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January 2015

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Emma responds very well to instructions now.  She’s also beginning to imitate what people around her are doing, especially her siblings.

This is what she does every time we get ready for our bedtime prayers.  I’ll say, “Let’s pray” and Emma will assume this position.  Last night, she even said, “Pray!”


Emma-22monthsScrap Credits
QP freebie created using “let’s play dressup” kit from Studio Dawn Inskip ScrapbookGraphics


7.9 kilos.  Slowly but surely hitting that 8 kilo mark!


Not measured.


Still 15 teeth (I think): 7 bottom teeth (3 incisors, 2 canines, 2 molars) and  (maybe) 8 upper teeth (4 incisors, 2 canines and 2 molars).

Motor Skills

  • Loves stamping and stomping her feet (like a dinosaur).
  • Can tiptoe.
  • Beginning to walk a little faster, leading to a run.

Communication and Social Skills

  • Learning to say “deh-deh” (Daddy), Mimi (Mommy) and “fa-wah” (flower)
  • Loves flipping through books and sometimes she would choose books and ask us to read them to her.
  • Emma can respond accurately to questions such as “Where’s your nose?”, “Where’s your hair?”, “Where’s your tummy?” and when we say “Where are your eyes?”, she will blink her eyes. :)
  • Gets a little jealous sometimes.  For example when Daddy has Hannah sitting on his lap, Emma will quickly run over and show Daddy her “Please carry me!” look while having her arms outstretched.
  • Loves music and dancing and will mimic whatever is happening on the TV.  She loves Hi-5 songs.

Food and Feeding

I’m glad to see Emma is getting a little more chubby especially on her cheeks.  She loves the homecooked porridge I feed her and she will keep on asking for more.  I’ve started adding some sweet potatoes in her porridge (orange and yellow ones are no problem for her and she enjoys them).


  • Emma is still on her dietary supplements of Izumio hydrogenated water and Super Lutein capsules.  She’s taking well to them and I pray that her skin condition will improve further as she is beginning to drink more of the Izumio now.
  • I finally started introducing the toothbrush to Emma.  She enjoys brushing her teeth now…but frankly, I think she enjoys the act of gargling and spitting even more.


Our two older kids started their 2015 catechism classes two weeks ago.  For Ethan, he would be proceeding into the Std 3 class, whereas for Hannah, it was the beginning of a new experience as she started her class in the Preschool level.

The kids were super excited on that first day because they would be going to class with their best friends. :) Hannah had been looking forward to this day for a long time now.


What’s important is that they now enjoy their sessions and look forward to it each week.  Ethan and Hannah are aiming for 100% attendance this year. 😀


What this means for us is that we now have 1.5 hours alone with baby Emma on Saturday afternoons while her siblings are in church. :)

Now what can we do with all that time?  Perhaps we can go hang out and have some coffee… :)


We visited our family hairdresser yesterday for our haircuts, and since Emma was behaving rather well, and also because I thought her hair had grown considerably in the past few weeks (maybe it could be due to the Izumio and S Lutein supplements she has been taking daily!), we decided to let her get her first ever haircut!

Well, not really a haircut, more like a trim here and there.  I held her in my lap and the hairdresser put her in the little cloak to protect her clothes.  Our little princess did so well!  She hardly moved at all, and sat still throughout the entire process.


No tears, no complaints :)  She only turned her head on occasion when her siblings distracted her.


Her hair is so much neater now! :)



After 5 months of planting our first batch of sunflower seeds, and nurturing them with love, water and sunshine, three sunflower plants stand tall, healthily growing each day (Mommy’s and Daddy’s unfortunately didn’t make it.  Not even one!).

One of these three plants will have a pretty sunflower bloom soon, and it’s Ethan’s plant!

We’re eagerly awaiting the happy day, any day now!

During the long year-end holidays that just passsed, we decided that Ethan and Hannah should make full use of it to learn a lifelong skill in swimming.  I planned for an “intensive” 10-coaching sessions course for them, and worked hard to ensure they completed it before the craziness of the school term began.


I’m pleased to say that we completed our ten lessons on the Friday before school began.

Even more so, in just 10 lessons, I’m so proud that Ethan and Hannah can now float and move in the water.  They are no longer afraid of putting their heads underwater and have gained water confidence in leaps and bounds.  Both kids are learning their forward crawl, and also a little bit of backstroke.

With a little bit more practice, we should be able to add the breathing part of the crawl. :)

The kids really look forward to each coaching session, and don’t even mind the slight drizzle during some lessons.  It helps that the coach was super cool with kids and he was able to tailor each lesson to each kid as he deemed fit.  For instance, Hannah was initially more comfortable on her back, whereas Ethan was more confident on his front.  So Hannah started learning the backstroke kick first while Ethan did the forward crawl.


We would have loved to continue with the coaching sessions under this swim coach, but our schedule currently does not permit.  Perhaps when the next holidays come around, we’ll arrange something.

Meanwhile, I hope to take the kids swimming at least once a week or once a fortnight at least, just to ensure they keep practising. :)


Hannah will turn 6 this year, and she is expecting her first tooth to drop any time soon.  It could be next year too, but we never know.  No wiggly tooth yet, but it could come at an unexpected time. Anyway just to be prepared, I made her a tooth pouch to bring to school too, just like I did one for Ethan last time….you know, just in case the inevitable happens when she is at school.


She was so happy to see that Mommy finally finished the project, and she even showed her tooth pouch to her teacher!

“Mommy, I really LOVE the tooth pouch you made for me!” she would gush every now and then.

It was my pleasure, sweetie! ♥

About five weeks ago, before the school holidays began, Ethan misplaced his sweater in school.  All the kids have the same type of sweater because it’s made as part of the uniform…something like that. So when he looked around for it and could not find it, he deduced that someone must have accidentally taken his.

We waited and looked for 3-4 days but nothing came up, not even in the Lost & Found.

Concluding that it was lost forever, Ethan took it as a lesson well learned.

However, just last night when I looked in his bag while getting it ready for school, I was SHOCKED to find his sweater tucked inside.  It is definitely his because he has his initials printed on the collar tag.  Ethan says he has no recollections of putting it in his bag, and he doesn’t remember anyone giving it to him on the last day of school too.


The only explanation is that the *borrowers* took it.  Dum-dum-DUUUMMMMMMMM!!!!!  Who can solve this mystery?


My little snowflake Hannah starts Kindergarten 2 (K2) today.  Her school is not observing the one-week delay in school start date due to the floods in the East Coast.

How did time fly by so fast?  I could still remember the first day I took her to her Playgroup class 3 years ago… and now she’s all independent and grown-up.

*insert music for reminiscing here*

Anyway, she was very excited and got up on her own at 6:30a.m. today, washed up and got herself ready.  She chose her entire outfit and was pleased as punch that they matched from head to toe.  She wore the hairband I made for her today, so in a way, she took a piece of Mommy along.

Well okay…I’ll stop being so emotional.

Have a splendid year ahead, snowflake! :)