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January 2008

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… just like me!

I am an ardent fan of pineapple tarts and it is one of the few things I really look forward to each time Chinese New Year comes around. Anyway, here’s the first batch of pineapple tarts I ordered to try.

It was just 24 pieces and I foresee it will be long gone before Chinese New Year gets here anyway. It has been a long while since I have seen pineapple tarts made this way (most of them are pineapple rolls now), so I was eager to see if they tasted good. Well, they were all right, but not blow-me-over-the-top good. Let’s just say I have tasted better. Anyway, Ethan loves them! He has a peculiar way of eating the tarts though. He will guide me to the table where I put the box of tarts, and throw my hand towards the box (duh). I have to hold the tart and feed him because it crumbles easily and I don’t want to risk having ants all over the floor. However, Ethan will only eat the crust, biting off a little at a time. I gave him a bit of the sweet pineapple jam filling and he spat it all out. Peculiar or not?

We are going to order two tins of yummy pineapple rolls soon, and these are guaranteed yummilicious good – we order them every year. Let’s see how Ethan reacts to them. I am curious to find out how he will pick the crust out from those.

Well, I guess I am gonna hit the 2-year mark for breastfeeding Ethan now, since it will only be a matter of days before Ethan hits 2. It seems like just yesterday that I was struggling with milk supply and here I am, proud to say that I have far exceeded my expectations 🙂 Weaning is still a battle we both have to overcome though, but I know this is a phase we must go through together, whether we like it or not.

One of Ethan’s unique habits while breastfeeding is to put his index finger into my belly button. I have no idea why he does this, neither do I know when this started. It’s almost like a belly button fetish, really. Most of the time, he will just let his finger rest in my belly button but sometimes, he will move his finger a little. Well, that tickles…definitely! So I will tell him to stop and gently take his hand away. But still he will keep doing it. Lately, I have started to sometimes give him a dose of tit for tat. He puts his finger in my belly button, I put my finger in his. Good plan, eh? Surprisingly though, he is not as ticklish as me. So we’re back to square one. Well, there goes my plan 😛


Ethan now prefers Mommy to give him his shower. Only when I am nowhere to be seen does he allow Daddy to shower for him. Sometimes when Pete attempts to give him a shower, he will vehemently push Pete OUT of the shower stall and ask for Mommy instead. I use the following shower ritual when I bathe Ethan.

“Ethan, come take your shower!”
Saying “Hands up!” will prompt Ethan to raise his arms high in the air so that I can remove his shirt. Then I say “Pants down!” followed by “Diaper off!”

1. With the use of the shower nozzle, wet his head and body.  Sometimes he would run and hide behind me in an attempt to escape the shower, but this does not happen often.
2. Apply Baby Sebamed on the face and shampoo on the head.
3. Shower to rinse off (thrice) soap suds.  Ethan will brush the water off his face vigorously while blowing loudly with his mouth.
4. Apply Baby Sebamed on entire body, lift one foot to wash the soles and then the other. 
5. Rinse off suds.  At times, Ethan will raise one leg at a time and rinse off the soap on his own with the running tap water.
6. Allow Ethan to play with tap water for a few minutes.  This is his favorite part of the session.  I normally end up wet all over, because our boy loves to splash the water everywhere.  And he loves turning the tap on and off; when it is on, it is normally at full blast.
7. Dry up and wrap up with towel.
8. Lift Ethan high enough for him to *turn off* the shower and *turn down the temperature* on the shower.
9. Give Ethan his tootbrush with a glass of tap water. Ethan loves to dip his toothbrush into the water repeatedly. Lately I am pleased to note that he loves to *brush* his teeth with the toothbrush. Well, not brush…but more like bite and suck on the bristles. Well, it’s good progress I would say.  Better than nothing la.
10. Change into pajamas or going out clothes.

Last night after he finished his shower, he didn’t even bother waiting for me to wrap him up and carry him out of the bathroom, as is our usual routine. Our boy independently walked out of the shower stall, climbed a step up and out of the bathroom and pranced around in his birthday suit in the living room!


Ethan’s latest *stunt* is to move around on his knees.  Sometimes when he is rolling around on the bed, playing, he will get up on his knees and make his way around the bed.  He tried doing it on our wooden floor too, but because of its hard surface, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why he prefers the bed.

Looks like there is no stopping him being an active little inquisitive boy, huh?

Scrap Credits
Wild Flower Holiday Quickpage from
Gina Huff
Rough & Tumble Add On elements & alphas from Flergs

A few months ago when I called my girlfriend Audrey, she told me that every Saturday her almost-4-year-old daughter and her indulged in a mother-and-daughter bonding session.  They would go to a nearby mall in the morning, do some grocery shopping, and then have lunch together.  When I told Pete about this, I expressed how I longed for a similar experience with Ethan… well, that experience might not be too far off…

Yesterday evening, Pete had dinner plans with his colleagues.  So I had two options: one was to have dinner myself first and then pick Ethan up from the sitter’s, or two: to pick him up and hop on over to Queensbay Mall for dinner, per our usual Friday routine. 

