leaving Ethan at the sitter’s because he apparently knows now that he is being left with someone else while Pete and I are at work.  🙁 Mrs Tan says it happens to all babies.  I can only pray that Ethan will understand…

This Easter, both my parents and Pete’s parents together with SIL were here in Penang.  Ethan again, of course, was the prime of all attention.  On Friday, my Mom and Dad made their way to Mrs Tan’s place to have a headstart playing with Ethan, while waiting for us to pick him up after work.  Ah Ma from Ipoh brought Ethan some new toys, among others a Rock-N-Stack toy, which Ethan took to immediately…. errr…. well, sorta…

We went for Japanese food for dinner on Friday with Pete’s parents at Soba Yoshi, where Ethan again had the time of his life, relishing each morsel of his chawan mushi and after dinner, he went roaming around checking out the restaurant.

On Saturday, we all went to Gurney Plaza.  While Pete and I selected Ethan’s studio picture shots for his album, Ethan busied himself (and also his Ah Mas, Ah Kongs, Ah Koh, and Ah Chek) by walking around the mall.  Certainly looks like he had a great time! 

Pete and I were spoilt for choice with the photos he’d taken just last week.  In the end, we had to choose an additional 2 more shots for the album (otherwise we would be stuck in the photo studio shop for hours!)

My Mom and Dad had to go back to Ipoh on Saturday itself, so after we dropped them off at the ferry terminal, we made our way to New World Hawker Center at Swatow Lane, where history was made: Ethan had his first taste of hawker food in the form of Wan Ton Mee.  There were no baby chairs around at all, so he had to stay put in his stroller.  He appeared to like Wan Ton Mee a lot, because he kept requesting for more. 🙂  Hehe… Wan Ton Mee lover, just like Mommy.

The following day was Easter Sunday, and we went to church at The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit.  It was jam packed but thankfully we managed to find a seat.  Ethan just could not sit still and insisted (rather loudly) that he wanted to walk by himself all around the church.  At the end of the church service, Pete and I were thoroughly exhausted, after chasing Ethan practically all around the church!  But Ethan was still a feisty as ever… spreading the Easter spirit to everyone!


In a blink of an eye, my little boy is now 14 months old.  And yes, I am still breastfeeding.

9.1 kg as of his last visit with Dr Jessica.

76cm as of his last visit with Dr Jessica.

8 in total: 4 incisors top and bottom (bottom side incisors growing quicker than top ones).  Makes for a really cheeky grin.

Motor Skills

Ethan can walk as fast as he can crawl now, and lately I have been noticing that he is trying to step up stairs too, for instance when we were in church, he would try to step up the steps leading to a wooden door.  Sometimes I have even caught him trying to stand on one foot…. yeah, like a stork. 😛

Oh yeah…and did I mention our boy can make music?

Ethan likes to play with his toothbrush.  No no…not brush his teeth, but hold the toothbrush up in the air and babble incoherently.

Pete: Ethan, toothbrush… toothbrush (pointing to the toothbrush)
Ethan: OOohhhh  bebababa..tatata……

Communication & Social Skills

  • Will try to join in the conversations we have, but what Ethan says is mostly babbling.  Ethan voice is really loud and when he wants something, he will shriek and scream.  We are trying to teach him to NOT scream but to converse properly when he wants to communicate something – no luck so far.
  • Whenever he sees Pete and I hugging, he will want in on the hug too, and will toddle towards us and hug our legs.
  • Every weekday morning before Pete and I leave for work, Pete would carry Ethan out and head towards the car.  Lately when we are about ready to leave, Ethan would walk really fast towards Pete and hug his legs, requesting to be carried.
  • When I am taking my shower, sometimes Ethan would ask Pete to take him to our room (where I am in the bathroom), so that he can bang on my door :).  Sometimes Pete would relent, but at other times, when Pete is busy watching ESPN or something… Ethan would walk over to my room door and bang on it himself 😀

Food & Eating Habits

We’ve been pretty lenient with Ethan’s food the past month and he has had the luxury of enjoying an array of outside food, among others, char siew pau.  Last weekend, we were at Soba Yoshi’s and since I didn’t bring his porridge out, I tried (again) to feed him chawan mushi with some calrose rice.  I tried giving him chawan mushi a couple of weeks back, but he was not very keen on it then.  This time, the little fella walloped it like nobody’s business.  He’s just a chip off the old block eh?

Since we gave him spaghetti at Friday’s a couple of weeks back, he has also taken to eating with his hands.  We would feed him porridge, for example, and sometimes, he would put his fingers in, taking out chunks of porridge and whatever is in it, look at it, and then put it back into his mouth.

Every night before his bedtime, Ethan will have his warm bath.  Last night as usual as Pete prepared his bath, I was getting ready to call out to Ethan, to get him undressed and to get him ready by wrapping him in his sarong aka cloth nappy.  However, little did we know that our boy had plans of his own! 

As soon as he heard his Daddy drawing his bath, he sauntered over to the bathroom, stood at the door and grinned happily at his Daddy.  Then he walked into his room and came towards me with …

Isn’t that just the cutest thing you’ve seen?  Looks like he already knew what was in store!

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