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August 2011

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Last Friday, a day after the new movie Cars 2 officially opened in our local cinemas, we took the kids to watch it at Gurney Plaza.  Ethan had been reminding me a week ago to book the tickets online.

“Mommy, have you booked the tickets for Cars 2 yet?”

Alas, I discovered that online booking would only be available 2 days before the movie date.  I had book and pay for the tickets via e-payment ticketing, because there were no more seats available through the regular online reservation system (where we reserve and pay upon ticket collection).  Thankfully, and to Ethan’s HUGE relief, we managed to get the tickets.  Ethan even had the chance to choose the exact seats he wanted!

On the day itself, we had to drop by Poslaju first before going to Gurney Plaza.  All along the way, we’d hear:

“Daddy, why is it taking so long?”
“Are you SURE we can reach Gurney Plaza by 4:30p.m.?”
“This is going to take forever!”
“Why are we not at Poslaju yet?”
“I have been talking and talking and talking, but we STILL have not reached!”
“See?  I *told* you it will take a long time!”
“Mommy, what time do you think we’ll reach?”

Yes, he can be quite he drama king…

FINALLY, we arrived at the cinema at about 4:10p.m., 20 minutes before showtime.  We still had time to visit the restrooms, get some popcorn and get our tickets…and also some time for the kids to run around a bit.


It was certainly an enjoyable movie, both for the kids as well as for the adults.  I would watch it again in a heartbeat :)

Ethan, of course, was glued to his seat and was absolutely transfixed by the movie, while Hannah was busy hopping up and down on her seat, eating popcorn and drinking water.  Towards the end, Hannah got restless and tried to get some shuteye, but when that did not work, she attempted to walk up and down the stairs on the aisle, even inviting me to come along with her.

“Mommy, I wanna go outside”
“No Hannah, the door is closed.”
“Let me see..!!!”

Suffice to say, it was quite a challenge, but a good one at that.  It was a great family date that Friday, and we were all tired but thrilled at the end of the day.

Here’s a charming little photo of Hannah, taken when the boys were at the loo, before we left for home..


Ooooh…notice the store that will be opening soon? 😀


Hannah has picked up the art of negotiation, probably from her brother.  Couple that with those adorable big brown eyes and she’s got us with our backs against the wall.

Mommy: C’mon Hannah, it’s time to go fetch Ethan from school!
Hannah: Noke…just 2 more minutes?

Mommy: All right, time to go!
Hannah: I wanna go Guardian!
Mommy: Some other time, sweetie…it’s getting late.
Hannah: Just only for a while?

She knows that I do not respond to whining and crying and we do not tolerate that, so she’s smart enough to wing her way by negotiation instead.


Lately I had been training and teaching Ethan to think and make decisions for himself.  The right decisions – that would lead to the right actions, which would in turn lead to independence.  I would ask him questions like, “What is more important, Ethan: watching TV or taking a shower?”  and he would cleverly reply, “Taking a shower!”

Me: What is more important: cleaning up your toys or playing on the computer?
Ethan: Cleaning up, Mommy!

And he would also form questions like this by himself.

One day, he asked Daddy..

Ethan: Daddy, Daddy…I wanna ask you a question.
Daddy: Yes, Ethan?
What is more important, Daddy: watching TV or taking your bath?
Daddy: Taking my bath..
Ethan: So next time, you need to bathe first and THEN watch football!! (grins happily)



Scrap Credits
Gourmandise Collab Kit from Sekada Designs & Goldensun Designs
Endless Love Alphas from Laurie’s Scraps


13.1 kilos, from a recent weighing-in in Ipoh.


86cm, also from that same session in Ipoh.


Still 15 teeth: 4 incisors on the upper jaw, 3 incisors bottom jaw.  2 canines upper jaw, 2 canines bottom jaw.  4 pramolars.  4 more back pramolars have not made their appearance.

Motor Skills

  • Hannah can balance on one foot, with the other foot placed across the thigh of the standing foot…something like the Yoga Tree Pose.
  • She can turn the door knob open by herself (on tiptoe).  She can only open the door from outside-in though.
  • Wants to put on her clothes and shoes by herself.

Communication and Social Skills

  • Hannah can recognize the basic shapes and some of the secondary shapes now.  When we draw the shapes out, she will say “square”, “triangle”, “rectangle”, “circle”, “star”, “heart”, “oval” and even “diamond”.
  • She can identify most of the basic colors now, and will also sometimes ask what we get when we mix two colors together.  Her favorite color changes from day to day depending on her mood and what she wears.
  • Hannah can identify which is left and which is right.
  • She can also differentiate between a boy and a girl.  She can say that she is a girl and Ethan is a boy, and even for the people she has met, like relatives, she can correctly distinguish the gender.
  • She’s getting more and more interested in playing with other kids, and frequently names some of her friends in her parent-toddler class.  She is quite the sociable one, this one.
  • Loves scribbling and drawing things with color pencils.  It helps to harness her imagination and build her creativity.  She’ll even ask me to take a picture of her with the picture when it’s done.