I opted for the latter.

I was working from home yesterday, so I left our house around 6:15p.m. for Mrs Tan’s place.  Ethan was very excited to see me, even to the extent of refusing to allow Mrs Tan to carry him to the car, preferring to stick to me like a koala bear.  Surprisingly though, although he looked happy and recognized the route to the mall, no excited panting accompanied his joy.  Nevertheless we arrived and I was happy that there were plenty of parking lots available.

After reading about Susan and little Samuel’s pleasant dining experience at Wong Kok Kitchen last week, and since we have never tried the food there, I thought we might as well give it a shot.  The restaurant was not packed and we were promptly seated, with Ethan of course occupying a very familiar Ikea white and silver high chair.  I ordered the wanton mee and the char-siew pastry puff: stuff I figured Ethan would like to eat too. 

He seemed very happy in the restaurant, even kicking his legs in rhythm to the music being played.  With his cheeky smile and strategically positioned high chair (he was facing the counter area), it didn’t take long for him to command the attention of the servers at the restaurant.  I was rather astonished that he didn’t scream loudly in protest when they all started looking and smiling at him, instead he smiled back, well sometimes he showed his cheeky toothy grin… and when he was too overwhelmed, he lowered his head and peered shyly at them.  He did take a few spoonfuls of the mee too, but not the pastry.

Overall, it was a fun experience for both Mommy and Ethan. He was at his bestest behaviour and I was very proud of him …actually, the first time I’d taken him out for a meal myself 🙂  Pete was a tad concerned if I would be able to handle Ethan on my own in the mall, but his fears were unfounded because Ethan is always in a good mood in the mall… and that just makes everything so much easier…

After dinner, we went for a walk to Borders to get a copy of January’s Malaysian Women’s Weekly… here’s why…

What a fabulous way to start our weekend, eh?

Scrap Credits
Kit “Happy New Year” from Sueli Colbert
Template 32 from Jill & Jack ScrapDesigns
Numbers – Terre de feu alphas from
Winter Wonderland Brown alphas from Perfectly Imperfect

With the New Year 2008 upon us, I can hardly believe that Ethan is now one month shy of his 2nd birthday. How time has flown! Everyone is commenting how “not that bulat” he is now, but you know what? Deep down, he will always always be my adorable darling Mr Bulat.


10.5 kilos when we visited the pd on Dec 17th.


82 cm.


Fourteen: 8 incisors, 2 canines (upper) and 4 pramolars (2 upper and 2 lower).

Motor Skills

  • Can climb up the stairs now one leg at a time. He likes to do it without the support of anyone, which scares me.
  • Can step on and off the escalators on his own. We will hold his hand and lead him on and off, but sometimes he will insist on doing it solo. Scares me too.
  • Can push himself over his cot side, just by using his arm strength and pushing his tummy on the side. Really really scary.
  • Is able to complete his wooden jigsaw block puzzle on his own. He prefers the one with the safari animals to the sea creatures one though. Although he does seem to take a liking to the whale…

Communication and Social Skills

  • Not speaking a whole lot yet, but not keeping mum either. Has tons of *stories* to tell. People have suggested that we enrol him in playschool to allow him to mingle with kids his age, because that will encourage him to communicate with us. Me? I’m reading Making Chatter Matter and trying the guidelines and methods suggested to prod him towards verbal diarrhoea.
  • Can point to his nose when asked “Where is your nose?. But there is a flaw in this still. “Where is your ear/eyes/mouth?” produces the same results 😛
  • Can point out and identify where things are. For example, on the way to the sitter’s we will pass by an apartment with 3 aquariums and 1 bird cage. When asked “Where is the fish?”, Ethan will point to the fishes in the aquarium and “Where is the bird?” will prompt him to point to where the bird is.
  • I noticed last night that he has learnt to whisper.

Food and Feeding

  • More often than not, Ethan will insist on self-feeding. He loves to hold the fork and spoon and try to scoop the rice on his own. I have to admit he is getting pretty good at it too!
  • On the weaning front, he will now happily finish 4-5oz of Pediasure immediately when he wakes up in the morning. And I couldn’t be happier. I guess it is just a matter of time before he is completely weaned off the breast.

Marinated chicken cooked with rice
With all other ingredients, they sure smell nice
Oh yes, it was Mommy’s claypot chicken rice day
What an awesome way to spend a lazy Saturday!

I set the table, laid out the rice and soup
Checked to make sure there was something in every food group
When I heard a pattering of footsteps and an urgent call
It was Ethan by the table, standing so very tall

He must have sensed that his meal was ready
He must have realized that he was actually hungry
In all obedience he sat in his high chair
And waited in patience for the yummy affair

He devoured every morsel with pure satisfaction
I truly enjoyed his every reaction
So the love for chicken rice is a trait inherited
Like father, like son, it ain’t overrated!

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