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January 2008

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Choco-Noisette from Kawouette
Boxed words from Chantal
Delight Series Red Inked Alphas & Let’s Scrabble Alphas from Foxy Designs

Ethan woke up today at about 7:15a.m., yawned and stretched and when he saw me, he sat up in bed, reached his arms out towards me, and gave me a big hug. I put on his Baby Einstein’s Meet the Orchestra for him to watch for a while, and he said “wee wee” (that’s how he says “TV”). 😛

You’re two today, baby…. and your smile will always melt my heart. 

I’m so excited because I have a date with him this afternoon, just the two of us.  I am taking the second half of today off to spend some quality birthday time with my boy.

Happy, happy birthday, Ethan boy, with all the hugs, love and kisses in the world!

Yesterday, right before 2p.m., I received a call from Angeleyes, informing me that she wanted to pass me something. It’s a surprise, she said, and told me that she would meet me at the main entrance of my office at about 2:30p.m. And boy, was she punctual! With a wide smile, she presented me with a cake box, which she said was a birthday gift for Ethan. That was so sweet of her!  The box was tied up so I could not open it up immediately. In a mysterious manner, Angeleyes told me to see for myself what it was later. Before I said goodbye, I even managed to sneak a peak at little Darrius, who was sitting comfortably in his car seat.

Back in the office, I could not resist a peek into the box. And I was rendered speechless. And touched. I can’t believe she went to all that trouble! In the box were six beautiful cup cakes, decorated with stars, and they smelled heavenly! One of the cupcakes had the number 2 on it, denoting Ethan’s age, and the cupcake in the middle had the cutest, most adorable replica of Rocket from Little Einsteins!

Ohhhh… no wonder Michelle was asking me all sorts of questions about Ethan three days ago. They were both in on this!  Thanks you guys!

Angeleyes, those cakes are gorgeous! You really are the expert cake maker…and you know what? If Ethan doesn’t like them, I definitely don’t mind helping him finish them all up! Thank you so very much for the kind gesture and thoughtfulness!


It’s Ethan’s birthday today, but we had a small early birthday celebration for Ethan last Saturday. Both his grandpas and grandmas came to shower him with love, together with his godpa, Aunty Pauline, Uncle Patrick and Aunty Christine too. I had made reservations at Sarkies Corner at The E&O for lunch, so we all met up there. Ethan was all ready for his food, but after eating the nasi minyak with carrot soup for a while, he became restless and wanted to go for a stroll by the sea instead. We had to take turns taking him out. So although there was food aplenty, Pete and I could not really sit down throughout the entire meal because our little prince wanted to be an explorer! Well, I did manage to lure him for a moment with the vanila ice-cream and a strawberry (which he threw on the floor), but it was only a matter of time before he wanted to go out again. So my Dad had to take him this time.

After lunch, we adjourned to our condo to have the cake-cutting ceremony. I ordered a birthday cake in the shape of Rocket from Little Einsteins, one of his favorite programs, and I could see Ethan’s face light up in joy when he saw the cake and the two candles being lit.


However, when we started singing the Birthday song, he started wailing, either because it was too loudly sung or he only wanted me to sing it. I honestly don’t know why. I had already prepped him for the singsong session, and had expected him to clap happily after the song was sung. Anyway, after we had finished singing and helped him blow out the candles, Ethan instinctively took the knife to cut the cake. He held it the opposite way though, and well, since it is HIS cake after all, we let him cut it. Don’t worry, it was a very blunt knife, specially made for cake cutting, and baby safety, of course!

After that, Pete and I held his hand to the knife and cut the cake the proper way. The 1.6 kilo cake was a vanila sponge cake with pieces of fruit in it, so that made it less “jelak” to eat. As expected, Ethan was not at all interested in the cake and preferred to play with his toys. I think the only sweet thing he really likes is ice lemon tea…oh, and vanila ice-cream, too!

He also had some presents to open. We helped him make the first tear on the presents and he enjoyed doing the rest.

Scrap Credits
Close knit-sampler from
Kim B’s Designs

Stitched heart and Stamp Cluster from Lindsay Jane Designs
Star doodle: Doodle Me Big from Mikkel Paige Originals
Into the Mystic embellishments from Wenchd Grafix

Boxed words from Chantal
Sweet Serenity Alphas from Shabby Princess Designs

Here’s another parenting tip I have learnt.  Toddlers ADORE chopsticks.  Okay, I know they might poke themselves in the eyes with it, but when push comes to shove, we just gotta let them play, be themselves and well…. just keep a watchful eye.  Anyway, a few days ago we were having our family dinner in Old Town and Ethan suddenly decided he wanted to stand up in his high chair and wouldn’t sit still.

