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December 15, 2007

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After shopping high and low for a Christmas tree for our home, we finally bought a green six-foot one from Living Cabin, a novelty store in Queensbay Mall.  Our decorations were all from Jusco though.  And last Wednesday night, Pete and I decided to set up the tree, after Ethan had gone to dreamland.  All the ornaments and lights were put up and tested to make sure they looked good 🙂

The next morning when Ethan woke up, I led him to the living room and surprised him with the tree!  His face immediately lit up with excitement at the sight of it!  He had seen Christmas trees in the mall but it had not occurred to him that he would also see one at home.  He wasted no time in getting acquainted with his “new friend”, which was nothing like the little tree he played with last year.  He especially loves the baubles, which are within his reach 😛  And of course he adores the flickering, twinkling lights.

Now, whenever I turn on the lights on the tree, he would open his mouth wide with amazement, and smile the most charming smile ever.  It’s such a joy really to see him happy like that…  I wonder if he would be able to help us put up the tree next year…