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Bible Verse of the Day

January 1, 2008

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Marinated chicken cooked with rice
With all other ingredients, they sure smell nice
Oh yes, it was Mommy’s claypot chicken rice day
What an awesome way to spend a lazy Saturday!

I set the table, laid out the rice and soup
Checked to make sure there was something in every food group
When I heard a pattering of footsteps and an urgent call
It was Ethan by the table, standing so very tall

He must have sensed that his meal was ready
He must have realized that he was actually hungry
In all obedience he sat in his high chair
And waited in patience for the yummy affair

He devoured every morsel with pure satisfaction
I truly enjoyed his every reaction
So the love for chicken rice is a trait inherited
Like father, like son, it ain’t overrated!