After a bit of struggling, I offered him my pair of chopsticks, and he eagerly took them, proceeding to *play* on the table.  It really looked like a professional jamming session, I tell ya.  Check out the intensity on his face as he plays to the rhythm.  It’s no wonder he enjoys Baby Einstein’s Meet the Orchestra so much, yes… especially the Percussion section.

Scrap Credits
African Sunsets add-on from
Kim B’s Designs
Folded frame from Gunhild Storide
Boxed words from Chantal
Basic chipboard alphas from
Dani Mogstad

About a month or so ago, I asked my Mom to get me a bottle of Amway’s Chewable Natural C, which is a vitamin C supplement for kids (because it is chewable, duh).  Anyway, it is supposed to be sweet and all because it is made from acerola cherries and whatnot, and I thought it would be good to train Ethan to take these chewables once a day.  I also took them when I was a little girl, and look how I turned out 😛

Although Ethan’s pd had given him some multivitamin syrup to take previously, he had rejected them all downright.  So to tell you the truth, I wasn’t at all optimistic about the success of feeding him the chewable tablets.  Anyway, the first time I tried, I took out the bottle of chewables, gave it a nice shake so it produced a rattling sound.  Ethan got all interested at once.  I opened the bottle and gave him a tablet to hold.  He was intrigued by it and he was looking and looking and he finally put it in his mouth, after some coaxing from us.  Now, since the chewable tablet is slightly sourish, Ethan made a face and then immediately took it out again.  And then he fed it to me!  He then requested for another tablet, and fed it to his Daddy!

Since that day, he has been “feeding” us chewables whenever he feels like it, that is, if we allow him to take the tablets.  He even knows where I keep the bottle of chewables in the fridge, and would request me to open the fridge, just so he can get to it.  Sometimes he likes to roll the chewable tablet on his cheek too.  Just the other day though, he finally nibbled off part of the tablet, little by little.  In the end, when the tablet got too small for his fingers, he popped it all into his mouth.  But before I could applaud him, he spat the bits and pieces out all over his shirt.  I’m not sure how much of it went into him though, but it’s a start, I would say. 🙂

Sleepy bleepy

Scrap Credits
Clarity Kit freebie from
Doodles: Doodle Me Big from Mikkel Paige Originals
Blue painted newspaper alphas from Manda J Designs

Ethan’s sleeping and bed habits:

  • Light sleeper – will wake up at the slightest sound.
  • Experiences deep sleep in the early mornings.  Sometimes I can even change his diaper without him waking up.
  • When he wakes up at night, the first thing he will do is cry.  When he wakes up in the morning, the first thing he usually does is SMILE.
  • Loves to play under the quilt covers – he will lie very very still when he is under the covers and then reveal himself to you all of a sudden.
  • Loves to climb onto our bedside platform, lifts his hands up as if in jubilation to say “Look, Mommy!  No hands!”
  • Needs to be either lulled to sleep by being carried or breastfed (working on the weaning part).
  • Still wakes up about once or twice in the night for comfort suckling.
  • Sometimes talks and giggles in his sleep.
  • Kicks a lot when he sleeps.  Able to rotate whole body all around the bed.
  • Sleeps in various positions, one of his favorites being the “crouching position”, i.e. butt high up and face tilted a little to the side.  Sometimes he sleeps in the coma/recovery position too.
  • Doesn’t like pillows, and still sleeps without.
  • Doesn’t like blankets, quilts and comforters too, preferring to sleep *exposed*.
  • Sometimes he wakes up and will fall back to sleep again when we put him on our bed.  However, he will need to snuggle and hug me really tight like a bolster first.  One hand will be around my neck or torso, and one leg around my waist.
  • When he wakes up before Daddy and Mommy are asleep and I don’t come and hold him as soon as he would like me to, he will cry and wail loudly, as if someone is abusing him.

But he does sleep like an angel, doesn’t he?

Scrap Credits
Kit Jules from Kawouette
Doodles: Doodle Me Big from Mikkel Paige Originals
Netter’s Alphas from Scarlet Heels

It all began one fine Sunday about two weeks ago. After a yummy homecooked dinner, Daddy decided to take Ethan downstairs for an evening walk round out apartment compound. It was a great idea because then Mommy could have some time to wash up and have a quick shower undisturbed.