Toilet Training

  • Thought she was about to be toilet-trained for poopoo, but lately Hannah has been having frequent accidents.  I might start a sticker chart soon.

Food and Feeding

  • As of sometime near the end of July 2011, Hannah has been 100% weaned from the breast.  She now drinks fresh milk and UHT milk, and also has her dairy intake from cheese and yogurt.
  • In addition to chocolate milk, she has begun to show an interest for strawberry milk too :)

Daddy came back home on Sunday.  He had been away for a one-week business trip to US, and although it seemed like just a short while, we do miss him dearly.  Ethan, especially, told me how much he misses Daddy.

Therefore it goes without saying that when Daddy arrived at our front door last Sunday afternoon, he was greeted with cheerful faces, hugs and kisses.

…and then the kids swarmed around Daddy, saying, “Daddy, I want present…” 😛

Well…urm…we’re still working on steering the kids away from too much materialistic ideas, but you know, kids are still kids…

Anyway, here’s a glimpse of some of the goodies and surprises Daddy got for the kids…


One could never ever go wrong with Cars 2.  With the movie release set for later this week, Ethan was definitely thrilled to see this 4-piece die-cast set.  He did not own any Cars die-cast *anything* before this, so he was overjoyed when he saw it.

As a bonus, the kids also got a new Lego set; Cars 2 themed as well.  That’s the box it came from, by the side of Hannah.



…and it had all these new cool Lego pieces, from which awesome buildings could be constructed!


And then, especially for Hannah, Daddy got her a pretty nifty little teapot set.  It had the sound effect of water/tea/coffee/Milo being poured out and also says things like “Why, thank you!”, “You’re very welcome!” and “More please!” to teach the child manners.



The kids also needed some new shoes and sandals and Pete chose some really great ones, at unbelievable clearance prices…anyhow, Ethan was too busy playing with his toys to bother trying them on, but Hannah, of course ever the willing *tryer*, wanted to try out all her new stuff.

Aren’t her new sandals daintily pretty?




Oooh…and I love her new pair of Mary Janes! :)


Whenever Daddy travels away on a business trip, we all miss him dearly.  But on the flipside, the kids and I really look forward to spending some top-notch quality time with Ah Ma and Ah Kong from Ipoh.  You see, my parents will try their very best to come and accompany Ethan, Hannah and me in Penang during Pete’s absence, and I am eternally grateful for the “extra hands” they lend :)

The kids enjoy the story-telling sessions and the undivided attention they get from Ah Ma and Ah Kong, and likewise, I would say the reverse is also true. :)



Sometimes, if the timing is right, we will also take a drive down to my hometown in Ipoh for a short holiday.  The kids enjoy their time spent with their grandparents and they get to do a myriad of activities in Ipoh too.

Well, we recently had this golden opportunity again, and even though Ethan kept asking if we had arrived yet, all the way from Penang to Ipoh (Hannah was fast asleep, naturally!), both the kids were overjoyed when we finally reached our destination…would have reached earlier had I not been delayed by a police roadblock, where I was flagged aside and asked to show my driver’s licence…not for speeding, rather it was a random check that was being conducted.

Anyway, I digress…


We spent 4 days and 3 nights in Ipoh…so what did the kids do to occupy their time?

Look how simple it is to keep kids entertained (albeit for only a short period of time).  The Ipoh City Council is using the parking coupon payment method, where we need to scratch out the date and time on a coupon and then display it in the car when we park.  Ethan and Hannah then used these used coupons to further scratch out the rest of the numbers, using coins.


Look how engrossed they were… :)



The kids enjoyed taking their baths with a scoop container too!  With the weather being so hot, a cool bath definitely helped to lift their spirits and upped their energy levels.  There was no problem whatsoever when I announced it was time for their baths.


In Ethan’s words, he said, “Wow Mommy…it’s SO cooling, I love it!”

Ethan’s favorite computer game in Ipoh is Solitaire.  I was incredibly amazed at how fast he picked it up and soon was able to play on his own.  He was so impressed when he completed his first game ever…announcing to everyone, “Look!  I made mountains with it!!  I win!”


We all have been there and done that now, haven’t we?  Maybe it’s time to introduce FreeCell to him :)

While walking around in Kinta City, we came across a height and weight machine, and Ethan remembered that I had asked him to remind me to measure his height and weight.  And of course, if Ethan gets on it, so will Hannah…



I’m happy with their height and weight, especially since their BMI readings showed that both Ethan and Hannah were in the healthy zone. :)

Lastly, of course, any vacation is incomplete without the presence of good food.  Although this time round I did not get to eat the usual Ipoh fare, the kids did enjoy the yummy food.

Hannah discovered a love and appetite for wan ton mee, especially the one Ah Kong ordered from the hawker that rides past the back lane of the house.  Great tasting food that comes straight to your door, who could ask for more?  I was surprised she could eat half a plate all by herself, including the wantons!


At the special buffet lunch at Excelsior Hotel, Ethan and Hannah had fun *making* and *creating* their own signature dishes…and tasting them too, of course!  They were excited because I told them it would be just like in MasterChef!! :)

Here’s Ethan tasting his version of koay teow soup:



Hannah eating her own creation of “ABCD” (I had told her it was “ABC” but she added the “D” in herself!):


…and Ethan wanted a go at making his version of ABC too…but he ended up drinking “strawberry soup” instead!


We all sure had a good time in Ipoh :)  Thank you Ah Ma and Ah Kong for the excellent hospitality!  We look forward to more visits and enjoyable times soon! :)


A few days ago, I decided to inject a moment of surprising fun by taking the kids downstairs to the swimming pool area for a bubbly fun time!  Of course, I could only do that at that time because my Mom and Dad were here for a visit from Ipoh, and I knew they would also appreciate the session…plus there would be more hands to look after the 2 extra active kids! 😀

Ethan and Hannah took to it immediately, and it was a good thing I brought 2 separate bottles of bubble water, one for each of them.  Ethan had done it before at our swimming pool area, but it was a first for Hannah.

Ethan was a complete pro and managed to blow beautiful big bubbles in abundance and with tremendous ease.





Hannah, however, appeared to be using all her might and strength to  make bubbles.  She managed to, a few times, and we all laughed together at how funny she sometimes looked (and sounded).





Ah Ma and Ah Kong were the designated bubble bottle holders (and sometimes “demonstrators”) and the kids would then dip their bubble-making sticks into the bubble solution to make bubbles.

It was definitely a fun and enjoyable activity, which I am sure the kids will enjoy again and again and again.


We thought this day would never come.  We overcame and survived obstacles, negotiation and difficult sessions of coaxing, force-feeding and bribing.

Yes, it was THAT difficult to feed Ethan his medicine, and it started all the way back when he was a wee babe.  He would kick and scream and absolutely refuse his medicine.  Nothing would work, and we’ve tried virtually everything.  As he grew bigger and stronger, it became increasingly difficult because he would push with all his might.


But then one day the turning point came when we managed to cajole him into taking his antibiotics.  It was either white or colorless, and he didn’t mind it.  He had other medication to take too, but he would only want the WHITE/colorless medicine.  He would also take Zyrtec (an antihistamine) and now he will take Mucosolvan (for cough) too.

When once he flatly refused, he began by asking for chocolate milk or water immediately after his medication.  By the by, he proudly told me that he didn’t need water anymore, just as long as Zyrtec is the last dose of medicine he takes.

So now, the kids are nursing a cough again (SIGH), and Ethan will take Mucosolvan first (peppermint flavor) followed by Zyrtec (banana flavor).  And it’s a breeze feeding him medicine now :)

Two shots of 5ml using two separate syringes and we’re done!  You’ve really matured beyond your years, dearest Ethan boy!  And Mommy and Daddy are ever so proud of you! :)



Hi everyone!! Meet Isabella the giraffe, and Bearbee the teddy bear … two of my best bedtime buddies ever!  They fit right into my arms for a warm cuddle and snuggle and I love them dearly. :)

Bearbee is named that way because she’s my little baby and I incorporated the word “bear” into her name.  Bearbee was a present from Daddy a few months ago.  I can’t remember where exactly Isabella came from, but Mommy thinks she could have arrived as a free gift when we bought something years ago.  Regardless, she’s a very special giraffe, because her neck is not THAT long…I could not think of a name for her, so Ethan gave her that name.  Methinks it suits her just fine!


I also have my bolster and my beautiful blankie (just like Baby Bop has hers) and together, all of my bedtime buddies stay with me by my side when I sleep, at night as well as in the daytime.


Don’t we all make a wonderful team? :)


“Dear God, Thank You for the wonderful day we had with Ah Ma and Ah Kong today.  I had so much fun!” (after a short visit from Ah Ma and Ah Kong from Ipoh)

“Dear God, can You please tell me the names of all the people on the earth?” (pauses for a moment) “Errr…not so fast God…God, can You please speak slower so that I can hear You?”

“Dear God, please make me grow up faster so that I can drive a car just like Mommy and Daddy.”

“Dear God, please let Daddy buy Hannah her Barney mattress as soon as possible.”

These are some of the little conversations Ethan has been having with God.  I told him that he could tell or ask God anything at all.  We started out by saying short goodnight prayers taken from a little prayer book, and then sometimes, I would say a short prayer in my own words and the kids would say “Amen” at the end.

Nowadays, sometimes Ethan would also volunteer to say these short prayers in his own words.  I am pleased and proud of his newfound confidence and look forward to nurturing him in God’s way every day.


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