The bonding session between Daddy and Ethan went really well indeed. When they got back, Daddy reported that Ethan happily ran two rounds round the swimming pool, giggled happily when he saw a doggie playing and had good fun during the evening walk.

Ever since that day, whenever we get back home to our apartment and reach our apartment lobby area, Ethan would eagerly run towards the poolside. He would lead me down the steps to the pool and joyfully run around the pool. He loves to walk on the drain gutter covers though, and he would sometimes stop and smile as he looked at the water in the pool. Last Sunday evening, he decided that in addition to walking around both the adult and children’s pool, he wanted to go across the little bridge too!

It sure appears that Ethan does not only love swimming in the pool, he loves walking round it too. And to think this all happened with a innocent evening walk 🙂

Scrap Credits
Ilétait une foi kit from Petit Moineaux
Stamp cluster 7 from Lindsay Jane Designs
Basic chipboard alphas from Dani Mogstad
Boxed words from Chantal

The curtains have long since enthralled Ethan. And I found out that there are also some other kids that love playing with the curtains too. Ethan loves to hide behind the curtains, stay very still and play a little game with me. When I notice him hiding behind the curtain, I would say, “Where is Ethan?” and pretend to look around for him. He used to giggle as soon as I say this, hence revealing where he was hiding. But now, when he hides, he stays completely still until I ask out loud where he is. Then he would yank the curtain away from his face, and grin happily, as I exclaim, “There you are!”

A few weeks back, when we had the power outage on a Saturday, I opened our living room window a little to allow the air in for ventilation. Ethan got fascinated by the curtains billowing in the wind, so much so that he climbed onto the sofa and stood there looking out from the window onto our balcony. At the same time, he again played with the curtain too… and when I pointed the camera at him and said, “Ethan, smile!”, he never fails to give me that cheeky cheeky grin!

Yesterday evening, as Ethan and I were hanging out at home while Daddy had his futsal game, we watched American Idol. It was the first episode of the season and the program showed people attending the auditions in Philadelphia. All of a sudden, the show played the song “I Love Rock n’ Roll” – you know the song that was made popular by Joan Jett? As soon as Ethan heard the song play, he gave me a big grin, stood up and began *dancing*… he turned round and round on the floor and kicked and tapped his legs to the rhythm. And he even did all this while holding on to his Yakult bottle. Of course I spurred him on by singing the song and dancing too! Unfortunately, we were having so much fun that I only managed to capture the last bit of his dance, which was energetic but not as much as the part which was not captured on video. Apparently his love for this song is not a fluke because he was dancing again to it when they repeated the American Idol episode later that night and also when I hummed the tune to him this morning.

Everybody sing together now:
“I love rock n’ roll
So put another dime in the jukebox, baby!”

Last Saturday, just as I was about to start cooking, an electricity outage happened. I thought the electricity would come back on after 30 minutes, but when it was already noon and there was still no sign of it, we decided to go out for lunch instead. A few days ago, while chatting with Hooi Ling, she recommended a Japanese restaurant in town on Chow Thye Rd named Isaribi. And since we have not had Japanese food as a family for a long time now, we headed that way.

The place was not hard to find and the entrance looked very calm and serene, what with the lush greenery in the porch area. We ordered the king sashimi set (which was not as king-sized as we imagined :P), the semi-grilled beef slices (awesome flavor, taken with chopped ginger and some unidentifiable sauce), and of course, chawan mushi for Ethan. They only had prawn and unagi chawan mushi though, and it costs RM10 per bowl! Took them mighty long to serve the chawan mushi as well… we thought it would be spectacularly good, but it was rather bland. Nevertheless, Ethan gulped down the chawan mushi and even pinched a bit of the shredded carrot and radish from the sashimi set. Oh and because it took them so long to serve our food, Ethan boy got impatient and decided to roam and explore the restaurant instead.

When we were done with our sets, either the servings were not big enough or we were immensely hungry that day, for we decided to order a salmon skin temaki, ebikko (fish roe) and as an after-thought, the cold soba too. The salmon skin roll was one the best we had ever tasted: crunchy and ohsogood with wasabi. And when Ethan saw the soba, he demanded to have some too, which was a surprise to me because I hadn’t expected him to like it. He really enjoyed eating each and every strand, slurping away like a pro! Didn’t manage to take a picture of him doing that because just as I was ready to snap a photo, we were served some fruits and Ethan decided he would like to have those instead. In the end, he gobbled down a piece of honeydew all on his own.

All in all, a good healthy Japanese lunch, but only if you have all the time in the world to spare… know what I mean?

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